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  • 1 CLEAN II supreme & industry

    Pure light you can rely on.

    With the supreme and industry versions of the second generation of the CLEAN family, Zumtobel has succeeded in meeting both the rigorous hygiene requirements of medical cleanrooms (supreme) and the challenges of industrial cleanrooms (industry).

  • CLEAN II supreme

    CLEAN II supreme has been developed in accordance with strict hygiene principles, meets all legal requirements, and is highly efficient. It also offers different light colours (white, green and blue) for specific tasks. The double asymmetric light distribution has an energising effect, while the integration of tunableWhite technology can provide excellent support for the human circadian rhythm. The result is effective lighting for all visual tasks in the medical cleanroom. Form follows function.
  • CLEAN II industry

    CLEAN II industry provides light for demanding visual tasks in the food industry, commercial and industrial kitchens, pharmaceutical production facilities, laboratories, and industrial cleanrooms. The high-quality PMMA luminaire cover combines hygiene with excellent illumination. Resistant to chemicals and heat.

    Master of challenging visual tasks

    Discreet elegance. Minimalist eye-catcher. Frameless design. With the third generation of the LIGHT FIELDS family, rooms and workplaces are set in scene. The unobtrusive beauty accommodates the full scope of our unique light technology. The result: Uncompromising light quality with which challenging visual tasks can be mastered.


    360° light

    360° brilliant light redefined. The minimalist, linear luminaire for the perfect, extensive illumination of offices and schools. Now available as a slim, modern lightweight version or in the tried-and-tested original with its classic design, with extensive installation options.


    Freestanding Straightness

    The EPURIA free standing luminaire is characterised by plenty of indirect light and prismatic direct light. While the prismatic lightguide guarantees a good glare control, the high indirect light output ensures the atmospheric illumination of the room.


    A small luminaire with a big impact

    MICROS II – a small luminaire featuring state-of-the-art lighting technology for ancillary areas in retail, the hotel and catering sector, hospitals and living areas. The downlight’s different colour variants offer a huge amount of scope for creative design. Yet MICROS II also allows for one-to-one replacement of old small downlights, which still use halogen bulbs, for example.