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In particular for people with limited mobility and limited access to daylight, tunableWhite has a positive effect on the synchronisation of their internal clock and on their often limited vision. Dynamic lighting solutions are emotionally supportive and physically stabilising, because they fulfil entirely natural expectations. Added value is created in the building both for the people in it and in terms of the use of the space: Light enables the same room to be used for retreat and regeneration, motivation, joint activities, eating and celebrating. The room expectations of the care staff at work and of those in need of care are accounted for uniquely through light.
Practical Use of tunableWhite in the carehome Alpsteeblick (CH)
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tunableWhite in the nursing home Alpsteeblick Appenzell (CH):
Emotional and biological aspects of light in balance

tunableWhite solutions from Zumtobel create a multifunctional use of space in this Swiss care facility through contrasting lighting moods. Depending on the activity, the light is spontaneously adapted to the activities in the recreation and meeting areas.

The composition of light colours and intensities follows the natural course of daylight and thus supports physical processes. As access to daylight is very restricted for the people in the care oasis, the residents of the old people's and care centre are supplied with a large-area diffuse tunable white lighting solution during the day, which is installed directly above the beds like a skylight. A gentle transition is created for the night.

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Emotional and biological aspects of light in balance
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