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Maintenance ONLITE

In the area of emergency lighting, numerous standards must be complied with – also in terms of maintenance, which must be carried out at least once a year after commissioning. The duty of maintenance falls to the operator, and according to standards EN 50172 and EN 50272-2, the authorities are entitled to inspect the maintenance logs and check the installation at any time. Professional servicing of your installation will ensure that it works properly in emergency situations, at the same time reducing follow-up costs and increasing the service life of the entire emergency lighting system.

Within the scope of Zumtobel Services, ONLITE Maintenance also provides preventive maintenance services for predicting and preventing system failures. The services guaranteed to be professional are provided by experts who are familiar with the system and all its details. Annual maintenance and inspection of the emergency lighting system is carried out in accordance with standards EN 50172 and/or ÖNORM 8002-1, VDE 0108-100, VKF 17-03 d or the standard relevant for the respective country in each case. In an emergency, the VIP Support ensures a quick solution.
Benefits of professional maintenance:

1 Conformity with applicable standards
The maintenance agreement gives you as the building owner peace of mind that all legal provisions applicable to emer­gency lighting are met.
  2 Safety
A properly maintained system reduces any down­times of life-saving emergency lighting systems.
  3 Prevention
Preventive maintenance provides protection against extensive system failures and repair costs incurred due to faults detected too late.
  4 Sense of duty
Properly maintained emergency lighting systems are proof of the building owner's responsibility for staff members and visitors.

Maintenance ONLITE Gold
In addition to the annual emergency lighting system check in compliance with relevant standards, the Gold ONLITE Maintenance maintenance agreement includes checking of all your emergency and escape­sign luminaires. Other benefits are discounts on spare parts and system training courses.

Maintenance ONLITE Silber
With Maintenance ONLITE Silver you may rest assured that the prescribed an­ nual tests of your emergency lighting system are performed in compliance with all relevant standards. Regular checks may avert expensive follow­up costs.

“Thanks to the maintenance services provided by Zumtobel to our central­battery system we can rest assured that the system is checked in compliance with all relevant standards. This gives us peace of mind that the system will work impeccably in an emergency.”

Urs Zweifel 

CEO Zweifel Vinarium, Uster (CH)



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