Pendant and surface-mounted LED luminaire

A luminaire featuring
modular design and
modular control that fully
exploits the opportunities
of cutting-edge LED


The new empowerment of light


Changing types of collaboration, whether in project teams, at conventional workstations or in open space, require flexible lighting solutions that adapt to people's individual needs. A study conducted by Zumtobel in collaboration with Fraunhofer IAO has shown that users prefer lighting solutions that can be individually controlled. The SEQUENCE infinity pendant and surface-mounted LED luminaire perfectly meets these requirements. Separately controlled LED modules cater for users' needs in a flexible manner. Even direct and indirect light can be combined as required and dimmed according to the visual tasks. The lighting scenarios are called up and adjusted at one click of the LITECOM lighting control unit.


The best light for offices

Conference room fitted with SEQUENCE infinity

                 Enhancing people's sense 
            of well-being

Only happy employees are efficient employees 
We encounter a huge variety of different visual stimuli in the course of day-to-day work in offices where the right lighting is crucial. Light affects almost all vital processes in the human body, and also has an impact on people's performance, health, safety and sense of well-being. For highly motivated and effective people, quality characteristics of light such as light output as well as options of influencing lighting conditions individually are of decisive importance.


The best light for offices

Single-person office fitted with SEQUENCE infinity

           Creating identity

Symbols create identity, personal support preserves identity When it comes to identification with a cause, an objective or an enterprise, a strong mission statement or symbol (e.g. architecture) is of vital importance. If a company wants to make sure that it will not lose anything of its power (of identification), it also has to focus on its employees' well-being. This need is as individual as are the employees themselves. Only people who feel supported in their work to optimum effect will identify with their company. Design aspects, adjustability by individual staff members and well-balanced ambient conditions are the most important factors of influence.


The best light for offices

Team office fitted with SEQUENCE infinity

          Reducing costs

Making smart investments will save costs in
the long term
 Because of energy efficiency and lighting management systems, lighting solutions have a direct impact on operating costs. Making smart initial investments will save costs and resources in the long run.



Made to perform visual tasks

Sweeping aside established design conventions, SEQUENCE
breaks new ground in terms of technology and aesthetics. In collaboration with in-house and external architects, lighting designers and other designers, a completely new luminaire model has been developed that focuses on visual tasks in offices and fully exploits the opportunities of cutting-edge LED technology.

Thanks to LEDs and the miniaturisation of light sources associated with them, the luminaire unit requires only 25 mm in height. The development of advancedOptics lens technology has made it possible to combine the demands for large quantities of light and perfect glare control even at this short distance. In line with the architecture of contemporary office buildings, the design has been extended in length, giving SEQUENCE an elegant look that finds its perfect match in the high-quality and yet restrained materials used.


Modular lighting

Group 3
Group 2
Group 1
While conventional luminaires allow to compensate for declining daylight towards the depth of the room only progressively from one luminaire row to the next, SEQUENCE infinity is able to continuously change the luminance levels within one or several luminaires, depending on the room situation.
Thanks to its modular design – a luminaire consists of up to 14 identical, self-contained LED modules – SEQUENCE infinity allows for virtually infinite creative lighting design options. Arranged in three logical groups, the direct light component's LED modules can be controlled via DALI, independent of the indirect light component. The illuminance level may thus vary even within a luminaire. A special feature: the changes in luminance levels from one module to the other are pleasantly soft, even across all three groups.


Perfect light at one click

Progressive changes in luminance
(can be set via LITECOM)
Linear changes in luminance (default setting)   
Intelligent technology makes operation child's play.
The SEQUENCE app pre-installed in the LITECOM lighting management system includes exemplary light distribution patterns: nine patterns predefined for SEQUENCE infinity facilitate office work by adjusting lighting scenes quickly and precisely to a variety of activities, personal needs and room situations. Variations of the illuminance level or a new mixing ratio of direct and indirect light are also possible at any time. In order to leave nothing to be desired, users may even define their own patterns. Another benefit: LITECOM allows to use any web-linked device as a control point – without having to install any new software.
Pure direct or indirect lighting
A SEQUENCE luminaire with purely indirect light distribution brightens up the room with a small artificial light component. Pure direct light protects against glare when looking at the luminaire from above.
Dimmed LED lighting modules, either to the left or the right end of the luminaire, ensure architectural lighting and provide orientation in the room.
The person holding the presentation is placed in the focus of the light, with luminance levels continuously decreasing towards the presentation area.
Objects placed on a table attract increased attention if the light is focussed in the centre. A well-balanced atmosphere is created by reduced illuminance levels in the peripheral area.
Tablet PC
Reflected glare on glossy surfaces of displays or magazines can be effectively avoided by cutting out the direct light component above the task area.
Concentration at work
Maximum direct and indirect illuminance levels make it easier to perform demanding tasks.
Operation of SEQUENCE
Patterns predefined


LITECOM lighting management system

SEQUENCE infinity
LITECOM Central control device
W-LAN router
Desktop PC
Mobil device
                                  lighting management system

Zumtobel's newly developed lighting management system puts the user into the focus of light. In collaboration with the best partners from the most varied disciplines, an open, innovative and trend-setting lighting management system has been created. Interface designers and application experts have been involved in the project from the beginning. The result is a new form of lighting management that combines maximum flexibility with easy configuration and intuitive user guidance.

The app tailor-made for SEQUENCE infinity is pre-installed in LITECOM by default and is made available to every user without any additional costs.


LITECOM Lichtmanagementsystem

Intuitive user guidance   With clear symbols and names to be freely defined for rooms and locations, operation is child's play. The appropriate lighting scene for luminaire groups or the entire room is selected on the display. Each individual SEQUENCE infinity luminaire can also be controlled using the pre-programmed and individually adjustable patterns.
Efficient use of daylight In order to make use of the full savings potential of daylight, which is available for free, the changes in illuminance levels from the window to the depth of the room can be individually adjusted. Based on one daytime and one nighttime setting per luminaire row, it is possible to define the daylight characteristic quickly and with high precision.
Easy commissioning   LITECOM is not a software that needs to be installed – a web-link is sufficient to ensure independence from operating systems. Wizards guide users through the commissioning procedure step by step. Thanks to clearly formulated help text, even non-engineers are able to quickly commission the system in a purposeful manner.
App strategy The app strategy allows to adjust the lighting management system precisely to the needs of a building and its users. Basic lighting and building functions are already covered by the Basic app. These include control of luminaires, screens, windows and blinds, among others.


Built-in intelligence

Overview of SEQUENC infinity functions

LITECOM ready                                            
Number of DALI addresses per luminaire               
Direct/indirect lighting can be
controlled separately
Direct lighting either with linear or
progressive changes in luminance
Individual luminaire patterns
DC-compatible for centrally supplied
emergency lighting systems
Automatic anti-panic lighting based on
diffuse direct light component
Individual luminaire segments can
be replaced  

*combined with LITWCOM lighting management system
Indirect lighting address 4
Right address 3
Centre address 2

Left address 1

The SEQUENCE infinity control concept is based on four DALI addresses subdividing the direct light component into three groups, in addition to separate control of direct and indirect lighting. The built-in converter will automatically calculate a linear sequence of soft changes in luminance levels across all LED modules for various DALI settings in the direct range. Optionally, progressive light distribution is also possible.
Overview of SEQUENCE functions

Number of DALI addresses per luminaire
Direct/indirect lighting can be controlled
Direct lighting either with linear or
progressive changes in luminance
Individual luminaire patterns
DC-compatible for centrally supplied
emergency lighting systems
Automatic anti-panic lighting based on
diffuse direct light component
Individual luminaire segments can
be replaced
Indirect lighting address 2
Direct lighting address 1
Even the more basic version of SEQUENCE provides the comfort of direct/indirect lighting. The light components can be controlled separately via two DALI addresses for individual lighting scenes and activities. In terms of design and lighting technology, SEQUENCE and SEQUENCE infinity are identical. In both versions, advancedOptic lens technology combines a flat design with excellent lighting quality and outstanding luminaire efficiency of up to 100 lm/W.
SEQUENCE infinity


High precision within minimum space

SEQUENCE is an innovative lighting solution that
combines reduced height with high light output, high-precision
light distribution, perfect glare control and maximum efficiency. This
can only be achieved by means of an optical system explicitly matched to
LED technology. While other lighting technologies achieve glare control of high
luminous flux levels only across the surface and therefore require a correspondingly
large luminaire size with diffuse lighting characteristics, SEQUENCE provides perfect glare control despite very compact dimensions at up to 9650 lm thanks to advancedOptic lens technology. By fully reflecting the injected light, the transparent lenses ensure the system's high level of optical efficiency and thus extremely high luminaire efficiency of up to 107 lm/W.
Mechanical connection
Electrical contacts


High precision within minimum space

The major part of the direct light component is directed onto the task area via a unique cluster consisting of precisely formed LED lenses. In addition to providing glare control perfectly suited for office applications, advancedOptics lens technology also ensures the highly compact design of SEQUENCE. Matching the application, the individual lenses are either shaped symmetrically or asymmetrically.
Diffuse frame Thanks to Lambert's light
distribution, the opal cover frame ensures
soft contrasts with uniform illumination and
visible luminance levels.
LED module unit The LED module and the optic attached form a self-contained unit that is available in warm (3000 K) and intermediate (4000 K) colour temperatures. The colour rendering index of CRI > 80 meets the requirements made on contemporary office lighting. Thanks to the LEDs' high efficiency and perfect thermal management, the luminaire has a service life of 50,000 hours at a drop in luminous flux to 85 % (L85).


Perfection down to the smallest detail

SEQUENCE's visibly modular design is continued inside the luminaire as well. All electrical components are supplied via a channel loom. Despite its slim design, the aluminium section acting as backbone provides sufficient space for seamless integration of the converter and the LED modules with indirect light distribution.
Aluminium section The slim-line luminaire housing made of painted extruded aluminium section also serves as a stable backbone for the luminaire to which all elements can be attached.
Suspension Due to its reduced weight, SEQUENCE can be suspended directly from the transparent connecting cable.
Converter Following the principle that
lighting should be as efficient and convenient as
possible, the converters are DALI-dimmable
from 1 % to 100 %,
Transparent diffuser A transparent PMMA section protects the LED module against dirt and damage from electrostatic discharge when touched.
Indirect module The indirect module, which can be controlled independently of the direct light component, uses between 10 % and 25 % of the amount of light available for brightening up the ceiling in a pleasant manner, thus creating an agreeable room atmosphere.


Light distribution

Luminaire position
Symmetrical above the task area.
Recommended suspension height:
40 to 100 cm.
Task lighting Providing purely symmetrical light distribution, SEQUENCE has been designed for perfect illumination of a two-person workstation. In case of axis-based arrangement at a right angle to the façade, one luminaire between every other room axis is sufficient to achieve the level of illuminance of 500 lx required for office workstations.
Light distribution


Light distribution

Light for desk and room By combining lighting modules with asymmetrical beam patterns aligned in different ways, not only a workstation but also its ambient can be illuminated to optimum effect. By shifting the luminaire's position slightly towards the room depth, the peripheral area is illuminated with 300 lx without any additional lighting components. At the same time, the lighting focus is shifted towards the task area thanks to asymmetrical light distribution.
* Available from autumn 2014

Luminaire position
Following a slight shift towards the room depth, the lighting
focus of the two luminaire segments aligned towards each other
is moved to the centre of the task area. The third luminaire
segment illuminates the peripheral area asymmetrically.
light distribution



Modular variety The modular design of SEQUENCE allows for a wide range of geometrical configurations and technical lighting options. A choice of pendant luminaires with direct/indirect light distribution and surface-mounted luminaires with purely direct light distribution is available.
Pendant luminaire, CRF
Pendant luminaire, 8 modules
Pendant luminaire, 14 modules
Surface-mounted luminaire,
Surface-mounted luminaire,
8 modules
Surface-mounted luminaire,
14 modules
(SEQUENCE infinity,


Quality and efficiency

General conditions                                                                                         
Luminaires before
24 pendant luminaires 2 x 49 W T16
Luminous flux of luminaire: 7783 lm
Luminous efficiency of luminaires: 73 lm/W
18 downlights 1 x 26 W TC-DEL (918 lm / 32 lm/W)                                            
Luminaires after
12 SEQUENCE infinity 105 W
Luminous flux of luminaire: 9650 lm
Luminous efficiency of luminaires: 92 lm/W
29 SLOTLIGHT II LED 19 W (wall illumination, 1730 lm / 91 lm/W)                        
LITECOM lighting management system
Energy savings thanks to daylight-based and presence-based control, blinds
control and time-based management
Calculation period: 20 years
LED compared with T16 luminaires and TC-DEL downlights 

SEQUENCE takes light to a new dimension of customisation, combined with high energy efficiency of up to 107 lm/W. The new generation of office luminaires with 14 LED modules that can be controlled separately offers customised settings for a variety of user requirements and changing work methods. In order to keep up the team spirit without ignoring office users' individual needs, the luminaires with their uniform vertical illuminance levels are controlled via the LITECOM lighting management system. Dynamic lighting scenarios create added emotional value while saving energy.


Quality and efficiency

LED lighting + lighting management
LED lighting
Installation in place
All calculations are based on an annual increase in energy and operating costs of 5%.

Potential savings
through efficient
LED lighting alone

Additional savings using
lighting management

energy consumption

LED lighting +
lighting management
LED lighting
Installation in place
Average energy consumption per m2 and year

Energy consumption 
in kWh
LED lighting +
lighting management
LED lighting
Installation in place
CO2 emissions over life cycle (20 years)

CO2 emissions
in tonnes


Quality and efficiency

Reducing costs
Efficient pendant LED luminaire with 85 lm/W. Energy savings thanks to daylight- and presence-based control, blinds control, time-based management and high-precision lens optic.
Creating identity
Slim design, high innovative content. Smooth lighting changes. Additional structuring of room zones by SLOTLIGHT.
Enhancing people's sense of well-being
Revolutionary customised control of SEQUENCE. Good contrast rendering – future-proof basis for a variety of tasks.


Safety in emergencies

Uniform ceiling appearance – reduced costs 
SEQUENCE offers the opportunity to integrate the emergency lighting function into the general lighting system, so that no additional luminaires that might compromise the ceiling look are required. In an emergency, the SEQUENCE luminaires, supplied via a central battery, are automatically dimmed to a pre-set emergency lighting level of 15 % and also serve as anti-panic lighting. In case of SEQUENCE infinity, only the diffuse part of the direct light component is emitted. Thus, SEQUENCE achieves the legally required illuminance levels with reduced output and perfect uniformity. Using a centrally supplied system will considerably reduce costs and labour input in particular in large-scale installations involving more than 100 luminaires.





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