for Offices and Schools

A working or learning room with many possible uses - at the touch of a button

With the right light, people can immerse themselves fully in their respective tasks and activities at work and study. Bright working light contrasts with the more subdued, red hues of a candlelight atmosphere. The fireplace had a highly emotional and social function for our ancestors in developing ideas together. tunableWhite technology can support and release these natural emotions and expectations through architecture. At the push of a button, the atmosphere of a small space can be transformed simply by changing the lighting. Use of the limited space – for concentrated work or joint celebrations – is optimised by changing the light colour and intensity. The standard of quality of the building improves through versatility, flexibility and future security.
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Target-group-specific light

The choice of light colour and illuminance takes into account the individual needs and expectations of different personality types, corporate architecture, sector or region. Zumtobel's research results on Limbic Lighting® in the retail area can also be applied to offices: designing the light colour and intensity according to a specific target group ensures that human expectations of the environment are taken into account. Human values and emotions systems are considered. Thus, Active Light promotes joy and creativity at work. Through individual adjustment of the light colour and intensity, tunableWhite creates different atmospheres for different activities in the office and in education – from creative and communicative times to periods of concentration.

Fostering creativity

Increasingly, office architecture is becoming a blend of living and classical desk work elements. A living room atmosphere and a working atmosphere require polarising lighting solutions – a combination of bright spotlight sources, such as downlights, and classical, glare-free office lights. The human creativity process and psyche require a wide range of sensory stimulations through variety in every day life and stimulating contrasts. The theory of divergent thinking calls for interconnections, to be able to generate new ideas (Osswald & Lutz, 2016). Our environment influences how our brain works for certain tasks. We are at our most creative when the brain is able to rest and flow freely. A warm room with gentle, reduced light promotes the generation of ideas. Bright light in a cool, energising environment, on the other hand, has a motivating, focussing effect and promotes concentrated work. For these reasons, it has been proven that creative solutions are more likely in a living environment than in any other working environment. tunableWhite and thus the adjustment of light intensity and colour, is the key technology to create the required contrasting room atmospheres in all areas of work and life.
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Greater success due to professional and efficient lighting solutions: Zumtobel provides its partners with information, support and qualifications in dealing with light.
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Lighting Competence Program

The Zumtobel partner program for electrical consultants aims at combining their and our competences, thereby exploiting lighting potential and making every-day planning and design work easier.
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Lighting Design Program

This Zumtobel partner program has been developed for architects who use light for creative design and want to use first-hand information, support and inspiration for that purpose.
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