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  • 11/2012

    Presentation of the Zumtobel Group Award 2012

    This year, the Zumtobel Group Award was presented for the third time. The winner in the “Built environment” category was the “Butaro Hospital” project in Rwanda by MASS Design Group (USA). In the “Research & Initiative” category, the jury chose the Paris-based “R-URBAN” project by Atelier d’architecture autogérée (France).
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    This year's Zumtobel Group Award was presented on 16 November 2012 in an official ceremony held in a former power station in Berlin-Mitte. The architecture prize for the promotion of sustainability and humanity in the built environment involving total prize money of EUR 140,000 was given to Michael Murphy and David Saladik from the US architectural studio MASS DESIGN GROUP for the Butaro Hospital project in Rwanda, and to Doina Petrescu and Constantin Petcou of Atelier d’architecture autogérée (AAA) for the R-URBAN initiative in Colombes, a deprived area in the outskirts of Paris.

    Trend-setting solutions
    Both projects could not fail to impress the jury and the guests to the ceremony because of their integral understanding of architecture, collaboration with other disciplines and non-profit organisations, and consistent integration of the residents both in the design stage and the implementation stage. “We are very pleased to be able to present these awards today to two young architectural studios acting as role models for more sustainability and more humanity. They managed to create trend-setting solutions, in particular for social problems, both in the Western world and in third-world countries. In the process, they found highly innovative approaches in collaborating with other experts,” emphasised Harald Sommerer, CEO of the Zumtobel Group, when congratulating the prize winners.

    For more information on the Zumtobel Group Award and the prize-winning projects, please visit: »

  • 11/2012

    Autumn 2012 product highlights

    Zumtobel's autumn 2012 highlights comprise a number of new and enhanced LED products and are now available online.
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    This autumn, we are again able to present a number of newly developed and enhanced LED products for a variety of applications, ranging from spotlight systems, free-standing luminaires and downlights through to continuous-row lighting systems. All highlights are now available on our website and can also be downloaded as a pdf brochure.

    For each highlight, you will find a picture of the product as well as a compact summary of the product details. Further details regarding individual products can be obtained from the links provided.

    » Visit our website to see our autumn 2012 highlights.

    » Click here to download the Highlights pdf brochure.

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  • 10/2012
    Lighting Solution

    German Design Award 2013: Zumtobel wins two awards

    The two Zumtobel products MICROTOOLS and IYON have won a German Design Award 2013 in the “Goods and Materials” category.
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    Being distinguished by a German Design Award 2013, Zumtobel products once again prove their quality of innovation and design.

    MICROTOOLS LED lighting system
    The MICROTOOLS LED lighting system cannot fail to impress on account of its minimalist design language, high-quality manufacture and excellent lighting quality. Featuring high-quality design and excellent lighting quality, the Microtools LED lighting heads, the smallest currently available on the market, set new standards for shop lighting that complies with the most advanced requirements.

    IYON LED spotlight range
    The IYON spotlight range incorporates cutting-edge LED technology in a sophisticated design by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects. Its flowing lines give the IYON spotlight an elegant look while ensuring perfect functionality. The unique lens-reflector system provides brilliant accent lighting with a variety of beam angles.

    About the German Design Award
    The German Design Award is an international premium prize awarded by the Design Council. This year, the jury comprising 30 design experts from various branches, had to evaluate 1500 entries. The awarding ceremony will take place in Frankfurt on 15 February 2013.

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  • 10/2012
    Lighting Solution

    ONLITE web app: the easy way to find the right escape-sign luminaire

    Finding the article number of the escape-sign luminaire that meets your specific requirements in no more than six steps.
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    Zumtobel offers an extensive portfolio of escape-sign luminaires. In addition to several sizes and protection ratings, a variety of mounting options, pictographs and power supply options are available.

    In order to find the right product and appropriate mounting accessories quickly despite this multitude of options, you can now use an online configurator we have made available at: » Thus, you will find the article number of the escape-sign luminaire that meets your specific requirements in no more than six steps.

    Access even from mobile devices

    The online configurator can be called up via any standard browser and is also compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, supporting both iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android devices.

    The configuration can easily be sent via e-mail. At a mouse click, you can retrieve the associated data sheets, photometric data, dimensional drawings, CAD drawings, mounting instructions and videos as well as certificates.

    The configurator will automatically recommend the luminaire with correct power supply and pictograph type for each country.


    » Click here to go to the ONLITE LOOK web app

  • 07/2012

    Five times less energy consumed by LED light lines used for corridor lighting

    In collaboration with Zumtobel, the City Council of Zurich converted an existing lighting installation into an LED-only installation and compared the latter with an identical conventional solution used for the same application.
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    Fluorescent lamps are considered highly energy-efficient. Depending on the type of luminaires used and their efficiency, however, the complete system does not always work equally well. Compared with pendant luminaires, for instance, the efficiency level of the popular light lines, in particular, is critical in many cases. The City Council of Zurich wanted to know for sure and, jointly with Zumtobel, launched a pilot project involving LED light lines and an optimised lighting management system. The results are amazing!

    At the Administrative Centre of Werd, the Public Works Department of Zurich's City Council converted an existing lighting installation into an LED-only installation and compared the latter with an identical conventional solution used for the same application. Both corridors are fitted with a 28-metre light line each and are subject to the same conditions of use. In the case of the conventional solution, the light is switched off whenever the corridor is not used for 10 minutes; in the case of the LED system, the switch-off delay of the presence detectors has been reduced to one minute. Because LEDs are wear-free and start immediately, there is no problem with this setting.

    In the case of the conventional solution, 420 W have been installed in each corridor; in the case of LED, 187 W have been installed. This means that the installed load is reduced by
    56 % - at the same level of illuminance. In combination with the lighting management system and reduced switching times, this eventually results in energy consumption being reduced by 81 %!

    In spring, the LED model of the energy-efficient  » Slotlight II was introduced as a standard product. 

    » Click here for downloading the study as a PDF file (374 KB).


  • 06/2012

    New version of “Map of Light” app available

    Mobile product catalogue now integrated into app
    The new version 1.5 of Zumtobel's free “Map of Light” app now comes with additional reference projects and new functions.
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    The Zumtobel “Map of Light” application provides you with information on and impressions of more than 1,000 architectural projects and lighting solutions across the globe.

    The app's most recent version allows access to Zumtobel's latest product highlights as well as to the company's online catalogue and, thus, to the extensive product portfolio including technical data.

    Overview of the app's most important functions:

    •    Function 1: Map of Light
    The Map of Light shows you state-of-the-art lighting solutions and impressive pictures of more than 1,000 projects implemented all over the world, providing you with inspiring ideas and new stimuli for upcoming projects. The latest version also features a search function which enables you to search within a project.

    •    Function 2: Highlights
    Our projects are implemented on the basis of innovative technology and advanced design. The product highlights will always keep you abreast of all product innovations, wherever you are.

    •    Function 3: Product catalogue
    The mobile product catalogue has now been integrated into the app as well, allowing you access to the entire product portfolio including technical data.

    •    Function 4: Contact us
    Do you have any questions, ideas or suggestions? Use the new Zumtobel app to contact us quickly and easily.

    How & when?
    Zumtobel's “Map of Light” app is available free of charge at the AppStore. Version 1.5 of the app has been optimised for iPad 3 as well and can now be used on all devices featuring the iOS operating system version 4.0 and higher. Our newsletter will keep you informed about any new features or additional functions.
    » Here you can subscribe to the Zumtobel Newsletter.

    » You can download the free Zumtobel app directly to your iPhone/iPad

  • 05/2012
    Lighting Solution

    Rookery Building wins World Architecture News Award

    In the context of the World Architecture News Awards 2012, the façade illumination of the Rookery Building in Chicago won the first prize as the best lighting solution.
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    The Rookery is one of the most famous historic buildings in the United States. The first modern building with a steel frame in its day, it is faced with blocks of red granite and, thanks to its ambitious architectural aspirations, stands out majestically from the high-rise buildings in Chicago's financial district.

    At night, however, the façade's architectural design remained hidden in the dark until recently. The lighting solution designed by OVI – Office for Visual Interaction in collaboration with Zumtobel skilfully sets the façade with all its details centre stage, and has even won a World Architecture News Award 2012 for the best lighting solution.

    The WAN Awards distinguish projects that combine state-of-the-art technology with outstanding design, creating brilliant innovative lighting solutions.

    High-precision illumination using custom design by Zumtobel
    The lighting concept is impressive on account of its gentle yet precise illumination of the façade, which highlights the fine stucco work to perfection. The lighting solution was implemented using the ROOK LED façade luminaire, which was specially developed for this lighting task. Thanks to special fixtures, the light sources are invisible from the street, and the historic façade remains intact.

    The ROOK custom design has been incorporated into the standard product portfolio and is now available as » ELEVO LED spotlight.
  • 04/2012

    Updated data packages available

    Updated data are now available for downloading from the service section of the Zumtobel website
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    The latest version 6.6 of Zumtobel's data plug-in for the DIALux and Relux lighting design programmes is now available for downloading.
    Use the data plug-in to download to your computer the current data of all Zumtobel products to be used in the two lighting design programmes.

    » Download the data plug-in

    Die REVIT Daten im Servicebereich werden laufend um weitere Zumtobel Produktfamilien ergänzt.

    » Click here for an overview of the currently available REVIT files
    The updated library of specifications is available for downloading in the following formats:

    Product master data are available in Datanorm 5 and Datanorm 4 formats.
    » Go to specifications in Datanorm format
  • 04/2012

    Design Plus by Light+Building: three awards for Zumtobel

    Microtools LED lighting system wins Best of Design Plus
    Zumtobel has won the “Design Plus Award powered by Light+Building” in the Exhibitor category for even three of its products.
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    The Microtools LED lighting system particularly impressed the jury with its minimalist design language and received a “Best of Design Plus powered by Light+Building” award. Moreover, the Iyon LED spotlight system and the Ondaria circular luminaire won awards for their outstanding product design combined with highly efficient lighting technology in each case.

    » Microtools – LED lighting system
    The Microtools LED lighting system cannot fail to impress on account of its minimalist design language, high-quality manufacture and excellent lighting quality. Featuring high-quality design and excellent lighting quality, the Microtools LED lighting heads, the smallest currently available on the market, set new standards for shop lighting and comply with the most advanced requirements.

    » Iyon – LED spotlight range
    The Iyon spotlight range incorporates state-of-the-art LED technology in a sophisticated design by DeluganMeissl Associated Architects. Its flowing lines give the Iyon spotlight an elegant look while ensuring perfect functionality. The unique lens-reflector system provides brilliant accent lighting with a variety of beam angles.

    » Ondaria – opal circular luminaire
    The design (by Stefan Ambrozus) and lighting effects of the Ondaria circular luminaire speak the same language: the luminaire's slightly concave surface matches its soft design. Uniformly illuminated, Ondaria makes sure that the outlines of LED or conventional light sources are invisible, providing a harmonious ambience.
  • 03/2012

    Double winner

    IYON and TECTON won red dot awards: product design
    Two Zumtobel products were awarded internationally renowned design prize.
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    Both the Iyon LED spotlight system and the Tecton LED continuous-row lighting system could not fail to impress the 30-member jury thanks to their outstanding product design.

    The red dot design award is one of the most renowned design prizes worldwide, which is awarded in three categories. This year, 1,800 manufacturers and designers from 58 countries submitted a total of 4,515 products to compete for the red dot.

    IYON LED spotlight range
    The Iyon spotlight range incorporates state-of-the-art LED technology in a sophisticated design by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects. Its flowing lines give the Iyon spotlight an elegant look while ensuring perfect functionality. The unique lens-reflector system provides brilliant accent lighting with a variety of beam angles.

    TECTON LED continuous row system
    Zumtobel's Tecton continuous-row lighting system cannot fail to impress with its unobtrusive design by Billings Jackson Design and makes it easy for architects, designers and electricians to fulfil the most varied lighting tasks using one consistent system.

    The prize-winning products will be on display in a special exhibition held at the red dot museum in Essen from 3 to 29 July 2012.

  • 02/2012

    MICROTOOLS wins iF gold award

    As many as three products by Zumtobel received iF product design awards.
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    On 10 February 2012, the top 100 award winners of the four iF competi-tions were jointly called to the stage for the first time. During a ceremony held at the BMW World in Munich, Zumtobel's MICROTOOLS LED light-ing system received one of the coveted iF gold awards. The jury was par-ticularly impressed by the lighting system's minimalist design language especially developed for installation in or on wooden shelves, glass and metal panels.

    Moreover, the IYON LED spotlight system and the ONDARIA circular luminaire won awards for their outstanding product design. The iF awards are among the most important design labels in the world. Win-ners are chosen by independent juries comprising internationally re-nowned designers, businessmen and professors according to specific pre-defined criteria. Each year, the best designs of innovative companies are given awards in various categories. The iF award is considered an indicator of future-oriented design trends and product innovations.

    Entries for the famous design award included a total of 4,322 products submitted by more than 1,600 international competitors. 1,218 of these products have won an award. In addition to the iF design exhibition, which will be held from 6 to 10 March 2012 at the CeBIT in Hanover, all products will also be on display in Haikou (Hainan Island/China) from May 2012 and for several months also in a permanent exhibition that will be held at the Hamburg HafenCity in the second half of 2012.

  • 02/2012
    Lighting Solution

    Romance on Times Square

    LED luminaires by Zumtobel make Valentine's Day Heart pulsate
    On Valentine's Day, there will be romance on Times Square in New York. This year, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) architects from Denmark have provided the “City Pulse” heart sculpture made of 400 transparent acrylic tubes fitted with LEDs, which radiates light in the midst of the urban bustle. Lighting solutions expert Zumtobel has sponsored the LED lighting system that illuminates this work of art.
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    The Times Square Alliance marketing consortium in New York has implemented the Valentine's Day Heart for the fourth time in a row. In collaboration with re-nowned artists and architects, the subject of love is elaborately set centre stage. BIG♥NYC by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) is the title of this year's project. The leitmotif of the installation created by the Danish architects is “more people = more love”. A single person can activate the beating heart by touching the panel set up next to the installation. The more people take each other by the hand to form a human chain, the faster will the heart pulsate to finally climax in a brightly burning heart. In this way, an impressive lighting scenario is created by focusing human energy – a luminescent symbol of love, so to speak.

    The three-metre tall luminescent sculpture is made of 400 transparent acrylic tubes fitted with LEDs. They form a cube around the red Valentine's Day Heart, which reflects the city lights. The heart itself seems to hover in the air.

    Credits: © David Sundberg/Esto 

  • 01/2012

    Award for Zumtobel façade lighting project

    Galleria Centercity has won PLDR Award
    The LED façade lighting implemented by Zumtobel for the Galleria Centercity shopping centre in Korea has won the Best New Project PLDR award.
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    The media façade of the Galleria Centercity shopping centre in Cheonan is one of the biggest in the world. At the Professional Lighting Design Convention in Madrid, the façade received the Best New Project PLDR Award.

    This award is dedicated to outstanding projects in the field of architectural light design, demonstrating the importance of light design for the overall success of a project.
    Zumtobel implemented this unique lighting installation jointly with renowned Bonn lighting design firm a.g. Licht, Cologne-based Lightlife GmbH, a company specialising in control systems, and the prestigious Amsterdam architecture firm UNStudio. The jury appreciated the excellent integration of the media façade into the architecture, achieved by means of LED spotlights specially developed by Zumtobel.

    » Click here for more detailed information on this lighting solution

  • 01/2012
    Lighting Solution

    Holbein's Madonna illuminated by Zumtobel

    Germany's most expensive artwork in new hands and new light
    Zumtobel provides gentle illumination – to optimum effect – for one of the most famous and most important 16th century paintings.
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    The “Madonna of Mayor Jakob Meyer zum Hasen” (“Virgin of Mercy”), which is considered one of the most famous, most important and most beautiful paintings of the 16th century, is also the most expensive work of art in Germany. The masterpiece by Hans Holbein the Younger (1497–1543) was painted in Basle between 1526 and 1528 and shows the family of the Mayor of Basle next to the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus.

    In summer 2011, the painting was purchased by entrepreneur and art collector Reinhold Würth. The Würth collection comprises more than 14,000 artworks, most of them pieces of modern and contemporary art. The old masters from this collection are  made accessible to the public at the “Johanniterhalle” (St. John's Hall) in Schwäbisch Hall. With the entry of the “Virgin of Mercy” in January 2012, the Johanniterhalle will be renamed “Johanniterkirche” (St. John's Church), in order to do justice to the initial function of the building originating from the twelfth century.

    There are particular requirements concerning the environment for the most expensive German painting. It has therefore been accommodated in a special exhibition wall. The lighting system for the Madonna must also comply with the special requirements of the nearly 500-year-old painting.

    The masterpiece will be shown in a special showcase-like exhibition wall and gently illuminated to optimum effect by Zumtobel's MICROTOOLS. Especially when it comes to the illumination of artworks, the miniaturised LED spots demonstrate their strengths within minimum space. On account of their extremely pared-down design, they remain almost invisible for viewers and, thanks to considerably reduced thermal radiation, can be placed close to the exhibits.
  • 01/2012

    Space/lighting installations on the subject of “City & Nature”

    Within the scope of international collaboration, students designed lighting installations for the publicly acclaimed festival “Fête des Lumières” in Lyon.
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    Each year, up to 3.5 million visitors come to see the Fête des Lumières in Lyon. This Festival of Lights dates back to a custom started in the year 1643. On 8 December each year, the city's inhabitants light candles on their window sills to honour the Virgin Mary.

    In 2011, the Festival of Lights organised by the City of Lyon was held from 8 to 11 December. Renowned lighting designers and artists made the city shine anew in a variety of ways. Students from the Berlin University of Technology were also among the participants and, together with fellow-students from I.A.E. Université Lyon, created five space/lighting installations on the subject of “City & Nature”. In five empty stores, the installations “Crime Scene”, “Lonely Heart Club”, “The Miracle Machine”, “Nestinginstinct” and “Once upon a time there was a tobaccoshop” were implemented. The international collaboration of students was sponsored by Zumtobel.


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