Four Dimensions of Active Light for Offices and Communication

Wellbeing in office spaces is enhanced by holistic lighting ecosystems. Active Light is linked to daylight dynamics, actively supporting the natural bio rhythm and seamlessly ensuring maximum visual comfort for tasks. Such human centric lighting solutions bring people together and promote creativity, as they are effortlessly personalized, with the individual always at heart.
The right lighting level can best be determined by the individual’s visual ability and the task itself. Moreover, basic planning parameters and current standards for workplaces must be taken into account.

Light is a tool for architectural design. By varying luminance and light distribution the general atmosphere of a space can shift instantly, which can have a major impact on communication, creativity and easing of tension.

The human body reacts to the colour temperature of light. While cooler, blueish light colours activate, warmer, reddish light colours have a soothing effect. A study carried out in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IAO shows that a user’s colour preferences vary depending on age, working hours and individual needs.

By mimicking the natural dynamics of daylight, artificial lighting complements and supports one’s internal clock.