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  • 06/2019

    Zumtobel is delighted to announce that it is one of the four major sponsors of The Society of Light and Lighting’s LightBytes series.

    The Society collaborated with the CIBSE Facilities Management Group for the 2018/2019 series to develop content for the series, whereby each LightBytes event was a day of peer reviewed, CPD accredited bite sized presentations, focusing on key issues relating to lighting professionals and those within related industries.  The forums are specifically designed to inform and provide a platform for debate and idea sharing amongst professionals from a wide range of disciplines.
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    Zumtobel’s Technical Application Manager Graeme Shaw presented at the 2018/19 events and commented “We were delighted to be involved with LightBytes, which always produces some very interesting ideas and topics for discussion.   We are looking forward to working with the SLL on the next series”.

    SLL President Jim Shove said "The LightBytes Series is now entering its third year and has been very successful in reaching out to SLL members and non-members around the country on current lighting trends and issues. This could only have been achieved with the help and dedication of the speakers from our Sponsors in Partnership"

    SLL Secretary Brendan Keely said that he was “delighted that Zumtobel will again be presenting at the next series of LightBytes. Each of the 4 Sponsors in Partnership will enable the Society to bring knowledge transfer and education from leading industry spokespeople to the regions members and public,” The Society of Light & Lighting (SLL) is considered the setter of professional practice and authority on lighting design matters. It publishes guidance and codes which are internationally recognised as authoritative and sets the criteria for best practice in the profession. SLL is a division of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

    LightBytes series runs from Oct – May.  Dates for the 2019-20 series along with topics for discussion and booking details will soon be announced on the SLL website.

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  • 04/2019

    Highlights 1/2019

    All product highlights 01/2019 – presented vividly and compactly
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    They are vividly showcased and presented with the most important data in a concise manner on our website. In addition, our current Highlights brochure with compact, clear information is now available for you to download as a PDF file.

    All highlights at a glance.

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  • 03/2019

    Did you know that your lighting infrastructure forms the ideal basis for digitalisation?

    On this year’s Industriemesse Hannover, we show you how the Internet of Things brings value to you.
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    You can start right away with digitalisation, you already have the perfect basis for it – your lighting infrastructure. Equipped with the right sensors and cloud-based services it creates the ideal basis for just endless opportunities for insights into your daily business. Asset tracking, environmental sensing, proximity marketing, space and desk management are only a few potential use cases resulting out of it.

    With our Digital Services we give you effective tools to optimize your daily business. In his live-keynote, Dr. Tomasz Zareba, Director Digital Services will take you on an exciting journey into the thrilling world of IoT. Curious?

    Visit us on Industriemesse Hannover and find out more! 01. – 05. April 2019, Hall 27, Booth N30, Hannover Messe, D-30521 Hannover.

    For the keynote:
    „Indoor Asset Tracking – how your lighting infrastructure creates a value-add for you“
    Friday, 05.04., 14:00 – 14.30
    Dr. Tomasz Zareba, DIrector Digital Services, Zumtobel Lighting GmbH
    Hall 27, Booth K42, Forum Dezentrale Energieversorgung & Gebäudeenergetik

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  • 01/2019

    Light as the silent assistant in schools, offices and seminar rooms

    For most people, light is not something we actively think about: It’s outside of our sphere of consciousness, something that is just there, in all of its diverse forms. However, light is an off-stage presence that plays an important role in our day-to-day lives. When used in the right way, it promotes creativity, makes a reading corner comfortable and cosy, or helps you to keep your focus during the mid-afternoon slump.
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    With their outstanding glare suppression, MIREL evolution recessed ceiling lights by Zumtobel deliver uniform lighting across any room. They are the perfect addition to schools, offices and seminar rooms, providing tailored lighting to suit the time of day and the situation. The lights are designed to make a style statement too: With recessed, surface-mounted, pendant or custom modular versions available, there is a model to suit any architectural design.

    Zumtobel’s office all-rounder in detail

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  • 01/2019

    Experience illuminance scenarios with Zumtobel’s VR tool

    Explore the effects of light and dive into realistic illuminated spaces and light intensities to discover how your perceptions and mood can be affected by lighting.
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    On our VR site, your smartphone becomes a virtual reality device, enabling you to explore a range of situations and scenarios without leaving your desk. Whether it’s a classroom, a seminar room, an open-plan office, a museum or a showroom, you can explore a range of lighting scenarios at the touch of a button. 

    Go to the virtual reality lighting showroom

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  • 01/2019

    University partnerships

    Light is an important component of architectural design. In fact, it’s the one component that truly defines a room, setting the mood and creating a specific atmosphere. We want to share this message far and wide, so Zumtobel actively seeks out opportunities to engage with young architects and designers to highlight the relevance of light to the planners of our future buildings and environments at an early stage in their careers.
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    In teaching or advisory roles, employees from Zumtobel support educational institutions such as the technical universities in Graz, Darmstadt and Liechtenstein. At the renowned Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London, Zumtobel recently collaborated with students, experts and architectural studios on an innovation research project. At the end of the project, the top five students selected from the group of 60 were invited by Zumtobel to visit its headquarters in Dornbirn – for a meeting that would benefit both sides.

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  • 01/2019
    Lighting Solution

    tunableWhite creates the illusion of daylight indoors

    With the Zumtobel tunableWhite technology, the lighting changes as naturally and dynamically as daylight.
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    The new Zumtobel microsite showcases the potential benefits of the various light colours, luminance levels and control options – and demonstrates how the emotional qualities of natural white light can be perfectly captured indoors. Whether the solution is used in office environments, shops, industry or even museums, the light will not only adapt to whatever people are doing and their mood but also complement the spatial setting.

    This results in a feeling of cosiness, with the light aiding concentration and helping to ensure that everyone’s needs are met – visually, emotionally and biologically.

    tunableWhite – from warm to cool with every possible shade in between

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  • 01/2019

    SUPERSYSTEM integral collection

    Nomen est omen – a Latin saying meaning “the name speaks for itself” – perfectly describes our SUPERSYSTEM integral collection. This comprehensive range of miniaturised tools combines pure integrated design with maximum versatility. Seamlessly. better results than ever before.
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    The system adapts to suit the application and architecture, providing horizontal, vertical, accent and indirect lighting – all of the tools that a lighting designer needs. The collection boasts outstanding glare suppression with the sophisticated aesthetic of renowned Austrian design studio EOOS.

    More about the SUPERSYSTEM integral collection

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  • 01/2019

    tunableWhite to be made available for all office luminaires

    All the benefits of the tunableWhite technology are to be integrated into Zumtobel’s existing range of products. Over the next six months, the office luminaires will be relaunched with new features.
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    In this way, Zumtobel is living up to its reputation as a specialist and pioneer by helping to create the best light for offices and commercial buildings. The upgraded products include the circular ONDARIA wide-area luminaire, the LIGHT FIELDS luminaire range, the MELLOW LIGHT recessed and surface-mounted luminaires, the elegant CLARIS evolution designer light and the VAERO pendant luminaire. As well as supporting the standard  LITECOM network-based control solution, the tunableWhite luminaires can also be controlled wirelessly via the BasicDIM Wireless app from ZGS.

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