as an Active Light technology module

tunableWhite as an Active Light technology module - Connecting with Nature

tunableWhite - Creating impressions
The statically constructed architecture presents itself as a dynamic environment. Light is harmonised with human visual, emotional and biological needs. It awakens emotions and influences our behaviour. Products and exhibits are shown off to full effect with tunableWhite technology and embedded through our system of perception.
tunableWhite: A significant technology module for a holistic Active Light solution
People, their surroundings and their activities require different lighting moods at different times. The Active Light principle changes the light intensity, colour and direction at the right time. tunableWhite is an innovative technology module that combines light colour and intensity in perfect harmony over time, making it a significant milestone in the overall approach of Active Light.



Greater success due to professional and efficient lighting solutions: Zumtobel provides its partners with information, support and qualifications in dealing with light.
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Lighting Competence Program

The Zumtobel partner program for electrical consultants aims at combining their and our competences, thereby exploiting lighting potential and making every-day planning and design work easier.
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Lighting Design Program

This Zumtobel partner program has been developed for architects who use light for creative design and want to use first-hand information, support and inspiration for that purpose.
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