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PERLUCE is inspired by the idea of a deliberately simple design, whose strength lies in its functionality and excellent logic of detail. The design is timeless, yet the forms and materials act as platforms for innovative technologies

Design: Stefan Ambrozus


Platform for innovative technologies

Luminaires with higher protection are used whenever the primary requirement placed on a fit-for-purpose lighting solution is better protection and simpler maintenance. PERLUCE is a closed lighting system that sets new standards in terms of everyday usability and combines this with a variety of optics, IP50 and IP54 protection and various designs. Its deliberately utilitarian materials are reflected in its functional design. Its plain, unpretentious stylistic idiom gives precedence to the architecture of the room: light, not the luminaire, is the centre of attention.
PERLUCE | Linear luminaire with LRO optic


Louvre optic and wallwasher

Light source           



PERLUCE with louvre optic  The PERLUCE louvre luminaire makes it easy to perform demanding visual tasks, such as those in classrooms, workshops and laboratories, thanks to a perfect combination of efficient light distribution, sophisticated louvre technology and higher degrees of protection. Task areas are uniformly and efficiently lit with all-round glare control in conformity with applicable standards. The standardised louvre width for single-lamp and twin-lamp luminaires paves the way for a consistent look, even in situations where there are different lighting requirements.
PERLUCE Wallwasher   PERLUCE’s optic with asymmetrical light distribution is not only especially well protected, it is also particularly efficient. With a light output ratio of 95 %, this luminaire is recommended for energy-efficient, long-term lighting solutions of the kind needed, for instance, in schools in order to illuminate blackboards. It not only illuminates vertical surfaces perfectly; visible luminance levels on the walls also increase people’s sense of well-being.


Light source           




LRO and opale optic

Light source           



PERLUCE LRO  With its Luminance Reducing Optic (LRO), PERLUCE provides extra scope for creative design. The luminaire produces extremely glare-free light. This improves lighting comfort and creates ideal visual conditions, even with flat inclined displays – regardless where the luminaire is positioned relative to the workstation. This means that nothing stands in the way of flexible desk arrangements in offices and classrooms – and distracting glare is largely a thing of the past.
PERLUCE with opal optic  The lighting unit distributes diffuse light uniformly throughout the room while at the same time gently brightening up the ceiling. This results in a friendly lighting atmosphere that is a pleasure to experience, especially in corridors, stairwells and adjoining rooms. The opal diffuser provides other benefits as well: its smooth surface is easy to clean and the light source remains hidden from direct view.
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Luminaire as a continuous row system

Continuous row system  In terms of installation options and mounting convenience, PERLUCE makes no distinction between individual optics. All models show their strengths both as individual luminaires and as a continuous row system. In both cases, the luminaire can be installed directly on the ceiling or mounted on a trunking unit. Replacing the fluorescent lamps remains simple, even in case of several luminaires being mounted butt to butt.


PERLUCE Opal as a cluster

620 x 620 mm
50 W LED
4/14 W T16
310 x 310 mm 
19 W LED
2 /18 W TC-L
1 /22 W T16-R
More than the sum of its parts
Clusters of opal PERLUCE luminaires are an alluring eye-catcher; they are easy to implement and also very simple to look after and maintain. Where used as an individually combinable design element for ceilings and walls, the luminaire becomes a flexible modular system for delivering diffuse wide-area light – for example in order to provide higher illuminance levels in central areas of an entrance lobby or an underground car park. With just a few mounting points, the luminaire is easy to install and simple to maintain – even those luminaires that are located in the centre of a cluster.


Circular luminaire - For ceilings and walls


Durability and efficiency

PERLUCE LED without cover,
600 x 600 mm







Efficient technology providing up to 100 lm/W and opal diffusers make a perfect match. Quality benefits include wide-area illumination and 100 % light immediately after the luminaire has been switched on. This major impact on efficiency becomes obvious in a direct comparison with T16 luminaires: LEDs consume only a fraction of the energy, which means that the investment will pay off within a short period of time. Due to a higher protection rating and a service life of 50,000 hours, PERLUCE LED stands out as a maintenance- free luminaire protected against soiling.


PERLUCE - a comparison

Day nursery 

Day nursery 














PERLUCE LED + lighting management
PERLUCE 4 x 14 W T16
Amortisation of costs
Basic conditions T16 vs. LED____________
T16 luminaires
8 PERLUCE opal 4 x 14 W T16
Luminous flux of luminaire: 3 706 lm
Luminous efficiency of luminaire: 57 lm/W_____

LED luminaires
6 PERLUCE opal 50 W LED
Luminous flux of luminaire: 5 000 lm
Luminous efficiency of luminaire: 100 lm/W____

Lighting management system
DIMLITE DAYLIGHT with daylight-based control

Calculation period
20 years______________________________
The wide-area, pleasant lighting effect it creates makes PERLUCE LED ideal for flexibly used feel-good areas, like the day nursery used for this comparison. Perfect glare control in all directions encourages children to discover the world from every perspective.
PERLUCE LED + lighting management
PERLUCE 4 x 14 W T16
Lighting quality
Visual comfort
Average energy consumption
per m2 and year
Investment costs vs.
operation costs (absolute)
Total CO2 
throughout service life (kg)

Potential savings
by efficient
LED lighting alone

Additional savings using
lighting management

energy consumption

T16 vs. LED
Energy consumption/costs


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