High-bay LED luminaire

A turning point in industrial lighting:
never before has a luminaire been so powerful,
so compact and so efficient. 


Texel fruit cooperative, Naturno | IT
Electrical design/IT: Planconsulting, Burgstall | IT
Electrical installations/IT: Elektro Gafriller, Barbian | IT


A turning point in industrial lighting

Zumtobel's first LED luminaire for
high-bay storage facilities/warehouses
sets an impressively high standard.



Design Stephen Philips, Arup
“Arup and Zumtobel share numerous established brand values. Both companies rely on innovation to develop better solutions that provide real benefits for people. When developing GRAFT, our exciting cooperation made it possible to create a luminaire with very high standards in terms of technical features and design. Moreover, the direct feedback and application know-how by our international lighting team helped us meet these requirements in a truly global product concept.”


Second-to-none in efficiency

The luminaire’s inner workings and appearance have been designed from scratch – this was the only way to make GRAFT achieve its outstanding efficiency level. With a power input of 280 W, a luminous flux of 28 000 lumens is produced. To achieve high-precision light direction, each LED has been assigned a separate lens, which means that long shelves can now be illuminated as efficiently as spacious bays. What is more, the round lighting cone has been transformed into a lighting pyramid with a square light exit area. Luminous fields that do not overlap create significant extra uniformity and efficiency in any lighting solution. This reduces the number of luminaires required, which in turn cuts investment costs. Another asset is that GRAFT is DALI-dimmable as standard and requires little maintenance. The high-bay LED luminaire is therefore perfectly prepared for use with lighting management systems, ensuring maximum energy and CO² savings.
The industrial luminaire combines low power and low maintenance needs with permanently high lighting quality throughout its service life. Up to 28 000 lumens reduce error rates and ensure that people feel at ease at their workstations. Moreover, safety is further increased by perfect lateral glare control (UGR < 22).
Strobing near rotating machines is completely eliminated by using this luminaire, even when it is dimmed. From the first time GRAFT is switched on, and throughout its service life, the light colour chosen (4000 K or 6500 K) will be stable. GRAFT meets high colour rendering requirements with levels of up to Ra > 80.
The GRAFT luminaire can be
installed, quickly and easily, on a
single TECTON trunking run. 
Budget and resources
Reliability in the form of a luminaire


For a long life

In order to ensure perfect cooling and minimum maintenance effort, GRAFT creates air flow through the luminaire. This sustainably protects the technical components from overheating and optimises the luminaire’s service life. The circulation of air, slanted luminaire surfaces and a protective plate prevent accumulation of a dust layer impairing thermal management.
The die-cast aluminium housing is both lightweight and rugged. The luminaire’s thermal management is optimised by the housing design (patent pending) featuring powder-coated
cooling ribs.
The GRAFT wide-beam and the GRAFT narrow- beam versions, industrial luminaires meet all requirements in terms of uniform illumination of bays and efficient
lighting of high-bay storage facilities.
Each LED has been assigned a separate
lens. This ensures that the light is directed very precisely as well as providing good glare control and outstanding efficiency.
The long service life of the luminaires
is due to several components, starting
with a high protection rating of IP65.
Thanks to all-round gaskets, neither dust
nor humidity can penetrate inside the luminaire.

Converter   A DALI-dimmable luminaire as standard, GRAFT excludes strobing and makes perfect use of the possibilities of lighting control. Controlled lighting solutions save energy and adjust to changing requirements: areas requiring 500 lux for production activities today may make do with 200 lux for storage purposes tomorrow. 
Air flow
Protection rating


Kollmeder Schmiede- und Presswerk GmbH & Co. KG, Ergolding | DE
Electrical installations: Elektro Kollmeder, Ergolding | DE


Versatile in application

Especially for extreme ambient conditions and exposure to chemical substances in industrial production facilities, a PMMA optic was developed that is highly durable even in atmospheres frequently containing oil. Additional protection is provided by an easy-to-clean cover made of toughened safety glass.
The high-bay LED luminaire with PC optic is perfectly suitable for use in industrial areas without exposure to chemical substances. Typical areas of application include high-bay storage facilities, large trade-fair halls or lobbies.
GRAFT BWS (ball-proof)
Fitted with a wire guard, the ball-proof GRAFT BWS luminaire complies with all testing requirements for application in sports facilities, ensuring long-term and safe use. This makes it possible to switch from conventional to state-of-the-art LED luminaires even in sports facilities.
GRAFT HT (high-temperature)
High ambient temperatures of up to +55°C in industrial bays are a real challenge that can, however, be mastered by GRAFT HT. The luminaire specifically designed for operation at high temperatures is able to withstand the most extreme industrial conditions.


Assembly and installation

Thanks to its low weight of 5.8 kg (GRAFT 330) or 9.6 kg (GRAFT 660), it can be installed by just one person. GRAFT features only two suspension points for suspension from a cord or optionally from a chain, and can therefore be fixed and adjusted quickly. Another feature is the five-pole cable, 1.5 m long, allowing for electrical connection of the luminaire without having to open it. This guarantees IP65 protection.
200 mm
490 mm


Assembly and installation

200 mm
490 mm
Optional installation
Rigid ceiling and wall brackets                                                           Pivoting ceiling and wall fixture



Easy, straightforward installation
is a major benefit of the compact,
light-weight industrial luminaire.
The GRAFT model suitable for installation on TECTON trunking can
be assembled quickly and allows for easy electrical installation. One single trunking run is sufficient enough to firmly secure the compact high-bay LED luminaire and connect it to the power supply and the lighting control system. With a simple turn of the wrist, additional products for emergency lighting can also be integrated into the proven TECTON trunking with its 11-pole current conducting section. Another benefit: luminaires already installed can be easily moved; additional luminaires can be clicked into place at the required position. Therefore, the system can be adjusted to new room layouts.


GRAFT and DIMLITE lighting control

            GRAFT in case of emergency
GRAFT makes separate emergency luminaires redundant. For centrally supplied systems, GRAFT is available as an emergency luminaire to be controlled and monitored individually, for which no additional modules are required.

Emergency lighting
dimming level

10 % to 100 %  
Unlike traditional high-pressure lamps, the GRAFT high-bay LED luminaire is dimmable via DALI as standard and is compatible with various lighting management systems. GRAFT combines high flexibility with benefits such as 100 % light immediately after the luminaire has been switched on, and reliable protection against strobing – even when the luminaires are dimmed.

dimming level

DIMLITE: lighting management
with corridor function
PST presence detector
Incorporating highly sensitive infra-red technology, the sensor reliably detects the presence of people in the area. This means that the light is switched on only where it is really needed. The installation height may vary between 3.5 m and 16 m.
Daylight sensor
Contemporary industrial architecture relies on plenty of daylight. Daylight enhances productivity and reduces the need for artificial lighting. The Zumtobel daylight sensor monitors incident daylight and uses the data obtained to add just as much artificial light as and if required. This saves a maximum of power and reduces CO² emissions to the greatest possible extent.
DIMLITE: lighting management
PST daylight sensor/presence detector


Customised lighting solution

    PC  PMMA   BWS  HT
Lumen output   4000 K (CRI 80)   12.600 lm   12.600 lm   11.950 lm    9.610 lm
   6500 K (CRI 70) 14.000 lm 14.000 lm 13.280 lm 10.600 lm
 Lumen per watt  4000 K (CRI 80)    90 lm/W    90 lm/W    85 lm/W  107 lm/W
 (LEF)  6500 K (CRI 70)  100 lm/W  100 lm/W    95 lm/W  118 lm/W
 Installed load          140 W       140 W       140 W         90 W


    PC  PMMA   BWS  HT
Lumen output   4000 K (CRI 80)  25.200 lm  25.200 lm  23.900 lm  19.200 lm
   6500 K (CRI 70)  28.000 lm  28.000 lm  26.560 lm  21.300 lm
 Lumen per watt  4000 K (CRI 80)     90 lm/W     90 lm/W     85 lm/W   107 lm/W
 (LEF)  6500 K (CRI 70)   100 lm/W   100 lm/W     95 lm/W   118 lm/W
 Installed load          280 W        280 W        280 W        180 W


Lumen output up to 14.000 lm
Lumen output up to 28.000 lm


wide beam

No overlapping luminous fields thanks
to lighting cones with square beam patterns. This
means that fewer luminaires are required and
investment costs are significantly reduced.

Based on requirements made by industrial applications, CRAFT features a wide beam optic has been optimised for production areas where people are supposed to work with full concentration and reliability. CRAFT provides light with good glare control – with unique efficiency and uniformity. This is made possible by a lighting cone that is shaped like a pyramid with a square base, which makes overlapping cones, as produced by luminaires with circular light emission, a thing of the past. Thus, efficiency is increased in terms of the lighting design.


narrow beam

In warehouses, the challenge is to illuminate long and high rows of shelves as uniformly and efficiently as possible. The narrow-beam optic by Zumtobel has been designed, developed and manufactured especially for this application. CRAFT therefore stands aloof from widespread compromise solutions. As a distinctly narrow- beam solution, it uses the spacing between one LED luminaire and the next to full effect. In order to achieve a luminous intensity level of 100 lx on the floor and to properly illuminate the shelves, spacings of 15 m are possible with an installation height of 15 m.



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