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  • 11/2014

    Zumtobel partners with Amsterdam Light Festival

    Zumtobel supports major lighting projects of the 3rd Amsterdam Light Festival
    Starting on 27. November 2014, the Amsterdam Light Festival will be illuminating the Dutch capital this winter. The boat tour Water Colors opens with artworks by Jacques Rival, Angus Muir, Alaa Minawi and other artists. In addition, from 11. December, a collection of 15 artworks will light up the walking tour “Illuminade” in the Plantage district of the city. A total of 40 installations will transform Amsterdam into a truly spectacular winter festival. Zumtobel is supporting the Amsterdam Light Festival as main sponsor, whilst also helping to realize two major art projects at the event.
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    The jury is made up of a panel of art experts and enthusiasts who judged a varied selection of works. Most pieces have been specially created for the Amsterdam Light Festival and have never previously been exhibited. The city will be awash with light sculptures, projections and installations by contemporary local and international artists. The boat route, “Water Colors”, will take visitors past artworks along the Amstel and the city’s famous network of canals. The walking route, “Illuminade”, winds through the city center. Light will play a central role throughoutthe city during the festival, as museums and institutions organize light-related activities and treat visitors to some of the latest innovations in the world of light art.

    The theme for the festival, ‘A Bright City’, challenges artists to create a tribute to modern Amsterdam. The resulting artworks will present a unique take on contemporary urban life in the Dutch capital. The Austrian lighting solutions partner Zumtobel is acting as a key partner for the realization of central artworks at the Amsterdam Light Festival by providing advice and lighting solutions developed specifically for the event. As well as sponsoring the whole festival, Zumtobel is also helping to realize two major installations: INTREPID, The Paper Boat by Katja Galyuk/City+Light and Re(bi)cycle Dome by Vasili Popov.

    “By partnering with the Amsterdam Light Festival, we are fostering our strong engagement with light and art,” says Stefan von Terzi, Marketing Director at Zumtobel. “We are looking forward to taking part in one of the largest light festivals in Europe, supporting artists and designers both with our lighting solutions and our experience.”

    Zumtobel to open LightLab in Amsterdam
    On 16. January 2015, Zumtobel will officially open a brand new creative design center in the city of Amsterdam. The opening will be accompanied by the first ever exhibition of their renowned Masterpieces Collection, containing unique light sculptures by Zahad Hadid, Olafur Eliasson and Daniel Libeskind. The Masterpieces Collection will be then on show to the public at the well-known Amsterdam Center for Architecture (ARCAM) until the middle of March 2015.

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  • 10/2014
    Lighting Solution

    Several prizes awarded to Siemens headquarters in Abu Dhabi

    The LEED-Platinum-certified Siemens headquarters for the Middle East is situated in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi and has already won several awards.
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    800 people work in the building that needs about half the energy usually required for a comparable conventionally designed building. Daylight sensors and presence detectors in the offices make sure that daylight is supplemented with artificial lighting only when required.

    Zumtobel's » environmental product declarations (EPD) documenting a product's environmental impact, and the » eco+ label indicating Zumtobel products that provide special benefits for people and the environment, were major criteria for the client to choose the SLOTLIGHT II, MELLOW LIGHT V and PANOS product ranges.

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  • 10/2014

    Zumtobel won German Design Award 2015

    LIGHT FIELDS evolution honoured for outstanding design
    Zumtobel's design competence has been acknowledged once again by the prestigious German Design Award 2015. The renowned German Design Council has honoured even three products by Zumtobel for their outstanding product design and efficient lighting technology: the LIGHT FIELDS evolution range of LED luminaires impressed the jurors on account of their innovative creative power and superior lighting quality. The CRAFT high-bay LED luminaire and the SEQUENCE LED luminaire were awarded a “Special Mention” distinction for special design quality.
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    The German Design Award, the premium prize awarded by the German Design Council, is awarded for the fourth time this year. Awards are granted to high-calibre products and projects as well as their manufacturers and designers, who are pioneers in the German and international design scene. “Being honoured with the German Design Award acknowledges our ambitions to develop products and lighting solutions of superior design quality that provide the user with true added value,” says Stefan von Terzi, Zumtobel Marketing Director. “With LIGHT FIELDS we have managed to develop a product range that combines architectural design and cutting-edge technologies in one lighting solution.” The prizes will be awarded in Frankfurt on 13 February 2015.

    An overview of the award-winning products:

    LIGHT FIELDS evolution: LED luminaire range for sophisticated lighting projects
    The » LIGHT FIELDS evolution LED luminaire range designed by British industrial designer Christopher Redfern from Sottsass Associati combines straightforward design with innovation. Thanks to their uniformly slim-line design, narrow mounting height and high-grade materials, the luminaires blend perfectly into contemporary office interiors. However, LIGHT FIELDS evolution is impressive not only in visual terms but also in terms of technical features: innovative technologies have been incorporated in the various luminaire models. For the recessed and surface-mounted luminaires, Zumtobel has developed the 3Dprotect® reflector. Its 3D structure protects the LED modules during installation, preventing damage from electrostatic discharge. At the same time, the structure's reflection factor ensures an increase in the luminaire efficiency level. The free-standing, wall-mounted and pendant luminaires are fitted with innovative litePrint® waveguide technology, so that the light source remains concealed despite the luminaire's minimum height and delicate frame. This means that the high luminance of the individual LED lighting points is resolved perfectly. Thanks to the highly effective micro-pyramidal optic (MPO+), all LIGHT FIELDS evolution models feature optimum glare control and maximum lighting quality at all times in a variety of working situations.

    CRAFT: efficient and targeted high-bay LED lighting
    The » CRAFT high-bay LED luminaire is the result of a joint development project by Zumtobel and Arup. CRAFT provides high luminous flux levels of up to 28,000 lumens for lighting tasks in industrial areas; innovative lens technology allows for high-precision light control. The luminaire features square and narrow-beam lighting characteristics to perform a variety of lighting tasks; the lighting solution's uniformity and efficiency are significantly improved as the luminous fields do not overlap. A special design feature, the rib structure, ensures cooling and cleaning on account of the airflow, which significantly increases the LED's service life.

    SEQUENCE: adaptive, pinpoint task area lighting
    The » SEQUENCE LED luminaire offers an optimum combination of direct and indirect lighting and boasts modules than can be individually controlled. Thus, the luminaire meets the various requirements of employees with respect to ideal office lighting as well as the need for customisation to the utmost degree. SEQUENCE has been designed as a pendant and surface-mounted luminaire and consists of 8 or 14 module units arranged alongside each other, each with 6 x 3 centrall