Recessed, surface-mounted and pendant luminaire

The world's first continuous light line meets the highest requirements in terms of architecture and lighting technology.


Recessed, surface-mounted and pendant luminaire

  • Consistently linear design with high precision
  • Up to 20m long light lines without interruption and dark spots
  • Uniform illumination, even around corners


Designed to be infinity

"SLOTLIGHT infinity combines Zumtobel's lighting competence with Arup's multidisciplinary engineering skills that are underpinned by a profound understanding of lighting, design and architecture. The result is a continuous light line – a kit consisting of light and control options that provide the customer with a truly integrated, energy-efficient solution."

Consulting by Arup, Stephen Philips


The straight-ahead luminaire

  • Skilfully guides the light around corners
  • Illuminated L-connectors
  • 90° angle modules are both connectors and part of the luminaire itself
  • Continuous illumination just as perfect as with dead straight light lines
  • In order to emphasise room dimensions, define areas within a room and focus on corner situations


The drywall builder: high-precision work made really easy

  • Paint the ceiling
  • Now it's the electrical installer's turn
  • Apply filler to fasten the mounting frame and smoothly grind the ceiling
  • Insert U-shaped plaster brackets to fasten the recessed channel
  • Tighten screws
  • Flush-mount the frame
  • Insert the longitudinal sides and push into position using spacers
  • Mark the position of the luminaire
  • Cut out an appropriate ceiling aperture


The electrical installer: metre after metre in next to no time

The luminaire channel has already been electrified and fitted with all light sources, control gear and through-wiring have already been integrated as well.
LED batten 3
LED batten 2
LED batten 1
Less is quicker
  • Compared to other light lines, fewer parts need to be ordered and installed
  • Easier assembly and installation
  • Plug'n'play – a screw-driver is the only tool the electrical installer will need
    1. Insert luminaire channel into the mounting frame and fasten to the U-shaped
        plaster bracket using the slotted disk
    2. Push LED batten into place and complete mechanical connection
    3. Effect through-wiring by connecting all seven poles via one plug only


Infinite optic: one continuous twenty-metre unit

A front-end piece skilfully hides the end of the diffuser, while at the same time providing sufficient space for thermal expansion. Cracks in the ceiling around the luminaire caused by temperature fluctuations are thus a thing of the past.
Optic all coiled up
  • Optic is supplied as a continuous 20-metre diffuser roll
  • Other lengths: 8, 10, 15 and 20 metres
  • Simply cut to length with a box cutter
  • Optimised for single-person installation
  • Blue protective film protects luminaire against dirt until completion of construction work


Refurbishment kit: refurbishment of SLOTLIGHT I and SLOTLIGHT II light lines

  • For refurbishment of SLOTLIGHT I and SLOTLIGHT II light lines
  • Easy conversion from a conventional solution to an efficient and consistent LED solution
  • Replace LED batten luminaires and electrical wiring – install new diffuser – it's as easy as that!


Extremely narrow LED light line

For more information, please refer to:
Designs Linear and corner
Lengths Staring from 1 m in 250 mm increments
Mounting Recessed, surface-mounted and pendant
Optics Opal cover, Office cover, wallwasher cover
Colour temperatures 2 700 K, 3 000 K, 4 000 K
Lumen packages 1600 lumen/metre with the opal cover (4000 K)
1200 lumen/metre with the Office cover (4000 K)
  • Around one third narrower than the standard family
  • Only 45 mm thick
  • Potential for almost unlimited design creativity ‒ for example integrated in jointed ceilings as functional lighting tool


tunableWhite: playing with daylight, brightness and light colour

Eh* daylight and artificial light

Getting ready for sleep
Colour temperature: 3000 K
Eh*: more than 500 lx
Objective: synchronisation of people's circadian rhythm, no interference with melatonin release, restful sleep
During the day with cloudy sky
Colour temperature: 6000 K
Eh*: more than 800 lx
Objective: enhancing people's well-being through well-matched colour temperature, accordingly cooler light colours with overcast sky
During the day at sunshine
Colour temperature: 4000 K
Eh*: more than 1000 lx
Objective: enhancing people's well-being through well-matched colour temperature, accordingly warmer light colours during sunshine
Stimulation in the morning

Colour temperature: 5000 K
Eh*: more than 500 lx
Objective: synchronisation of people's circadian rhythm, complete suppression of melatonin release
Biological lighting effect
  • User study on the lighting quality perceived in offices, conducted jointly with Fraunhofer IAO, shows that users' preferences with respect to colour temperature differ strongly
  • Office users rate their working situation significantly higher if it is possible for them to adjust the lighting to their personal needs
  • SLOTLIGHT infinity tunableWhite in combination with lighting management supports and stabilises people's circadian rhythms in accordance with the design recommendations as set out in DIN SPEC 67600:201304


The versatility of light

Wallwasher for blackboards

Adjusted to current blackboard dimensions and the demanding visual tasks found in schools, a 3 m or 4 m long SLOTLIGHT infinity wallwasher illuminates the vertical blackboard areas at 500 lx, providing uniformity of 0.7 in compliance with applicable standards. The uniform vista is left undisturbed by any protruding components.

Decorative wallwasher

With its asymmetrical light distribution, SLOTLIGHT infinity uniformly illuminates vertical wall areas and pictures, thus upgrading, for example, circulation areas. Since the reflector is inside the luminaire, the wallwasher cannot be recognized as such from outside.

Diffuser for the office

With this diffuser, SLOTLIGHT infinity reduces glare to UGR < 19, thus ensuring task lighting in conformity with applicable standards according to EN12464:2011 (UGR < 19 and L65 < 3000 cd/m2). The brilliant luminaire is ideally suited for offices, schools and conference rooms.

Opal diffuser

Its optic with diffuse light distribution marks SLOTLIGHT infinity as an unobtrusive and efficient light line with a uniform appearance. Its areas of use range from reception areas and corridors to rest areas and break-out zones.


Plan, order, install, think in metres

Special length of 500 mm + 62.5 mm
The light line that can be perfectly adjusted to the room dimensions
  • Standard lengths for fluorescent lamps do no longer have to be considered – a new dimension of flexibility
  • Individual design and ordering by the metre – this equally applies to length, illuminance level and luminaire efficiency
  • LED light line available in standardised length increments of 250 mm
  • For precise adaptation of the light line to the room dimensions, lengths starting from 250 mm in increments of only 62.5 mm are possible as special design
1 m LED batten
1600 Lumen


Emergency escape lighting and sensors

Presence detectors and daylight sensors
  • Presence detectors and daylight sensors that can be positioned at the start and end of every bar increase comfort and energy efficiency
  • Switching on/off and dimming from 100 to 1 percent completely without additional lighting control
  • Sensors are suitable for typical heights of 2.5 to 6 m and have an average detection range of 8 to 10 metres
  • Delay time and detection range can be adjusted manually
Emergency escape lighting
  • SLOTLIGHT infinity can be used as safety luminaires with a central battery power supply
  • Recessed channels are fitted with the appropriate control gear elements for this
  • Self-sufficient solution: 2-metre channel can be supplied locally via an NT3 single battery


Casting in concrete

Multifunctional sports complex, Saarbrücken | Germany

The fixing element detaches itself when the formwork is removed. The standard elements of the SLOTLIGHT infinity family are used for the further installation.
Attachment to the formwork is performed using a fixing element. The concrete recessed channel is simply pressed onto this.
  • Perfectly cast SLOTLIGHT infinity for elegant and architecturally sophisticated solution in corridors and traffic zones
  • Pouring channel ensures precise and flush installation in concrete ceilings or concrete walls
  • Available in lengths of one, two, three and four metres
  • Corner element and wall mounting springs also ensure high design diversity in concrete


Surface-mounted and pendant luminaire

  • Three-dimensional, linear and dynamic
  • Consistency also in terms of material and colour: luminaire channel, front-end cap and cover sheet completely made of powder-coated aluminium
  • Individual luminaires supplied as readily assembled complete luminaires
  • Light lines can be assembled by combining several individual luminaires on site
  • Zumtobel's tried-and-tested cord suspension kits for individual luminaires and light lines


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