QuickCalc Online

Lighting calculations directly within the eCatalogue
QuickCalc is a lighting calculation programme for square rooms with intuitive user interface. Users can carry out calculations directly via the Zumtobel website while sitting at their workstations.

Now that the new software has been integrated into the online product catalogue, the lighting calculation process is reduced to but a few steps: select the required luminaires from the product database and enter calculation parameters such as room dimensions, mounting height, height of the useful plane and required level of illuminance. The results are immediately calculated according to the light output ratio method and displayed on screen. Users may also specify the number of luminaires to get an assessment of the average illuminance level obtained. An integrated help function offers a detailed explanation on how to use the new lighting calculation programme.

Furthermore, QuickCalc supports the following functions:
  • adopting luminaires into a product list
  • adopting the calculation results into the online ordering process
  • quick search of articles ordered via their article number and automatically adopting them into the calculation programme


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