Composing light
Intelligent lighting solutions increase people's well-being and can create a sense of identity. For this purpose, dynamic lighting concepts are used more and more frequently. The interactive design tool VIVALDI simplifies their design and presentation.

Separately calculated images are imported for different control groups, increasing the precision of the visualisation. It is also possible to display the effects obtained by dimming or through colour changes in real time, to save dynamic timelines and to integrate daylight sequences. In doing so, the program always takes account of illuminance levels and energy consumption. Images for VIVALDI can be exported from Relux automatically, as well as transferred from Dialux evo and other simulation programs as HDR or EXR images.

Overview of VIVALDI's key functions :
  • VIVALDI is an interactive design tool to visually display lighting scenarios and dynamic lighting sequences.
  • VIVALDI can dynamically adjust brightness levels and light colours incl. tunableWhite function.
  • VIVALDI allows the display of daylight sequences to optimise the interplay of daylight and artificial lighting.
  • VIVALDI can display changes of dimming levels and light colours in real time; it also contains real-time calculation of the required energy and the photometric criteria.
  • VIVALDI allows the creation of individual film sequences for the various lighting scenarios.

» Download VIVALDI here » (.msi/115 MB)


Lighting Solution Partners

Greater success due to professional and efficient lighting solutions: Zumtobel provides its partners with information, support and qualifications in dealing with light.
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Lighting Competence Program

The Zumtobel partner program for electrical consultants aims at combining their and our competences, thereby exploiting lighting potential and making every-day planning and design work easier.
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Lighting Design Program

This Zumtobel partner program has been developed for architects who use light for creative design and want to use first-hand information, support and inspiration for that purpose.
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