Moisture-proof luminaire IP 65

Highly functional luminaire range that delivers great lighting quality in the face of dust, dirt and moisture.


Zünd Mobilcenter AG, Lüchingen (SG) / CH


Lighting technology

The luminaire diffuser has a smooth exterior that is simple to clean. Internal prism structures optimise the light output ratio and minimise glare. The luminaire’s wide-angle batwing pattern ensures uniform illuminance distribution.



15° slope angle to shed dust and water
All exposed visible surfaces of the luminaire have an angle of 15° or more. Together with its smooth exterior, this prevents accumulation of dust and moisture and also makes cleaning easier.

Easy-to-clean catches with a smooth surface ensure quick, secure closure with an audible click. Closure is audible and provides a way of checking that IP 65 protection is obtained. A chemically resistant plastic catch is also available.


A smooth customer

IP 65 protection
SCUBA luminaires feature outstanding long-term sealing performance. A dependable combination of sealing rim and all-round gasket prevents dripping water from penetrating inside the luminaire. Innovative material compositions ensure that seals remains durably elastic and dimensionally stable. A special expansion joint compensates for the different coefficients of expansion of various combinations of materials used in the housings and diffusers, thereby ensuring IP 5 protection for all models.



Durable, maintenance-free and efficient:
High-quality LED luminaires are a reliable lighting tool for permanently reducing operating costs. Aspects of economy have been combined with aesthetic styling, performance and toughness for SCUBA LED. The consistent look of the luminaire, which is enshrined in a primary optic, is distinctive of this.



Primary optic
SCUBA XT LED is suitable for use at particularly high or low temperatures – both in indoor and covered outdoor areas.

This allows implementation of a consistent LED solution, even with temperatures as high as +50 °C or as low as -35 °C, e.g. in coldstores.


The durable alternative

Typ 4400 4600 5600 6000 6600 6800 
Colour temperature (K) 4000 6500 4000 6500 4000 6500
Lumen output (lm) ~ 4400 ~ 4600 ~ 5600 ~ 6000 ~ 6600 ~ 6800
Lumens per watt (LEF) up to 126 132 133 140 132 139
Colour rendering (CRI) 80 80 80 80 80 80








Typ     8000 8000 XT 4400 XT 4600 
Colour temperature (K)     4000 6500 4000 6500
Lumen output (lm)     ~ 7900 ~ 7900 ~ 4400 ~ 4600
Lumens per watt (LEF) up to     130 130 134 141
Colour rendering (CRI)     80 80 80 80



PMMA diffuser

  • especially UV
  • resistant resistant to chemical substances
  • impact-resistant

PC diffuser

  • nearly unbreakable
  • UV stabilised

CHEMO diffuser

  • UV resistant
  • impact-resistant
  • especially resistant to chemical substances


International Food Standards

In the food industry, the requirements placed on lighting with respect to product design and product quality are especially high, as hygiene and safety must be ensured during the production of foodstuffs. Relevant guidelines laid down, for instance, by the International Food Standard (IFS) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) set minimum standards for food production and flag up areas where there is room for improvement when guidelines are revised on an annual basis.

Basically, all versions of the SCUBA moisture-proof luminaire meet the requirements placed on lighting specified by the International Food Standard (IFS) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC):
  • Covered light source (enclosed luminaire)
  • Protection against fragments falling down
  • Easy cleaning of surfaces



Chain suspension plus trunking
For a pendant continuous-row system, the luminaire is installed on ZX II trunking. All components, from the chain suspension fitting to the trunking, are perfectly matched to each other.

Ordering list
ZAKK knotted link chain
ZAK chain suspension fitting
ZX II trunking
ZX II T-AK/T-AM cover strips
Chain suspension
Individual SCUBA luminaires can be suspended from the ceiling. Appropriate knotted link chains and special triangles used to suspend the luminaire are available from Zumtobel.

Ordering list
ZAKK knotted link chain
ABH triangle
Installed on the ceiling using trunking
Installing SCUBA as a continuous-row system is particularly easy using ZX II trunking. Cables are routed inside the trunking.

Ordering list
ZAD ceiling suspension fitting
ZX II trunking
ZX II T-AK/T-AM cover strips
Mounted directly on the ceiling
Every SCUBA luminaire comes complete with ceiling brackets and no other assembly aids are required for ceiling mounting. The luminaire is fixed without the use of any tools thanks to a CLIX mechanism.
Chain suspension plus trunking
Chain suspension
Installed on the ceiling using trunking
Mounted directly on the ceiling



Fit the brackets on the ceiling. Use a CLIX to hang the
basic housing.
Insert the reflector,
leaving the hands free
to make electrical connections.
Click the reflector into
the reflector holder.
Insert the light source and click the diffuser on.



LED emergency luminaire for
escape route lighting
in accordance with EN 1838.
Maximum luminaire spacing:
up to 23 m > 1 lx

LED emergency luminaire for
escape route lighting
in accordance with EN 1838.
Maximum luminaire spacing:
up to 15 m > 1 lx
RESCLITE anti-panic

LED emergency luminaire for
anti-panic lighting
in accordance with EN 1838.
Maximum room illumination:
up to 170 m² > 0.5 lx

LED emergency luminaire
for display lighting
in accordance with EN 1838.
Maximum object illumination:
Ø up to 3 m > 5 lx

RESCLITE – light distribution curve

Notlicht - Resclite IP 65
These emergency luminaires are not only very small and efficient, they are also available as IP 65 luminaires. Used in combination with SCUBA, both general lighting and emergency luminaires benefit from high levels of protection. Thanks to power LEDs and the sophisticated optics of RESCLITE, all the requirements of EN 1838 are met using just a small number of luminaires. Each individual luminaire for escape route and object lighting consumes minimal power. The luminaire’s installed load is only 5 watts, in non-maintained mode even as little as 1.5 watts. Correspondingly, only small-scale supply and cable systems are necessary.
Design tool
Light distribution curve


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