Turning public spaces into active places

    The urban space is constantly changing, becoming gradually more animated as darkness falls – a gentle transition that is supported by the NIGHTSIGHT portfolio. This range of puristic outdoor light tools delivers both safety on roads and pathways and a welcoming atmosphere to encourage social interaction. The focused use of light and shadows, as well as the combination of vertical and horizontal light planes, enables the creation of differentiated scenarios. In this way, light becomes a formative tool for attractive cities, where urban spaces are increasingly evolving into active and lively places to meet and greet others.

    The wellbeing of people in squares and on pathways is enhanced by the Area luminaire with softGlow optics, which uses precise light guidance to deliver excellent visual comfort. The Projector luminaire with a discreet darkBeam optic has been specifically engineered to illuminate facades and emphasise architectural details. The NIGHTSIGHT modular LED outdoor lighting system shapes urban life with a consistent design language and a clear focus on the individual.



    Creating emotional light experiences

    SUPERSYSTEM II stands for light experiences that are in a class of their own. This multifunctional LED light tool and its range of clever and innovative components offer everything required to fulfil numerous lighting tasks in the fields of presentation and sales, art and culture and hotel and wellness. Delicate design, rigorous miniaturisation and superb flexibility have come to characterise this extensive product family.

    Now the portfolio benefits from the addition of recessed downlights and spotlights in three sizes, along with a recessed track. Corner connectors and accessories for suspension or integration of the control gear into a ceiling rose also broaden the scope for design. The SUPERSYSTEM II LED lighting system delivers varied solutions in different spaces with excellent light quality and a consistent style - for general lighting, accent illumination and wall-washing.


  • 3

    Trackbox XXS

    An elegant box for control gear

    The Trackbox XXS directly reflects the trend towards miniaturised LED spotlights and lighting systems. The dimensions of the housing, with a 3-phase adapter and control gear, match those of the track. This unique solution thereby makes the technology almost invisible. The combination of track, spotlights such as VIVO XS or VIVO M and the durable Trackbox XXS creates an aesthetic unit with clear lines – a new benchmark in purism.

  • 4

    Retail TGR Gen2

    LED technology for vibrant colours

    Differentiation drives success. When it comes to shop lighting, TGRfashion technology presents clothing with a vibrant colour effect and thereby paves the way for a stimulating retail experience. The extraordinary colour rendering especially helps white, pastel and strong colour tones stand out with fantastic quality and unprecedented brilliance. LED spotlights with “True Gamut Rendering” technology also accentuate the particular material properties of different fabrics.

  • 5

    ARCOS WW liteCarve®

    A spotlight to optimise the enjoyment of art

    The introduction of the classical ARCOS WW liteCarve® LED spotlight for vertical lighting marks the start of a new era for consistent design language in museums and galleries. This product perfectly blends the minimalist look of an ARCOS spotlight with outstanding wall-washing qualities, incorporating a special lens that makes full use of Zumtobel’s patented liteCarve® freeform reflector technology. Works of art can be vertically illuminated with maximum uniformity and excellent colour rendering of Ra > 98 in rooms with heights of up to 5 metres. The ARCOS spotlight range therefore offers an ideal solution for every aspect of exhibit lighting.


  • 6

    SLOTLIGHT infinity RGBW

    Colour dynamic light line

    The latest model of the SLOTLIGHT infinity opens up a further dimension of colour. It is now possible to fulfil decorative as well as functional tasks with one single light. This is achieved by high light fluxes that can reach up to 1,800 lm per metre with white light. Thanks to newly developed LED boards with a high number of consistently arranged points of light, the colour dynamic light line guarantees perfect, uniform illumination even in corners.


  • 7

    DOT 28

    Suspension system

    Pendant luminaires as decorative lighting objects create timeless aesthetics for every interior. In line with this principle, the new DOT 28 suspension system supports a graceful and puristic appearance by perfectly harmonising with the design language of LED pendant luminaires. All electrical and mechanical connections are concealed in the ceiling, adding the ideal final touch to the floating appearance of VAERO, LINCOR or ECOOS. The only element visible
    from the outside is a 28 mm ceiling rose that integrates flush into a plasterboard, concrete or wooden ceiling. And so the effect of the space can be truly appreciated – in an elegant and undisturbed manner.

    Design: Georg Bechter Licht, Langenegg | AT

  • 8

    MIREL evolution LRO

    Recessed LED luminaire with brilliant optics

    MIREL evolution LRO combines the high visual comfort of a Zumtobel LED luminaire with an exceptional appearance. The new brilliant optic ensures extremely homogeneous illumination of the workplace and good glare control with UGR < 19, while the excellent light quality is nicely complemented by an efficiency of over 112 lm/W. The square and rectangular versions of MIREL evolution LRO integrate seamlessly into every room with colour temperatures of 3000 or 4000 K.


  • 9

    ONDARIA 2 acoustic

    Round wide-area luminaire with sound absorption

    The round ONDARIA wide-area acoustic luminaire is optimised to meet the demands of contemporary offices that have an “open space” character, loft design or industrial look and feel. Covered with a fabric, the pendant and surface-mounted luminaires incorporate both a homogeneous light surface and - as an invisible added value - excellent sound absorption. The elegant ONDARIA fitting thereby complements interior architecture and simultaneously creates a pleasant working atmosphere.


  • 10


    A harmonious linear luminaire

    The best of both worlds: TECTON MIREL LED. Firstly TECTON scores maximum points with its high flexibility and sleek, restrained design. Then MIREL evolution harnesses sophisticated lighting technology to make it the ideal choice for demanding tasks that demand top visual quality. Put the two together and the result is TECTON MIREL LED, a fusion that is destined to open up new application fields and meet the differentiated requirements of cross-building lighting solutions with a uniform design language.



    Multifunctional LED lighting tool

    As a multifunctional lighting tool, SUPERSYSTEM II meets a vast variety of requirements: in shops and retail spaces, in museums and galleries as well as in hotels and hospitality, conference rooms or residential applications. In doing so, its high-quality features, elegance and functionality reflect the zeitgeist. The second generation of SUPERSYSTEM II boasts a delicate design, refined materials and consistent miniaturisation as well as flexibility and efficient LED technology. In combination with an extensive set of easy-to-install lighting modules, the track section, which is only 26 mm wide, handles all demanding lighting tasks – at outstanding lighting quality. SUPERSYSTEM II has been optimised for general and accent lighting as well as wallwashing, providing the basis for lighting solutions across several rooms in a uniform design.

    For pinpoint accent lighting, the miniature spotlights in three design sizes and with a luminous flux level of up to 1200 lm are ideal – featuring rotationally symmetrical light distribution with superspot to wideflood beam patterns or oval distribution. Vertical areas are brightened up pleasantly and uniformly by wallwashers. The LED light lines, only 33 mm high, with various distribution characteristics show their special strengths in general lighting, for instance as a narrow luminous ribbon. The wide range of lighting solutions demonstrates: SUPERSYSTEM II is a name that stands for consistent diversity.


  • 2 SLOTLIGHT infinity slim

    Slim LED light line

    The consistently accurate light lines have become THE tool in architectural lighting, because – when integrated into ceilings and walls – they can attractively emphasise room geometries, but also create effective contrasts or special effects. Even greater scope for creative design is opened up by SLOTLIGHT infinity slim, which is only 45 mm wide, one third narrower than the standard light lines. SLOTLIGHT infinity slim provides potential for (almost) unrestricted creativity: the SLOTLIGHT infinity slim design feature and functional lighting tool can also be elegantly integrated into solid wood ceilings.


  • 3 SUPERSYSTEM outdoor

    A luminaire to illuminate paths, squares, roads and façades

    Creating a harmonious townscape and enhancing urban identity – SUPERSYSTEM outdoor uses an innovative new approach to light paths, squares, roads and façades for specific purposes. This solution uses carefully crafted components and encompasses a range of modules with varied lighting distribution characteristics. The modular design of the SUPERSYSTEM outdoor family provides maximum flexibility, illuminating different outdoor areas with a single uniform appearance. The “inner values” of SUPERSYSTEM outdoor are almost as impressive as its elegant design. The LED tubes can be individually adjusted to deliver uniform illumination of vertical and horizontal areas and to create a specific effect. Tubes fitted with a selection of different optics ensure extremely precise direction of the light and help minimise light pollution by avoiding light spill. Versions with a colour temperature of 3000 K and 4000 K can put anything from a historic town centre to a modern urban skyline in the right light. The sophisticated SUPERSYSTEM outdoor range represents an efficient lighting tool for creative design in outdoor areas – illuminating façades, lighting roads and paths or shaping decorative lighting scenarios.

    DESIGN Dieter Bartenbach

  • 4 CRAFT

    High-bay LED luminaire

    The CRAFT high-bay LED luminaire is a real success story, thanks in no small part to a specific design, rectangular light distribution and excellent thermal management. CRAFT M and CRAFT L models are even ready to cope with future demands, thanks to versions providing higher light output and sophisticated technical features that make it even easier to handle the luminaire. With luminaire efficiency reaching up to 143 lm/W, luminous flux levels now range from 7500 lm to 36,000 lm, helping CRAFT solve any lighting task with optimum precision. An individual suspension assembly, a 90° TECTON adapter and a dedicated CRAFT TEC model, which already includes a built-in TECTON adapter, provide additional scope for installation.

    DESIGN Stephen Philips, Arup

  • 5 ONICO

    LED spotlight; recessed and pendant LED luminaire

    The purpose of the ONICO range of luminaires is to provide consistent lighting solutions for shops and retail areas. The modular system, including an adjustable recessed luminaire, a track-mounted spotlight and a pendant luminaire, meets all relevant requirements when it comes to creating accents, providing general lighting, setting the stage in shop windows or highlighting the checkout areas. Light colours for specific applications such as TGRfashion (True Gamut Rendering) or food lighting, luminous flux levels from 1500 lm to 4000 lm and high colour rendering indexes ensure that even special lighting tasks can be performed. Courtesy of a clear, unobtrusive design, ONICO perfectly complements any interior – and does so with great style. Available in M and L sizes with spot, flood, wideflood and very wideflood beam patterns, products can now be presented in the best possible way, guaranteeing an outstanding shopping experience.


  • 6 LITECOM infinity


    The outstanding convenience offered by the LITECOM lighting management system simply cannot fail to impress. Intuitive guidance helps users when they are installing, configuring, commissioning and using the system. The benefits of LITECOM are further extended by the new multicontroller function. Several LITECOM controllers can be linked via Ethernet to form an extensive lighting management system, making it also possible to configure building-wide lighting control solutions. In combination with commissioning and configuration tools, the multicontroller is ideal for adjusting the size and function of the lighting management system to suit particular tasks. In this way, LITECOM guarantees a simple and systematic approach to complex procedures.

    available soon