Four Dimensions of Active Light for Industry and Engineering

Active Light in industry is as unique and dynamic as the employees, the processes and the layout of diff erent production halls. Human Centric Lighting puts the focus of the lighting design firmly on the individual. Visual, emotional and biological needs are fully supported by a blend of Active Light and additional workplace-oriented lighting for work during the day and the night. This approach also facilitates accurate working and improved quality. Pioneering lighting solutions with Activity-Based-Lighting use innovative sensor technology to automatically adapt to the specific situation.
 Dynamically adjusted lighting levels help employees with their regular visual tasks. Active Light helps reduce error rates and increase worker safety.

Uniform and shadow-free illumination minimises glare - even with glossy surfaces. Adjusting the direction of the light towards the visual object with Active Light enhances quality. Precise work is promoted and fatigue is simultaneously kept to a minimum.

Active Light means tailoring light colours to reflect age, user preference and working hours, increasing wellbeing and boosting employee productivity.

Artificial light based on the natural course of the day helps support the internal clock. Luminaires controlled by sensors, which only switch on when light is required, reduce costs and minimise energy consumption.