Four Dimensions of Active Light for Presentation and Retail

It is human instinct to be unconsciously drawn to moving objects. That is why our LIMBIC ® research has focused on the human senses and how these are affected by Active Light. The aim is to create a world of experiences linked to various types of personalities that activate our senses and guide our perception, drawing people to what stimulates them and crafting a lighting environment for every kind of individual.
Carefully planned spatial and time-based differences in lighting levels help showcase both the space and the products. A structured hierarchy of perception directs our line of vision.

Specific changes in lighting direction and shadowing add a dramatic edge to the goods on display.

Regulating the light colour in line with the product and the interior architecture improves perception and underlines the impression of quality, which in turn strengthens the willingness to buy.

Active Light adapts the lighting to meet the needs of the people. Expectations stemming from the daylight situation and the time of day are reflected in just the same way as the personality structure of the specific Limbic® customer types.