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  • 01/2019
    Lighting Solution

    Setting new standards: Freiburg Town Hall is Germany`s first net plus-energy administration building

    Natural shapes. Solar panels on a protective cover crafted from glass and wooden slats. Bright interiors that ooze discreet elegance. A human scale. All of these aspects are perfectly reflected in the new Freiburg Town Hall. In addition, LED lighting solutions specially developed by Zumtobel in collaboration with ingenhoven architects, Tropp Lighting Design and the City of Freiburg authorities help the building generate more energy than it actually uses. A very positive outcome – in every sense.

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    A six-storey building. Nestled behind large sycamore trees. And yet it is neither the size nor the situation of the new town hall that first catch the eye. It is the shape: a natural oval form that cannot help but inspire curiosity. Move a little closer and an intriguing glass façade comes slowly into view. A façade with slender storey-high slats that stretch around the building. A façade with slats that are light larch wood on one side and full-scale photovoltaic panel on the other, simultaneously shaping and showing the core characteristics of the new town hall in the German city of Freiburg: stylish and functional design with pioneering energy efficiency based on a concept devised by general planning consultants DS Plan. In close cooperation with ingenhoven architects, Tropp Lighting Design and the city of Freiburg authorities, Zumtobel set about developing customised energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for the offices, the Public Service Centre and the canteen. The results are now an essential part of the clearly structured and ergonomic work and service areas for the 840 employees who were previously spread across various different locations. And that is not all: These solutions have also played a major role in enabling Freiburg Town Hall to become Germany's first net plus-energy administration building.

    Around 1000 visitors a day make their way across the square in front of the town hall and head through the porch into the Public Service Centre. This is where people can apply for official documents and take advantage of the range of services offered by the city authorities. And this is where windowless corridors with individual offices have now given way to a spacious hall in elegant white – flooded with light – that takes up the whole of the oval inner quadrangle. And then the eyes are drawn upwards. First to the large round glass skylights and then on to the wooden façade of the five office floors and finally the sky above Freiburg. Only then do visitors notice the four round service islands.

    With a diameter of around 10 metres, these “rotundas” feature a central cylinder that houses a discreet private area flanked by circular consultation zones. Above each of these stations hangs a delicate lighting ring, suspended from the ceiling, which emphasises the rotundas as islands of light in the hall. At the same time, this ring illuminates the workspaces without the need for any additional fittings. Working alongside the planners and Fries Innenausbau, the manufacturer that developed the rotundas as integrated furniture systems, Zumtobel was asked to come up with a lighting solution that hits strict targets in terms of atmosphere and simultaneously fulfils various other requirements.

    Creative-constructive aspects were just as important as the specifications defined by the City of Freiburg authorities for workplace lighting exposure and sustainability. Glare-free light without the unwelcome sight of discernible LED points has been achieved thanks to a multilayer luminaire structure incorporating a diffuser and micro-prismatic optics. The crucial increased colour rendering index (CRI) > 90 guarantees maximum light quality and colour authenticity. Interchangeable gear trays were also required to support the conservation of resources, enabling the lighting technology to be replaced without having to renew the custom-made luminaire housing and its sophisticated optical unit.

    Two routes lead from the Public Service Centre to the internal offices on the upper floors. Elegant subdued colours, large-scale glazed facades and office partitions, as well as an open-plan layout, create a pleasantly bright working environment. An environment where easy orientation and open communication are actively supported. When it comes to light quality, colour authenticity and future-proofing, the linear luminaires suspended from the ceiling in the offices meet the same stringent requirements as the solution designed for the rotundas on the ground floor.

    To help provide optimal support for visual tasks in the biaxial offices with just one luminaire, it was also necessary to be able to install the solutions in the middle of the axes of the office raster. Stepping up to this challenge, Zumtobel developed a 3-metre-long fitting based on the LINCOR product, combining a very slim cross-section of just 63 x 64 mm with an extremely high light output of 11,000 lumens. A perfectly defined colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin and outstanding glare reduction – thanks to the mini-cell structure – ensure excellent light quality, while the 70-30 ratio of direct light onto the workspace and indirect illumination of the ceiling also has a noticeably positive effect. Brightness and motion sensors are integrated into the luminaires for added comfort and, importantly, added efficiency. Speaking of efficiency, the light level is permanently adjusted to provide the required illuminance of 500 lux on the desks – but only when it is really needed. If all the employees have left the office, the luminaires are simply switched off. No users, no light, no waste.

    Workers in the town hall have access to the staff restaurant on the ground floor at lunchtime – a large, completely white open space that echoes the look and feel of the Public Service Centre. The clear design creates a structured space in which features like vertical stripes of colour on the walls and wooden chairs generate a pleasant feeling. A warm feeling. And a welcome feeling. Recessed completely into the ceiling, special prismatic luminaires from Zumtobel meet the same exacting standards of design, quality and energy efficiency as the solutions in the work areas. High colour rendering of CRI > 90 also plays a key role in the restaurant, presenting the meals in just the right tones, with just the right light, for just the right effect.

    Achieving this perfect blend of architecture, design and light to deliver the highest standards of well-being, design and energy efficiency have helped Freiburg Town Hall become Germany`s first net plus-energy administration building. Yet the awards and attention are in no way limited by national borders. Honours like the Balthasar Neumann Prize show just how this building has really shot to prominence on the international architecture scene. The Balthasar Neumann jury recognised the new Freiburg Town Hall as one of three projects that have been “realised in a very special way through interdisciplinary cooperation”. In addition, the building has won the  German Sustainability Award 2019 from the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen or DGNB) in the ‘Sustainable Building’ category.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 12/2018
    Lighting Solution

    The fascinating world of fashion: Zumtobel luminaires light up Reserved Stores

    Light touches every view. It takes us by the hand. It leads us into a world of bright colours and silky fabrics. Our hands feel the soft material. Our eyes are drawn to the displays. Inspiration tingles inside us. And we are fascinated.
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    Step into a Reserved Stores shop and you immerse yourself in a world of fashion where accentuated light actively entices you to browse. This is light that guides, presents and inspires. This is light that simultaneously underlines the unmistakably modern design of the Reserved Stores brand. This is light from the Austrian lighting manufacturer Zumtobel, together with a team of in-house architects and lighting planners from LPP (the leading Polish fashion retailer which manages five fashion brands, among them the flagship brand Reserved). The stores skilfully surround the consumer with pleasant illumination that is perfectly aligned with the integrated store concept of the Polish fashion chain Reserved – a concept that Zumtobel is supporting since 2017 in Reserved Stores throughout Europe. The most recent example can be seen in Frankfurt, where a new shop opened its doors at the end of September.

    Active Light – dynamic lighting moods that change during the course of the day – draws customers inside from the shop windows and entrance areas. Reserved Stores welcome shoppers with a modern atmosphere in an artfully staged world of light. Yet the lighting solution and the brand’s hallmark ceiling construction at no point detract from the main attractions: the clothes, the collections and the styles.

    The ceilings are black. And they have been left in an untreated condition. From this hang a series of white ceiling panels, whose reflective surface help bathe the shops in pleasant light. The store concept from LPP also incorporates diagonally running dark light-channels that cleverly break through the panels and give the stores their distinctive appearance. And of course Zumtobel worked closely with the client to develop and realise the perfect lighting solution. Black spotlights pick out the dark parts of the ceiling, while the white elements are equally embellished using a network of white recessed spots and track fittings. Take a closer look at this installation and it becomes clear that the luminaires have been precisely adapted to suit the store concept and underline the overall look of the shop with masterful lighting accents. Accents that tempt you to stay and make you want to try something. Accents that suddenly make it possible to experience fashion with all your senses.

    Artificial light, natural feel
    The colours are brought to life with specially selected LED solutions. These emphasise the naturalness of the various tones and underline every nuance. And every subtle detail. Carefully developed True Gamut Rendering (TGR) technology from Zumtobel adds an authentic element to the clothes. It guarantees high colour rendering and expertly highlights different material properties. And why? So customers can almost feel the qualities of the garment just by looking. Indeed, every customer visit is touched by this natural effect, as Zumtobel employ brilliant colours to catch the eye and to captivate.

    The core components of the exciting lighting-design concept are a series of spotlights and downlights from the ONICO-portfolio. Bright, yes. Intrusive, no. Precisely optimised to suit the particular items, these fittings illuminate the clothes on display – on hangers or on mannequins. And when it comes to changes in season or collection, the luminaires can be easily reconfigured. At the same time, with the benefits of flexible positioning and straightforward adjustment, the TECTON LED continuous-row lighting system generates rich lighting moods in the window-based display areas.

    The Reserved recipe for success
    As part of the Polish LPP Group, the Reserved fashion and clothing retailer from Gdańsk, in the result of its active worldwide expansion which started in 2002, has now more than 450 branches in Europe, Asia and Africa. Reserved stores are designed in line with a clear brand image, featuring a lighting concept created by LPP design team. Since 2017 the project is realised by Zumtobel with the help of the acdc, Thorn und Tridonic sister brands. This lighting concept uses clever accents and carefully chosen LED solutions to tick two key boxes: putting the focus firmly on the products and – crucially – blending seamlessly into the special architectural look of Reserved Stores.

    “The collaboration between Zumtobel and planners from LPP resulted in clever lighting design and a holistic lighting concept. And then Zumtobel supplied us with exactly the right high-quality luminaires,” reported Olimpia Patej, Director of Investment Department at LPP. “The overall picture is perfect – and not just in the literal sense. Alongside the shop-specific illumination, we were also impressed by the comprehensive service and the professional project coordination.” Zumtobel looked after the project management for the lighting. Everything from delivery to the fine adjustment of individual components directly on site. From start to finish. The above-average size of the stores added to the complexity of the task, with shops like the new store in Frankfurt covering around 2600 square metres.

    Zumtobel light also shines throughout the flagship stores in London and Berlin, where a combination of excellent location and impressive staging of the goods makes the hearts of shoppers beat that little bit faster. In addition, special ceiling-mounted lighting fields in the London store create a variety of captivating moods – a real eye-catcher, in every sense. Zumtobel has now lit up a number of Reserved Stores across Europe, including retail sites in Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Warsaw, Budapest and Moscow.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 11/2018
    Lighting Solution

    A creative powerhouse for the arts – Zumtobel lights up a new building at the Kunsthalle Mannheim

    Showcasing art with light is a Zumtobel specialty. Planning and realising a high-quality and perfectly tailored lighting solution not only helps preserve works of art, but also supports both the overall concept of the exhibition and the architecture of the museum. And that is exactly what has been achieved in close cooperation with a·g Licht at the Kunsthalle Mannheim – the largest new building at a German art museum in recent years. As a cultural temple to the urban future of Mannheim, architects from the Gerkan, Marg and Partner (gmp) architectural office have crafted a design that creates an elegant “city in the city”.
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    As an essential part of the curatorial concept, light fundamentally shapes the emotional perception of architecture and art, helping observers to make a real sensory connection with the pieces on show. The seemingly simple-looking new building at the Kunsthalle Mannheim, which was recently opened to much fanfare after three years of construction, houses a radical museum concept – a concept in which the emotions behind the art play a role. A key role. The 68.3-million-euro building is currently the largest new construction at an art museum in the whole of Germany and has attracted almost 90,000 visitors in the first three months. Yet it is more than just the exceptional idea of the museum that draws people here. The unique architecture has also caught the eye. The Kunsthalle Mannheim is in fact a “city in the city”, where ten cubes invite visitors to really engage with the most varied aspects of art.

    The scale of the rooms and especially the atrium, a 22-metre-high space awash with daylight, placed special demands on the lighting concept – which is why a clever solution devised by lighting design agency a·g Licht was required to place the 13,000 square metres of floor space in just the right light. Various factors helped Daniel Walden from a·g Licht make the call to involve Zumtobel with this lighting concept (and not just the long-standing cooperation between the two companies). “Zumtobel impressed with a high degree of lighting comfort and light quality, but also with their extensive portfolio of accessories, which has enabled us to tailor the light intensity and thereby accurately meet the changing requirements of the exhibition lighting. Because that is exactly what the “museum in motion” concept needs: flexibility and adaptability,” explained Daniel Walden.

    A highly adaptable and individually tailored lighting installation has been carefully designed for the first special exhibition: assorted works by the photo artist Jeff Wall, which ran until the start of September. However, while the lighting installation at the Kunsthalle perfectly showcased Wall's concept photography exhibition, Zumtobel has also made sure that the solution can provide optimal staging for other exhibitions in the future. Just like “The Construction of the World: Art and Economy” (Konstruktion der Welt: Kunst und Ökonomie), the first major theme-based exhibition at the Kunsthalle Mannheim that opened on 11. October 2018. The exhibits and the atrium are highlighted using ARCOS 3 LED xpert spotlights. The result: flawless accents and excellent efficiency. Indeed, the museum has already ordered another 250 ARCOS 3 LED xpert fittings to further extend the installation. At the same time, the DIAMO and PANOS infinity lighting systems have been combined with illuminated ceilings to deliver ideal illumination at all times in the spaces adjacent to the exhibition cubicles. All thanks to various personalisation options and high-quality accent lighting. This unique lighting installation has made the theory of a “museum in motion” a reality – and at the same time given exhibits a fresh and truly authentic appearance.

    The visionary building design from gmp Architekten integrates urban quality through a refined interior structure. In terms of the architecture, the construction meets all the requirements of the 21st century – in much the same way as the pioneering lighting concept. Daniel Walden and the lighting designers at a·g Licht in Bonn have been working together with Zumtobel for years. So they certainly appreciate the intensive partnership-based cooperation offered by the in-house lighting experts from the lighting manufacturer’s “Atelier of Light” project-planning department. This is where flexibility, versatility and customer focus are key – three cornerstones of the Zumtobel approach.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 11/2018

    SUPERSYSTEM integral collection by: EOOS – the ultimate set of architectural lighting instruments

    The new Zumtobel SUPERSYSTEM integral collection designed by the renowned Austrian studio EOOS from is something special. This comprehensive range of carefully miniaturised tools offers one high-quality solution for countless architectural lighting tasks. How? By fusing pure integrated design with maximum adaptability for both the application and the architecture. Seamlessly. Like never before.
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    SUPERSYSTEM has somehow always been an example of nominative determinism – the idea that an outcome is driven by a name. Super and system: These two words perfectly sum up this acclaimed product family’s unique status as a portfolio of outstanding lighting solutions. Just ask the thousands of lighting designers who have realised challenging installations with SUPERSYSTEM over the years. Or the architects who have specified this stylish range for stunning design-led projects all over the world. Now the SUPERSYSTEM integral collection from Zumtobel takes this concept one step further by integrating an extensive range of lighting instruments into one highly flexible holistic lighting solution. The result: a truly super system.

    Designing the lighting for indoor architectural applications is often a tricky business. For example, take a moment to consider the varied lighting tasks in a single museum, shop or office. See what we mean? Complex challenges require comprehensive solutions – which is why the SUPERSYSTEM integral collection features the widest selection of architectural lighting instruments around. One range offers adjustable accent lighting with spots or gimbals, horizontal downlighting, perfect vertical wallwashing and pleasant indirect lighting. And this is quantity without sacrificing quality. Each version has been carefully engineered for the exact needs of the particular job. Just take a look at the clever functionality of the unique synchro gimbal fitting. Simple, clever design manages to deftly combine a rotatable downlight with the linear topology of SUPERSYSTEM integral. Or step back and appreciate the identical wallwashing characteristics guaranteed by the Litecarve free-form reflector. And while the distribution can be adapted to the task, one thing stays the same: the high level of visual comfort. All across the range. Low brightness with minimal light spill, outstanding glare control  and the use of deep-source reflectors make sure this solution meets the highest standards demanded by Art and Culture, Retail and Office applications.

    Different requirements used to mean different products. But not any more. As the name suggests, the SUPERSYSTEM integral collection integrates all these options into one pure design concept. Thanks to the renowned Austrian studio EOOS. However, once again, the issue of flexibility also comes to the fore. Why should lighting designers be the only ones to benefit? Depending on the nature of the particular application, architects can select a version to suit every interior architecture. And every taste.

    “The comprehensive planning tool is based on the poetic idea of stringently miniaturising the spotlight heads, enabling them to be perfectly integrated into a continuous linear structure. The system magically emits light from a slender groove as a recessed or track fitting. SUPERSYSTEM integral even makes it possible to adapt existing track installations, which improves efficiency and saves resources – and helps this system make an important contribution as a sustainable design solution.” (Harald Gründl, EOOS)

    A definite design highlight is the seamless linear 3-phase channel that can be recessed into the ceiling, surface mounted or suspended. All the different lighting elements are fully integrated into the slender channel, providing invisible illumination at its very best. Yet sometimes solutions are made to be seen – solutions like the elegant 3-phase track version for surface or suspended mounting. Ideal for refurbishment projects. Consistent miniaturisation and high-quality materials like die-cast aluminium and injection-moulded plastics blend to create a refined architectural appearance that can grace both new and retrofit projects. Suddenly the days of installing bulky spotlights on a clearly distinct track seem long gone. If these sophisticated linear track versions are still not enough, simple (yet effective) individual standalone versions can be specified to really underline the outstanding flexibility of this range. And when it comes to taste, a choice of white, black, copper and glossy aluminium finishes should give architects and end-users plenty to think about.

    Talking of choices, the SUPERSYSTEM integral collection also covers all bases when it comes to photometric performance, lighting characteristics and controls. An output of up to 3000 lumens makes this range a real alternative for applications where traditional downlights have generally been the only option. A stylish alternative. And an alternative with up to 75 lumens per Watt, to be precise. Colour temperatures of 2700 K, 3000 K and 4000 K suit various different requirements, while excellent colour rendering of Ra 90 comes as standard. As does visual comfort. Yet good visual comfort also means good lighting management, which is why versions with DALI and basicDIM wireless via Bluetooth ensure added adaptability and tailored light that stimulates the senses, creates experiences and protects sensitive objects. What else would you expect from a solution that embodies the core principles of our pioneering Active Light approach?

    The SUPERSYSTEM integral collection from Zumtobel. It really is all in the name.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

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