Light Fields evolution

Recessed, surface-mounted, pendant, free-standing and wall-mounted LED luminaire

Complete range of LED luminaires
for integral office lighting

Light Fields evolution

The most comprehensive office lighting range available

Light Fields evolution

Design Chris Redfern, Sottsass Associati

"The name LIGHT FIELDS evolution says it all: the luminaire is entirely dedicated to progress and further development. The design is minimalist and consistently uniform for all models. LIGHT FIELDS evolution is impressive not only in visual terms but also in terms of technical features: the luminaire is fitted with innovative technologies and always provides perfect, glare-free light. At the same time, it is efficient and flexible: qualities by which the new generation stands out as contemporary office lighting system that provides perfect lighting conditions for many situations."

Light Fields evolution

Pendant luminaire

636 x 636 mm

1518 x 268 mm
LED 107 lm / W
Clear design. Maximum lighting quality.
Suspended from the ceiling, the LIGHT FIELDS evolution pendant luminaire cannot fail to impress on account of the perfect interplay of indirect and direct light. Its large direct light component of 80 percent provides sufficient vertical illumination while significantly reducing energy consumption. Its indirect light component of 20 percent ensures perfect quality: the ceiling is brightened up pleasantly, the gentle transition between the luminaire and the background providing good ergonomic compatibility. The light source, which is fitted with innovative LitePrint® waveguide technology (patent pending), remains concealed despite its minimum height and delicate frame. This means that the high luminance of the individual LED lighting points is resolved perfectly. Featuring a slim-line, minimalist unit made of high-grade aluminium, the pendant luminaire can be easily integrated into contemporary office interiors.

Light Fields evolution

Continuous-row system

In line with sophisticated architecture: mounted in a continuous row, luminaire after luminaire, the LIGHT FIELDS pendant luminaire presents itself as a delicate light ribbon. The extremely uncluttered ceiling look opens up plenty of creative freedom for architects and designers. Only one electric feed per ribbon is required – this reduces the number of suspension points by almost 50% compared to individual installation.

Light Fields evolution

Surface-mounted luminaire

1518 x 268 mm

636 x 636 mm

324 x 324 mm
28 mm
LED 115 lm / W
Structural conditions in offices, for instance low ceiling heights, frequently pose a challenge to lighting. Where neither pendant nor recessed luminaires are an option, the problem is solved reliably by surface-mounted luminaires: thanks to innovative LitePrint® waveguide technology (patent pending), the surface-mounted luminaire provides a clear, uncluttered appearance, with a visible height of only 28 millimetres*. An additional indirect light ** component of 5 percent creates a pleasant lighting corona, making the surface- mounted luminaire appear to float below a cushion of light.

* total height of luminaire: 56 mm
** except for MINI version

Light Fields evolution

MINI ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted luminaire

LED 93 lm / W
LIGHT FIELDS evolution MINI adds an especially compact design to the models in the luminaire range. Featuring minimal dimensions and an unobtrusive design, it is particularly suitable for lighting relatively small rooms or circulation areas such as corridors as well as ambient areas requiring little light. Moreover, the luminaire's innovative technical features always provide high lighting quality and flexibility: the miniature lighting tile can be installed horizontally on the ceiling or vertically on the wall.

Light Fields evolution

Recessed luminaire

M 600: 1497 x 297 mm
M 625: 1547 x 309 mm
M 600: 1197 x 297 mm
M 625: 1247 x 309 mm
M 600: 597 x 597 mm
M 625: 622 x 622 mm
M 600: 297 x 297 mm
M 625: 309 x 309 mm
LED 126 lm / W
As a recessed luminaire, LIGHT FIELDS evolution provides maximum efficiency of up to 126 lm/W, effectively reducing the energy consumption of an office building. Moreover, using a concealed housing it can be installed flush in plasterboard or modular ceilings, ensuring maximum integration into the interior design. The only thing that remains visible is a 7 millimetres wide, high-grade aluminium frame, which also marks the edges of the luminaire. The luminaire is available in four designs and as a "High Efficiency" and a "High Output" model, flexibly illuminating a variety of different rooms and room situations.

Light Fields evolution

Cluster luminaire

In situations where task areas are confined to comparatively small spaces, efficient lighting solutions can be implemented perfectly using the LIGHT FIELDS evolution cluster version. Contrary to traditional office lighting, the cluster allows for highly targeted lighting of task areas. Bright direct light is directed downwards onto the task area – precisely where it is needed, no matter whether this is a computer workstation, a conference table or a reception area. The luminaires arranged in a cluster create a lighting scene similar to daylight, ensuring a natural, balanced atmosphere in the rooms. The cluster also fits in discreetly with the ceiling, thus becoming an integral part of the interior design.

Light Fields evolution

Free-standing luminaire for individual and double workstations

Light Fields evolution

Flexibility meets intelligence

The smart base design allows for flexible positioning near the desk.
Using sensControl technology,
up to 70 percent of energy can be saved, compared to switchable
free-standing luminaires.
Wall-mounted luminaire
The design of the luminaire is consistently upheld in all the models of the LIGHT FIELDS evolution range.
Simple and intuitive to operate:
a built-in, small LED light always indicates the current status of the free-standing luminaire.
Innovative swarmControl technology makes the free-standing luminaires in the room communicate with each other.

Light Fields evolution

Back-lit technology

High-grade aluminium frame
3-layer MPO+
3Dprotect® reflector with multiple functions
DALI-dimmable LED converter
Luminaire housing made of painted sheet steel
Back-lit technology
In order to achieve maximum efficiency, LIGHT FIELDS evolution recessed luminaires feature back-lit technology, which uses LEDs to backlight the optical system.

Light Fields evolution

Side-lit technology

High-grade aluminium frame
3-layer MPO+
Latest-generation LED modules
Innovative LitePrint light guide panel
Luminaire housing as base
Side-lit technology
The direct/indirect luminaires of the LIGHT FIELDS evolution range feature innovative side-lit technology: here, LED light is fed from the luminaire edge into a light guide.

Light Fields evolution

featuring tunableWhite

A user study on lighting quality perceived in offices conducted jointly with Fraunhofer IAO shows that users' preferences with respect to colour temperature differ strongly. Usually, colour temperatures between 3000 K and 6000 K are perceived as ideal, with a clear preference for 4000 K and 5000 K. The study also shows that office users rate their situation at work significantly higher where it is possible for them to adjust the lighting to their personal needs.
Thanks to continuously adjustable colour temperatures ranging from 3000 K to 6000 K, LIGHT FIELDS evolution tunableWhite is perfectly tailored to the users' individual requirements and biological needs.

For more information please refer to our product brochure. 

Light Fields evolution

featuring tunableWhite

Biologically effective artificial lighting solutions
that are based on daylight and take weather conditions
into account help to stabilise people's circadian rhythm
Stimulation in the morning
Colour temperature: 5000 K, Eh* (daylight
and artificial lighting): higher than 500 lx

Aim: synchronisation of people's
circadian rhythm, complete
suppression of melatonin release
During the day with cloudy sky
Colour temperature: 6000 K, Eh* (daylight
and artificial lighting): higher than 800 lx

Aim: enhancing people's well-being
through well-matched colour temperature,
accordingly cooler light colours with
overcast sky
During the day at sunshine
Colour temperature: 4000 K, Eh* (daylight
and artificial lighting): higher than 1000 lx

Aim: enhancing people's well-being
through well-matched colour temperature,
accordingly warmer light colours during
Getting ready for sleep
Colour temperature: 3000 K, Eh* (daylight
and artificial lighting): higher than 500 lx

Aim: synchronisation of people's circadian
rhythm, no interference with melatonin
release, restful sleep
*Eh = horizontal illuminance

Light Fields evolution


0° – 10°
tablet PC
0° – 40°
40° – 90°
55° – 90°
Flat screen
Brilliant, glare-free light

Due to its unique micro-pyramidal optic (MPO+), LIGHT FIELDS evolution always fascinates users on account of best possible glare control and perfect, brilliant lighting quality. Even at high luminous flux, luminance is consistently reduced, providing pleasantly distributed light even at steep radiation angles. This means that LIGHT FIELDS evolution can easily be used directly above task areas with flat tablet PCs as well as above vertical displays. A major benefit for the creative design of rooms: the luminaires can be positioned in the room completely flexibly and independently of the task area. Available with various different wattages, the luminaire also performs a wide range of lighting tasks without any problem. The smooth surface of the MPO+ ensures that it can be easily cleaned and prevents the accumulation of dust.

Light Fields evolution


Three-layer MPO +
The LED points are resolved perfectly by the diffuser layer of the MPO+ optic. High-precision formed micropyramids ensure brilliant light. In addition, the smooth surface of MPO+ makes it resistant to dirt and easy to clean.

Light Fields evolution


3Dprotect® reflector

The 3Dprotect® reflector provides several benefits: its high reflection factor allows to increase the luminaire efficiency level. The three-dimensional reflector design also provides effective protection against touching the LED modules: initial damage to LEDs by electrostatic discharge already during installation can be effectively prevented without having to additionally protect the light emitting diodes. This makes installation and cleaning of the optical system considerably easier. The smooth surface of the optic also reduces accumulation of dirt and can be easily cleaned.


Owing to LitePrint® light guide technology (patent pending), LED light is uniformly emitted downwards by means of sophisticated, unique laser engraving. At the same time, an exactly defined light component is directed upwards, in specific regions, via openings in the luminaire housing, without needing any extra LED modules.

3Dprotect® reflector

Light Fields evolution

Quality and efficiency in team offices

Allen Berechnungen liegt eine jährliche Steigerung der Energie- und Betriebskosten von 5 % zugrunde.
LIGHT FIELDS evolution
4 x 14 W T16
LIGHT FIELDS evolution + lighting management

Costs in €

Due to the high luminaire efficiency factor and the resultant low installed load and power consumption, investing in LIGHT FIELDS evolution pays off in two years*. Fitted with dimmable converters as standard, additional potential savings can be realised using an intelligent lighting management system. Another benefit: due to the long service life of the LED modules, the maintenance effort as a whole required for the lighting installation is reduced as well. Moreover, users benefit from its lighting quality: the high-quality optical system of LIGHT FIELDS evolution increases visual comfort and makes the lighting solution even more flexible.

* compared to a conventional lighting solution, fitted with 4 x 14 W T16.

Light Fields evolution

Installation and maintenance

LIGHT FIELDS evolution can be easily installed in various different ceilings: the luminaire can be easily fitted in modular ceilings with an exposed carrier system; in modular ceilings with a concealed carrier system, it can be installed without any problem using a mounting kit. The luminaire is connected to the mains either from the outside (without opening it) or from the inside. Strain relief is available separately upon request. Using a plaster-in housing, which is available as accessory, flush installation in plasterboard ceilings is almost as simple as conventional installation. By means of a levelling kit, the luminaire is fitted in the plaster-in housing in next to no time. This means that the lower edge of the luminaire and the bottom of the ceiling are exactly level, and are interrupted only by a very small, defined shadow line. Luminaire maintenance is just as easy as installation. Thanks to the open, unencapsulated design, installation and cleaning of the luminaire's optical system are equally easy. The smooth surface of the optic reduces accumulation of dirt and can be easily cleaned.

Light Fields evolution

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