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tunableWhite for symbiosis of light and art

A moderate change in colour temperature and light intensity creates different phases of perception when observing a work of art. tunableWhite steers our attention towards different colours or shapes. Light, in connection with the exhibit, tells a different story time and again. In this way, technology creates a narrative, immersive environment.

Light can reproduce the colours in a spectrum intensively and exactly. Paintings with a red hue are therefore best shown in a warm-white light colour. The perception of blue or green tones, on the other hand, is supported by a light colour closer to daylight white. Different messages from the artists, through colour selection or place of creation (e.g. daylight or artificial light), require different light colours or spectral distributions. tunableWhite is the right technology tool for the most detailed and flexible coordination of the spectrum with the artistic message.
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tunableWhite for gentle lighting of exhibits

tunableWhite luminaires with different white light colours from low to high Kelvin values, i.e. warm-white to daylight white, can be accurately coordinated with exhibits in fine graduations along Planck's curve. They not only support our perception of the quality of the works of art through excellent colour rendering quality, but together with lighting control, they allow for a lighting strategy to be defined that protects the works of art and is only activated on demand or when a person is present. To avoid damaging highly sensitive works of art, the lowest Kelvin value warm-white is set, with the most reduced luminance possible. Zumtobel light application research has investigated these connections in a study.



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Lighting Competence Program

The Zumtobel partner program for electrical consultants aims at combining their and our competences, thereby exploiting lighting potential and making every-day planning and design work easier.
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Lighting Design Program

This Zumtobel partner program has been developed for architects who use light for creative design and want to use first-hand information, support and inspiration for that purpose.
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