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    DIAMO tunableWhite 3 channel

    Downlight with maximum brilliance – now with tunableWhite

    Nature and minimalism combined: Integrating tunableWhite technology enables the DIAMO to deliver the dynamics and quality of natural light. And creates a feel-good atmosphere. The 3-channel technology ensures colour consistency and optimum light quality.


  • 2

    TECTON E3D version

    Optimum safety guaranteed with emergency lighting

    The new TECTON version ensures visibility at all times, even in an emergency. Equipped with a local battery supply, it boasts integrated emergency lighting that keeps shining for up to three hours in emergency operation – guaranteeing optimum safety.


  • 3

    TECTON wide shelf beam and very wide beam

    New standards thanks to new optics

    Wide – wider – TECTON: Two new optics, Wide Shelf Beam (WSB) and Very Wide Beam (VWB), expand the range of the continuous-row lighting system. The wide, double asymmetric distribution of the WSB optic provides consistent, even lighting in large corridors between shelves and in aisles. For main aisles and open areas, the very wide light beam of the VWB optic provides optimum light quality with a smaller number of luminaires.


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    KXA-2 and KXB

    Series for extreme conditions in industry

    Even under the most extreme conditions: The robust LED luminaires are the perfect solution for ATEX zones 1/21 (KXA) and 2/22 (KXB) and can easily withstand temperatures of –25 °C to +55 °C. Dirt and water stand no chance – perfect for use in unprotected indoor and outdoor areas. Reliable and robust.

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    RESCLITE PRO and RESCLITE PROtect Central battery version ECD and ECP

    Emergency lighting in a new dimension

    Power failures mean darkness? Not with RESCLITE PRO! The versatile RESCLITE PRO safety luminaire and robust RESCLITE PROtect will light the way. Now also available with two new power supply options: Central battery versions with power line (ECP) and DALI communication (ECD) expand the range.


  • 6


    Central controller with everything in view

    Maintains an overview and keeps everything under control: emCON is the central point for monitoring self-contained emergency luminaires. It checks, visualises and logs. Status reports can also be sent by email – so nothing is missed.

  • 7


    The intelligent connectivity

    No cables, minimal effort, excellent compatibility: bmLINK is the wireless solution for DALI systems like LITECOM. It can be implemented in new or existing systems. Simple yet ground­breaking, it is taking the luminaires in the CRAFT and TECTON family into the future.


  • 8

    CRAFT emergency

    Local, independent and long-lasting: An integrated emergency battery takes over in the event of a power failure. Emergency operation is guaranteed for up to 3 hours with luminaires in sizes M and L at an ambient temperature of up to 35°C, helping to ensure optimum safety.


  • 9


    No cables, little effort and yet still full DALI compatibility: bmLINK wirelessly integrates luminaires into new or existing systems. There is even a choice between luminaires with a bmLINK module and fittings that feature both a bmLINK module and a combined presence and daylight sensor. Simple commissioning with a wireless device means that modern lighting control could hardly be easier.


  • 10

    CRAFT diffused-glare for sports halls

    Looking up is part of the game in many types of sport. The associated risk of direct glare is significantly reduced by CRAFT diffused glare. The special diffuser optic reduces the perceived luminance. Even when the light output is high. In combination with Lambertian light distribution, the best visual conditions are therefore guaranteed in sports halls, ensuring complete safety when serving the ball.


  • 11


    The powerhouse is now being launched on the market with a 4th size, as an XL version, with a significant lumen package of 68,000 lm.




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