balancing lighting quality, efficiency and costs
The new ecoCALC calculation programme gives users the unique opportunity to calculate all the costs incurred by a lighting solution throughout its service life. In the process, ecoCALC not only calculates the investment cost but also takes the financial aspects of an environmentally sound lighting system into account. These include, among others: CO2 emission, energy consumption, maintenance costs or waste disposal.
The ecoCALC programme is free of charge and will also be available as a module of the interactive VIVALDI software programme. Thus, Zumtobel has succeeded in creating a unique link between quantitative evaluation of the lighting quality and integral cost calculation – to achieve a perfect balance between lighting quality, energy efficiency and costs!

What ecoCALC can do:
  • Sustainable lighting levels are taken into account, as are the costs incurred by a lighting solution throughout its service life
  • Dynamic comparison of several lighting solutions
  • Ranking of solutions, taking flexible evaluation criteria into account
  • Quick access via a simplified wizard mode with predefined settings. Analysis can be manually refined via a more complex expert mode
  • The specific application situation is taken into account (dynamic operation, variable electricity rates, power supply shutoff, dimming characteristics, daylight-based savings, maintenance control)
  • Easy data entry using country-specific help function with default settings
  • Automatic calculation of maintenance illuminance throughout installation’s service life (based on CIE 97 + on manufacturer-specific basis)

» Download ecoCALC 5.1.0 (.exe/92,5 MB)


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