SUPERSYSTEM outdoor: A luminaire to illuminate paths, squares, roads - Zumtobel

Supersystem outdoor

LED outdoor luminaire

Multi-zone lighting
for effective design
of outdoor areas.

Supersystem outdoor

is breaking new ground

  • Multiple light tubes create a uniquely refined luminaire
  • The best glare suppression increases visual comfort and well-being
  • Directed, well-dosed light also actively protects against light pollution
  • Multi-zone light distribution and pivoting tubes on request make it possible
  • Continuous design through all applications

Supersystem outdoor

Lighting that makes an area effective.

  • Conventional street lights primarily brighten horizontal areas.
  • SUPERSYSTEM outdoor includes vertical as well as horizontal areas in the lighting concept
  • Unique visual comfort through a division of the amount of light - light emitted from multiple tubes prevents too high light pressure and limits the glare
Street lighting with SUPERSYSTEM outdoor
Conventional street lighting

Supersystem outdoor

Lighting that combines integration with precision.

Flood Optics
Beam angle 27°
  • Modular luminaire family for many different outdoor lighting tasks
  • Precise because every tube is equipped with the respective appropriate optics, with every angle of inclination and opening angle oriented to the object to be illuminated.
  • Precise light control ensures outstanding glare suppression, prevents scattered light and light pollution.
  • Specific variation of luminous intensities and contrasts in combination with a lighting control system
Wide Flood Optics
Beam angle 40°
Spot Optics
Beam angle 11°

Supersystem outdoor

for pavements, roads and squares

Type SDB
12 tubes module
30 tubes module
Type SNB L
Type FLB
Luminaire for squares:
Optics, inclination and opening angles of the 30 LED tubes are perfectly matched to the lighting
of large squares and
Luminaire for pavements:
Optics, inclination and opening angles of the 12 LED tubes are perfectly matched to the lighting of narrow paths and alleys.
18 tubes module
Type SNB H
Luminaire for road and street lighting: Optics, inclination and opening angles of the 18 LED tubes are perfectly matched to the lighting of streets and
small squares.

Supersystem outdoor

for façade lighting

Elliptical distribution
Fixed 3 tubes module
Narrow beam
Narrow beam

11° (SP)

27° (FL)

Wide Flood
40° (WFL)

Movable 3 tubes module
Compact façade floodlight with
3 movable LED tubes: Ideal to flexibly accent individual façade elements.
Compact façade floodlight with
3 fixed LED tubes: Ideal for accentuating façades with various radiation characteristics.
Elliptical distribution
Compact façade floodlight with
6 fixed LED tubes: Ideal for accentuating façades with various radiation characteristics.
Fixed 6 tubes module

Supersystem outdoor

for individual lighting tasks

27° (FL)
Wide Flood
40° (WFL)
11° (SP)

Supersystem outdoor


Municipality of Lech am Arlberg, Lech am Arlberg | AT
Lighting project design: Dieter Bartenbach, Innsbruck | AT

Supersystem outdoor

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