Opal wide-area luminaire

Mimicking nature:
pleasantly soft light coming
from a wide-area lighting object.



STUDIO AMBROZUS   www.studio-ambrozus.de
“The timeless appearance of ONDARIA is characterised by basic geometric shapes and clear-cut edges. State-of-the-art lighting technology is expressed in the clearly reduced height of the carefully designed luminaire unit. ONDARIA's high-end version, the infinity model, breaks completely new ground: diffuse and directional light are emitted by one single luminaire.”


Varying impressions of light


Available from end of 2015
. . . to move within the room, in order to simulate the natural course of daylight, for instance.
Directional light emitted from a ring of LED modules provides accent lighting. Sequential control causes shadows . . .
Diffuse wide-area lighting produces hardly any shadow. Therefore, ONDARIA provides pleasantly soft ambient lighting.
  • Pleasant and extremely uniform general lighting with optional accent lighting
  • The direct light component produces shadows, creates a special dramaturgy and thus a specific atmosphere
  • Thanks to sequential control of the direct component, the dynamic rhythm of the sun is simulated, causing shadows to move within the room
  • Diameter: 590 mm, 870 mm, 1150 mm


enhances people's sense of well-being

  • Homogeneous illumination thanks to diffuse wide-area lighting enhances people's sense of well-being and makes rooms appear larger and wider
  • Its circular design allows fully flexible positioning in the room
  • Unobtrusive indirect component that brightens up the ceiling
  • Easy installation without opening the luminaire
  • The small and medium versions can be mounted on the wall
  • Ideal for prestigious areas such as receptions, entrance and waiting areas as well as break-out zones, and to produce gentle ambient lighting in shops
  • Diameter: 590 mm, 870 mm, 1150 mm



The ONDARIA range can be flexibly suspended from three delicate steel cords that are 2 or 4 m long.
The luminaire is surface-mounted directly on the ceiling or wall. Thanks to its small indirect component and slightly offset installation, the luminaire seems to float.
A range of practical accessories for recessed mounting is available to hide the ceiling cut-out and align the luminaire. Installation directly on the bare ceiling ensures load deflection. Alternatively, semi-recessed mounting is also possible.


LED featuring tunableWhite

A user study on lighting quality perceived in offices conducted jointly with Fraunhofer IAO shows that users' preferences with respect to colour temperature differ strongly. Usually, colour temperatures between 3000 K and 6000 K are perceived as ideal, with a clear preference for 4000 K and 5000 K. The study also shows that office users rate their situation at work significantly higher where it is possible for them to adjust the lighting to their personal needs.



Thanks to continuously adjustable colour temperatures ranging from 3000 K to 6000 K, ONDARIA LED tunableWhite is perfectly tailored to the users' individual requirements and biological needs.

For more information please refer to our product brochure. 


LED featuring tunableWhite

Biologically effective artificial lighting solutions that are
based on daylight and take weather conditions into account
help to stabilise people's circadian rhythm
Stimulation in the morning
Colour temperature: 5000 K, Eh*
(daylight and artificial lighting): higher
than 500 lx

Aim: synchronisation of people's
circadian rhythm, complete
suppression of melatonin release
During the day with cloudy sky
Colour temperature: 6000 K, Eh*
(daylight and artificial lighting): higher
than 800 lx

Aim: enhancing people's well-being
through well-matched colour
temperature, accordingly cooler light
colours with overcast sky      
During the day at sunshine
Colour temperature: 4000 K, Eh*
(daylight and artificial lighting): higher
than 1000 lx

Aim: enhancing people's well-being
through well-matched colour
temperature, accordingly warmer
light colours during sunshine
Getting ready for sleep
Colour temperature: 3000 K, Eh*
(daylight and artificial lighting): higher
than 500 lx

Aim: synchronisation of people's circadian rhythm, no interference
with melatonin release, restful sleep
*Eh = horizontal illuminance    


Learn more about ONDARIA
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