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Multifunctional LED lighting system


Multifunctional LED lighting system

Zwinger Palace, Dresden / DE





Thanks to its extremely pared-down stylistic idiom, SUPERSYSTEM is always the ideal solution wherever the luminaire is not supposed to dominate the architecture and interior. The LED spot creates bright accents and strikes a perfect balance between size and luminous flux: here, the goods on display are the centre of attention. The luminaire remains unobtrusively in the background; nevertheless, it cannot fail to impress thanks to the high quality of its sophisticated materials and excellent lighting technology.



Aysil Sari Supersymetrics


Innovation and compact dimensions

Using this multifunctional lighting system made of aluminium in a natural anodised finished, complex lighting solutions can be implemented in a design reduced to pure functionality. Extremely compact and energy-efficient high-power LED spotlights provide accent lighting, even from longer distances. The modules fitted with one, two or three lighting heads, including control gear, can be installed flexibly onto the track as required. Where increased glare protection is required, an anti-glare tube can be used.



  • Precise accent lighting with power consumption of either 2.5 W or 4 W
  • LED spot rotates through 360° and pivots through 90°
  • Choice of colour temperatures: warm white (3000 K) and intermediate white (4000 K)
  • Excellent colour rendering (Ra > 90)
  • Gentle illumination: IR and UV components negligible
  • Service life of 50 000 hours
  • Accessories: anti-glare tube, oval-outline lens and replaceable wideflood lens


Highly versatile section

Single, double or triple As an alternative to pre-installed LED spot modules with a built-in converter, it is also easily possible to arrange the LED lighting heads individually or in a groups. Both H- and S-sections are available. Even if modules fitted with different light sources are installed in a row, it is possible to keep regular spacings between the lighting heads. The converter and DALI unit are completely pre-installed components separately integrated into the section, so that the modules can be optionally controlled via DALI and dimmed from 100 to 0%. In addition to these extended functions, the lighting heads also provide all the technical lighting features of the system.


LED spotlight module for 3-phase track

Thanks to the new ZUMTOBEL track adapter, the compact aluminium body incorporating three lighting heads can be installed on any compatible 3-phase track intuitively and without requiring exertion of force. The entire luminaire is mounted flat below the ceiling, and thanks to its mounting height of 65 mm, the LED module can also be installed in low-ceilinged rooms without any problem.


LED wallwasher, LEDline, LED advancedOptics

Uniform wall illumination   LED wallwasher

At low power consumption of only 8 W, the compact LED wallwasher uniformly illuminates vertical surfaces of up to 3 m at ≤ 200 lx. This is made possible by a silver anodised specular reflector optic in a unique design, made of high-purity aluminium and protected reliably by a polycarbonate panel. Its stable colour temperature and excellent glare control make the lighting insert also perfect as a uniform wallwasher for illuminating exhibits in museums, exhibitions and art galleries.

LED wallwasher


State-of-the-art technology in a slim-line housing

Pendant luminaire The DALI-controllable SUPERSYSTEM pendant luminaire creates a dual lighting effect: the highly efficient, flexibly swivelling and rotating LED spots provide high-precision lighting accents, while at the same time diffuse ambient lighting is provided by the T16 lighting module that is directed downwards. The colour temperatures of the fluorescent lamp and the LEDs are perfectly matched to each other; both are available in warm white or intermediate white. Large end caps made of aluminium enhance the premium look of this silver anodised pendant luminaire, which is especially suitable for prestigious, domestic and reception areas.


Flawless diversity

Available with a wealth of varied lighting inserts and natural anodised aluminium sections, SUPERSYSTEM provides maximum flexibility in terms of design and lighting technology. This allows to perform the most varied lighting tasks on the basis of a homogeneous infrastructure from direct/indirect ambient lighting, accent lighting or vertical wall lighting through to task lighting and emergency lighting. Applications include museums and showroom, shops, bars and restaurants.


Discreetly integrated emergency lighting

RESCLITE emergency lighting module Luminaires that are not suitable for integrated emergency lighting due to their construction, design or light source are frequently used in prestigious areas. But emergency lighting in conformity with applicable standards is a must. The RESCLITE LED emergency luminaire provides an elegant way out of this dilemma. Integrated unobtrusively into the SUPERSYSTEM recessed module, only a few luminaires are required to ensure perfect visual conditions even in emergencies, absolutely independently of general lighting and the lighting management system used. Another benefit of RESCLITE solutions is that they require only small-scale supply systems, which helps both the environment and your budget. The RESCLITE emergency lighting module meets all requirements under DIN EN 1838 for both anti-panic and escape-route lighting.


Accent lighting to suit every need

Track for 3-phase AC and DALI   A track that can handle both is the ideal solution for a uniform lighting concept providing various light levels. The track can be inserted into the E, S, H and HE sections and supplies power to all standard 3-phase and DALI spotlights. Thus, complex lighting solutions combining state-of-the-art LED technology with conventional lighting technology are easy to implement. Moreover, H and HE sections allow the integration of indirect modules and DALI through-wiring. This means that only one electric feed is required for all lighting inserts in the track. The slightly higher HE section provides both functions at the same time.

L3 plus DALI   A DALI-specific feed allows transmitting the full range of DALI signals using the 3-phase track. With immediate effect, Zumtobel supplies the respective versions of the DALI spotlights.

S section
57 mm high
40 mm wide
H section
81 mm high
40 mm wide
HE section
height 93 mm
width 40 mm

Electric feed: 3-phase AC or L3 + DALI


Flush-mounted in the ceiling

E section | 56 mm high, 60 mm wide
Lighting inserts 230 V or 700 mA
electric feed | scale 1:1

Consistently inconspicuous  The recessed track for plasterboard or wooden ceilings adds the perfect finishing touch to the lighting system’s classy, unobtrusive design. The visual benefit: all SUPERSYSTEM lighting inserts can be combined with the recessed track and fitted flush with the ceiling without any restrictions.

Maximum compatibility  The recessed track connects all SUPERSYSTEM modules to each other, regardless whether they are fitted with LEDs or conventional T16 fluorescent lamps. After wiring, special plastic inserts that allow sufficient spring deflection ensure easy installation without the use of any tool. The recessed section can be adapted to fit ceiling thicknesses up to 25 mm in just a few simple steps.


LED - Minimalist

Single downlight Even when reduced to just a single spot, SUPERSYSTEM displays all its strengths as a high-precision LED luminaire with just 2.5 W or 4.5 W. These compact lighting heads can be swivelled in an out and rotated; with a luminous flux of up to 259 lumens per spot, they guarantee focussed, energy-saving illumination of objects. They barely interfere with the appearance of the ceiling at all. The single downlight provides optimum conditions for discreet accent lighting of window displays and showcases.


Small dimensions – high output

SUPERSYSTEM quad downlight, silver
4 x 2.5 W LED intermediate white | flush fitting


Geringe Abmessungen – hohe Leistung

SUPERSYSTEM quad downlight, silver
4 x 2.5 W LED intermediate white | recessed into the ceiling




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