Light in its best form.
Form in its best light.

Artists, architects and designers use light as a creative tool. Zumtobel helps them to make their visions become reality. Masterpieces are created in close collaboration with major contemporary protagonists. These Masterpieces, which are both luminaires and works of art, are drivers of innovation at Zumtobel. For this range of products, the best give their best: Olafur Eliasson, Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind, Hani Rashid – and Zumtobel.
eL Masterpiece

Daniel Libeskind

»The perfect luminaire should be redolent of light itself.«
Daniel Libeskind has designed the eL Masterpiece. One of the lighting options created is based on an algorithm developed by Daniel Libeskind's son, Dr. Noam Libeskind, an astrophysicist at the Leibnitz Institute for Astrophysics in Potsdam. This algorithm demonstrates the history of light in the universe, from the Big Bang through to the present and into the future.

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Starbrick Masterpiece  

Olafur Eliasson

»Experiments with light modulation and space.«
The Starbrick is a lighting module designed by Olafur Eliasson in collaboration with Zumtobel. The versatile module can be used in a number of ways: as a pendant, floor or table luminaire. Modules can be linked up to build free-standing or suspended sculptures, ceilings or walls. Modern LED technology provides for versatile lighting options.

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LQ-P-CHandelier Masterpiece

Hani Rashid

»A contemporary chandelier as an interpretation of the historic candelabrum.«
With his contemporary chandelier design, the renowned architect and artist Hani Rashid presents his personal interpretation of the historic candelabrum. «LQ», a humorous reference of the New York architect to Louis Quatorze, the Sun King, alludes to the exuberance of the chandeliers of former times and translates it for use in contemporary projects.

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VorteXX Masterpiece  

Zaha Hadid

»A symbiosis of organic lines and dynamic light colour modulation.«
Following an idea developed jointly by architects Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schumacher, Zumtobel implemented the VorteXX lighting sculpture in collaboration with Sawaya & Moroni. It is a perfect symbiosis of organic lines and a surprisingly dynamic modulation of light colours.

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Lighting Solution Partners

Greater success due to professional and efficient lighting solutions: Zumtobel provides its partners with information, support and qualifications in dealing with light.
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Lighting Competence Program

The Zumtobel partner program for electrical consultants aims at combining their and our competences, thereby exploiting lighting potential and making every-day planning and design work easier.
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Lighting Design Program

This Zumtobel partner program has been developed for architects who use light for creative design and want to use first-hand information, support and inspiration for that purpose.
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