Emergency luminaries


World champion in lighting technology and energy efficiency

With a power LED and four sophisticated optics, RESCLITE paves the way for a new era of emergency lighting. Maximum efficiency and optimal light distribution result in the need for a low number of luminaires for emergency lighting in conformity with relevant stand- ards. The LED power package makes do with minimal energy levels. Installed load is a mere 5 Watt, and with non-maintained mode only 1.5 Watt. The supply systems and wiring are correspondingly small- dimensioned as well. Design effort with RESCLITE is really simple.


Technology and innovation

Reverse-polarity protection
Zumtobel LEDs are protected against reverse polarity – wrong connection of LEDs is excluded due to specific plugs.
Comprehensive efficiency
RESCLITE LED luminaires make do
with a power input of less than 5 W.
Illumination according to requirements
RESCLITE provides matching optics for every place of use and every application: RESCLITE escape and RESCLITE wall for illuminating
escape routes, RESCLITE antipanic for
orientation in the room, and RESCLITE spot
for orientation in emergencies.
Status LED
For RESCLITE emergency luminaires with separate battery supply not connected to an SB 128 controller, a function test is performed once a week, in addition to an annual system test.
Individual addressing
RESCLITE supports three different types of addressing.
Individual supply
RESCLITE emergency luminaires are available with separate batteries for one or three hours of stand-alone operation or fit for connection to a central supply unit that is circuit-monitored or communicates via DALI or POWERLINE.



Depending on customer or room requirements, RESCLITE luminaires can be recessed, surface-mounted or installed on TECTON trunking units. For all three types of installation including maintenance, no tools are required.

New: all optics are now also available with IP65 protection.
1 Ceiling recessed
2 Ceiling surface-mounted
3 TECTON continuous row
4 METRUM Continuous-row
5 Wall recessed
6 Wall sufrace-mounted


Emergency and general lighting combined

Installation in Zumtobel continuous-row lighting systems
RESCLITE emergency luminaires and Zumtobel's continuous-row lighting systems combine to form a highly functional unit. Fitted with appropriate adapters, the escape-route, antipanic and spot luminaires can be integrated into the trunking quickly and flexibly. The TECTON luminaire fitted with a rotating lighting head allows perfect illumination of escape routes that are not parallel to the continuous-row system. For integration into the METRUM continuous-row system, the emergency luminaires are available with two optics: escape and antipanic.


For tough and challenging ambient conditions


If you are looking for emergency lighting suitable for tough and challenging ambient conditions, the RESCLITE product range with IP 65 rating is exactly the right choice. Protected with a special seal, the innovative LED luminaire illuminates escape routes in an emergency, even under difficult conditions. Life-saving first-aid equipment can be safely reached and panic avoided. RESCLITE IP 65 is available for wall- and ceiling-mounting in all supply variants.


Emergency luminaires for areas with high ceilings

escape high ceilings
Mounting heights from 7.0 m to 23.0 m
The only emergency luminaire on the market that is able to cover heights of up to 23 m achieves amazing results. The spacing between two RESCLITE escape high ceilings luminaires may be as wide as 22 m.
RESCLITE escape high ceilings uses a special lens/reflector combination to focus its light onto a long, narrow strip, resulting in a maximum distance between two luminaires of up to 22 m.
Max. luminaire spacing
of up to 22 m > 1 lux
ecape high ceilings
Luminaire spacings


Emergency luminaires for areas with high ceilings

The new RESCLITE antipanic high ceilings luminaire can
be used in rooms that are up to 30 m high.
Mounting heights from 9,0 m to 30,0 m
antipanic high ceilings
Thanks to its rotationally symmetrical wide-angle lighting pattern, one single RESCLITE antipanic high ceilings luminaire is sufficient to uniformly illuminate a surface of up to 290 m2, provide orientation and ensure that escape routes can be safely reached
Max. room illumination
of up to 290 m2 > 0.5 Iux
antipanic high ceilings
Luminaire spacings


Escape route lighting

Thanks to innovative lens design and the use of two LEDs, RESCLITE escape high performance is the only luminaire available on the market that is also suitable for increased illuminance levels (5 lux, 1 footcandle / 10.76 lux). Due to its extremely flat design, the luminaire can be seamlessly integrated into any ceiling. 
Maximum illuminance levels
in unobtrusive design.
escape high performance
Max. luminaire spacing
of up to 35 m > 1 lux
escape high performance
The combination of higher luminous flux and innovative lens technology allows previously unequalled luminaire spacings. The maximum distance between two luminaires is 15.5 m for 5 lux, and even up to 35 m for 1 lux.
Luminaire spacings


Antipanic lighting

By combining two LEDs with an innovative lens, RESCLITE antipanic high performance is able to achieve extremely wide luminaire spacings, even at increased illuminance levels. The innovative lens design allows rectangular light distribution, so that rooms can be perfectly lit, even in corners.
The power package with innovative
lighting technology
antipanic high performance
The lens distributes the light emitted by the high-performance
twin-LED module at a wide angle across the entire room.
If 2 lux are required, one single luminaire can cover a floor
space of up to 110 m2, with 0.5 lux even up to 440 m2.
Max. room lighting
of up to 440 m2 > 0.5 Iux
antipanic high performance
Luminaire spacings


Escape route lighting

RESCLITE escape uses a special lens/reflector combination
to focus its light onto a long, narrow strip. The maximum distance
between two luminaires is up to 26 m.
Illuminates the escape route at
every step and turn
High-quality lighting technology reduces glare and ensures perfect
visual conditions even in emergency operation. This characterises
RESCLITE escape as a specialist for escape route lighting in
rooms with ceiling heights between 2.2 and 7 metres.
Max. luminaire spacing
of up to 26 m > 1 lux
Luminaire spacings


Escape route lighting

Where emergency luminaires cannot be installed on the ceiling for visual or technical reasons, for instance because rooms are very high or the ceiling design makes installation impossible, RESCLITE provides an elegant option.
Uses the wall for safe
escape route lighting.
Thermal management
Special heat sinks are directly attached to the temperature-sensitive LEDs, perfectly dissipating the generated heat.
The high-quality die-cast aluminium housing enhances the design's overall quality.
The sophisticated appearance and clear lines of RESCLITE wall also contribute to the luminaire's aesthetic appeal
RESCLITE wall is the alternative to ceiling-mounted designs if this is impossible for technical or architectural reasons or if the ceiling height does not allow sufficient light in­tensity. The high-quality recessed wall and surface-mounted luminaire is also ideal for stairways to avoid glare.
Max. luminaire spacing
of up to 15 m > 1 lux
Square LED wall-mounted luminaires with asymmetrical, wide-angle distribution illuminate escape routes, providing minimum illuminance of 1 lux according to the EN 1838 standard on the central floor axis. In this case, luminaire spacings of up to 15 metres are possible.
Luminaire spacings


Antipanic lighting

With its wide-angle and rotationally symmetrical light emission, the RESCLITE antipanic luminaire is able to illuminate very large areas in a uniform way. Just a single luminaire is enough to provide orientation for an area of 220 m2 and make escape routes and obstacles visible.
Ensures good orientation in the room.
According to EN 1838, antipanic lighting of at least 0.5 lux on the free floor area is required to avoid panic in emergency situations. Due to the high colour rendering index and ideal glare control, visual conditions in an emergency are optimised.
Max. room illumination
of up to 220 m2 > 0.5 lux
Luminaire spacings


Object lighting

First-aid facilities, fire-fighting tools and fire-alarm systems off escape routes and outside anti-panic lighting systems require special attention according to EN 1838.
Shows rescue and alarm facilities
in the right light.
Measured at ground level, they must be illuminated with at least 5 lux. RESCLITE spot complies with these demands along with high safety and low energy consumption. The LED spot can thus be installed anywhere where emergency lighting with higher lighting intensity levels is required. Such applications also include danger areas and safety facilities.
Max. object lighting
Ø up to 3.8 m > 5 lux
Luminaire spacings


Zumtobel App

With the Zumtobel app, any design problem is solved in only 3 steps.



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