myPRODUCT variation configurator

With myPRODUCT, you have the option to configure luminaires totally according to your requirements. Using the fully-revised myPRODUCT interface, you will profit from increased user-friendliness and new functions. With myPRODUCT, you can thus configure different variations of luminaires even more easily and, as of now, plan entire projects in addition to individual products.
Some of the benefits of the tool are listed below:

1.) Configure the entire lighting system
Previously, it was only possible to configure luminaires yourself, now you can arrange the entire lighting system, such as luminaires, including accessories and rails, to fit your requirements.

2.)  Create stock lists assigned to rooms
With myPRODUCT, you can now create different stock lists which you can assign to different rooms. You can display the respective room stock lists in an overview.

3.)  Quick access list saves your data
All configurations are saved in a quick access list which gives an overview of all rooms and stock lists. You can download the quick access list as a PDF or CSV file or send it via email.

4.)  Download all article information
Within myPRODUCT, you have the option to access all article information, such as specification sheets, photometry data, 2D and 3D CAD drawings and assembly instructions and download these together as a ZIP file.

To use myPRODUCT, simply select the desired product family on our website. Then change to the myPRODUCT tab, for example, mySLOT infinity for the » SLOTLIGHT infinity product family. The configurator will open in a new window. You therefore have the option to choose from a variety of additional functions to fulfil your individual project requirements.

You can then send your selection directly to our sales representative who will then provide you with a quote and answer any further questions. 

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