Modular supply unit

Optimised for flexible
lighting of patient rooms


Minimalist design. Maximum functionality.


Minimalist design. Maximum functionality.

Design: ARCODE_A. Ciotti – E. Molinaro


Compact design

With its understated, slimline stylistic idiom, the SINUS SL single-bed LED luminaire presents itself as a flexible technological supply system and design element in one unit. Equipped with top-quality LED technology, the luminaire is available in a standard length of 1150 mm for single beds and is suitable for configurations of up to 6 m for multi-bed rooms.  


  • Individual switching and dimming
  • Calling up individual lighting scenes
  • 2 colour temperatures make SINUS SL even more flexible
  • Either 4000 K and 6440 lm or 3000 K and 6020 lm
  • Reading light with directly emitted 970 lm at 4000 K or 910 lm at 3000 K
  • SINUS SL: made of extruded aluminium section with die-cast
    aluminium end pieces for easy cleaning


Highly functional design element

Light colour and dynamic lighting scenes have a positive influence on
the biological well-being of patients and staff in hospitals and nursing homes. This aspect of promoting convalescence is taken into account by the SINUS SL bedside LED luminaire with tunableWhite technology. The colour temperature can be continuously adjusted between 3000 K and 6000 K, without any changes in the colour rendering index of Ra > 80.
The optional night light offers adequate safety during the night.
The slimline SINUS SL luminaires are made of extruded aluminium section with die-cast aluminium end pieces and dispose of a slanted top cover and rounded corners for easy cleaning. Optionally, form-fit electrical components such as socket outlets, data outlets or nurse call combinations can be added.
SINUS SL with continuous indirect light and CONBOARD supply
SINUS SL individual luminaires and CONBOARD supply unit


Systematic flexibility

Thanks to individually switchable LED modules inside the supply unit, SINUS basic effortlessly copes with various lighting tasks: two centrally placed LED modules with direct light distribution for reading light provide for high-quality illumination of the bed and reading area. An LED insert, extendable at will and emanating indirect light in an upward direction, allows for pleasantly diffuse room lighting. The combined switching of reading light and room light creates perfect lighting conditions for examinations.
Just like SINUS basic, SINUS move assumes various lighting tasks according to the switching mode of the direct and indirect LED modules. In doing so, the horizontal supply unit provides perfect lighting conditions for patients and staff. The lighting solution owes its name “move” to the four integrated LED modules for reading light: the LED modules with a length of 300 mm may be switched at will along the supply unit through a selector switch. This allows for better illumination of the patient’s bed and flexible arrangement of the beds.
SINUS flex opens up totally new freedom with respect to room design. LED modules with indirect light distribution that extend along the entire length of SINUS flex provide for perfect illumination of the room down to the last corner. Generously fitted with several LED modules with direct light distribution, almost completely free arrangement of the beds in the room is possible. Thanks to this flexibility, SINUS flex also assumes, for instance, the lighting and medical supply of a third bed in two-bed rooms. Depending on the switching of the direct and indirect LED modules, the system will always supply the perfect lighting scene for the respective situation.
SINUS basic
SINUS move
SINUS flex


A comfortable 2-bed room …

SINUS flex
2-bed room with continuous row LED system (room light) and
5 | 2 | 5 LED lighting modules (reading/examination light).
Owing to individual switching of the 300 mm long LED modules arranged in a row, variable positioning of the reading light depending on the respective position of the beds is possible. Based on this new flexibility, not only costs can be reduced, but the patients’ comfort can also be increased: SINUS individually adjusts to the patients’ needs. Even two beds put together, as it is frequently found in mother & child wards, can be illuminated perfectly. Regardless of the daily challenges occurring in hospital lighting, the staff will be able to adjust SINUS to the new lighting requirements. Without any installation effort. Even if all of a sudden, SINUS is required to illuminate an extra bed …
SINUS flex
2-bed room with continuous row LED system (room light) and
5 | 2 | 5 LED lighting modules (reading/examination light).
1 Room light
2  Examination light
3  Reading light
Technical description


... turns into a 3-bed room without compromising on functionality

SINUS flex
3-bed room with continuous row LED system (room light) and
5 | 2 | 5 LED lighting modules (reading/examination light).
In daily hospital routine, capacity bottlenecks occur regularly. For instance, alteration works or an unexpectedly high number of new admissions may require an extra bed to be placed in a 2-bed room. The lighting and supply of the extra bed have so far only been possible at high cost and with compromises as to quality. Equipped with flexibly controllable LED modules for reading light and a continuous LED insert for room lighting, SINUS flex effortlessly adjusts the lighting to the changed number of beds. The medical components are positioned individually in the supply unit according to the customer’s requirements. For SINUS is not a standard product, but an optimised solution for the respective hospital.
1 Room light
2  Examination light
3  Reading light
SINUS flex
3-bed room with continuous row LED system (room light) and
5 | 2 | 5 LED lighting modules (reading/examination light).
Technical description


LED boards switchable by modules

Night light [optional]
  • LED module for night light facilitates orientation in the room
  • maximum illuminance level: 5 lx
  • indirect light distribution
  • maximum safety without any glare
Examination light
  • glare-free light with high illuminance levels and colour rendering
  • sophisticated interplay of indirect room light and controllable direct light
  • reading light and room light combined produce a mean illuminance level of 300 lx across the bed
Reading light
  • LED module with direct light distribution
  • pleasant light with mean illuminance level of 300 lx
  • precise, asymmetrical direction of light with perfect glare control
Room light
  • asymmetrical, indirect light distribution
  • pleasantly diffuse light
  • natural atmosphere
  • standard 1500 mm LED module, can be extended by 1000 mm and 1250 mm modules
  • general lighting in patient rooms in conformity with relevant European Standards, providing the required illuminance level of 100 lx


Quick access to lighting modules and supply components

Not only the installation, also the maintenance and care of SINUS are very simple: all electrical system components are easily accessible from the top. With just a few movements, and the use of adequate tools, trained and skilled staff can remove the diffuser and the LED room lighting insert below. After doing so, all mains power and low-voltage system components are freely accessible. According to requirements under the relevant standards, both the mains power cables and the low-voltage and data cables are laid in separate cable ducts. Even the copper pipes for the tubing of the gas and oxygen outlets are freely accessible from the top and accommodated in a separately laid separation duct.
Medical gases
Central electric feed
LED room lighting module
Glare-free diffuser


Individual positioning of supply connections

Since the LED boards for reading and examination light are exclusively accommodated in the front area of the supply unit, the entire length of SINUS – except for the area of the supply outlets – is freely available for fitting the components. The free arrangement hugely extends the scope of planning and allows for very generous as well as flexible fitting with supply components for the benefit of patients and staff. As the system components are recessed into the underside and accordingly concealed, the classic design of SINUS adds to the patients’ well-being – and thus again to the positive outcome of their recovery.
Power supply
Duct for accessories
Communication systems
Selector switch
for reading and
examination light
LED lighting module
Reading/examination light


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