• 1 SUPERSYSTEM integral collection

    The ultimate set of architectural lighting tools

    Nominative determinism: when an outcome is driven by a name. Just like with SUPERSYSTEM integral. This comprehensive range of miniaturised tools fuses pure integrated design with maximum adaptability. Seamlessly. Like never before.

    Adapting to the application and the architecture

    Horizontal, vertical, accent and indirect lighting – all the tools a lighting designer needs. All with excellent glare control. And the same refined look from renowned Austrian design studio EOOS. A slim track ensures full integration of all lighting components – and offers a refurbishment solution that is both handy and handsome. Full integration into the ceiling and the architecture can also be achieved. Look carefully to find it. Or choose a standalone version. Or perhaps even one of the unique synchro gimbal fittings.

    The result: visual quality and lighting quality. Plus various colours. Along with DALI and basicDIM wireless via Bluetooth for added adaptability.


  • 2

    PANOS infinity tunableWhite

    Integration of LED tunableWhite technology

    High efficiency and increased dynamics: PANOS infinity tunableWhite creates different shades of white to imitate natural daylight and support our natural biorhythm. The calibrated system ensures outstanding light quality (CRI90 SDCM 3).


  • 3

    ONICO M intrack

    A small luminaire with big performance

    In line with the idea of uniform variety, ONICO M intrack further extends this luminaire family – with the same high performance as the L version. All components are tucked away in the track to make sure that no converter box compromises the clear design concept.


  • 4

    LINETIK suspended

    The next level of miniaturisation

    With aesthetic mounting and a delicate look, LINETIK suspended seems to float in the space. The first thing that catches the eye is the ultra-slim design, with a cross-section of just 25 mm. Yet soon the brilliant visual comfort, perfect glare control and high light quality begin to impress – thanks to premium optics. Available in black, silver and white, LINETIK suspended blends into any office architecture.


  • 5

    MIREL evolution and MELLOW LIGHT infinity / evolution

    Office solutions upgraded

    MIREL has a new lick of paint: The office luminaire can now also be specified in black. With an increased colour-rendering index of more than 90, MELLOW LIGHT lives up to its reputation and delivers optimum light quality for intricate work.


  • 6


    A timelessly beautiful solution for a special kind of illumination

    Now available with a diameter of 400 mm: The decorative round ONDARIA luminaire family puts walls and ceilings in the perfect light – with striking looks and flawless illumination of the opal cover. The design possibilities in terms of installation and optics are endless.


  • 7


    Modernisation made easy

    Looking to swap T16 for LED? Then look no further. A new LED batten means that all T16 SLOTLIGHT I and II fittings can easily be retrofitted – using the existing installation channels. The LED batten fits perfectly into all SLOTLIGHT luminaires.


  • 8


    Additions to the new LED moisture-proof range

    AMPHIBIA can be mounted quickly and easily on TECTON trunking with the addition of the long-awaited TECTON adapter to the standard portfolio. The AMPHIBIA LED moisture-proof range also now includes a 10,000-lumen version and a round AMPHIBIA fitting with a completely transparent housing.


  • 9


    Renewal across the range

    RESCLITE PRO adds fresh impetus to the world of emergency lighting. Alongside new central-battery options, single-battery versions with an 8-hour emergency power supply and NFC addressing are also now available. RESCLITE PROtect incorporates battery heating and robust materials to provide the ideal solution for outdoor areas and cold stores.



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