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Gerry Weber has increased its sales by 10 % thanks to Limbic® Lighting. Download the study and generate a higher sales volume by target group-specific lighting design.


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Gerry Weber

Based on results from the Limbic® Lighting fundamental survey (2013), a lighting solution designed specifically for the target group was developed for the Gerry Weber fashion company. Emotional responses to the new lighting concept were then tested in a Gerry Weber retail outlet using scientifically-based, implicit and explicit methods.

The PDF includes both the “Limbic® Lighting – Target group-specific lighting of shop & retail spaces” laboratory study and the Gerry Weber “Limbic® Lighting – Higher sales volume thanks to target group-specific lighting solution” field study.

Limbic® Lighting

Light impacts on people‘s mood and emotions - both in positive and negative ways. However, the question of which lighting parameters, in a retail context, possess the greatest effect, and which lighting scenarios have a positive impact on people‘s emotional perception, had not been investigated so far. The Limbic® Lighting study shows clear differences with respect to lighting preferences. Target groups respond in different ways to even the smallest changes hardly noticeable with the naked eye. Accordingly, adjusting the lighting scenarios to target group-specific needs is explicitly recommended.