Spotlight system

The flexible versatility of
light: spotlight system
with cutting-edge lamp
and LED technology.


Optimisation of perceived quality

Spar supermarket, Eberndorf / AT
Architects: Trecolore Architects, Annenheim / AT
Lighting solution: TECTON LED continuous-row system, VIVO L LED spotlights, CARDAN LED modular lighting system



“The quest for intuitive images characterises the way in which EOOS works. VIVO blends the archetypal cylindrical shape of a spotlight with design details inspired by reinterpreting a turbine. Effective airflow management which is especially important for LED technology actually becomes an unobtrusive but significant design feature.”

Design VIVO | EOOS


Integral lighting solution with high efficiency

High lighting quality
  • High-precision, uniform light distribution thanks to perfectly coordinated optical systems
  • Perfectly matched high-quality LED modules and lenses:
    tunableColour: PiLED technology and patented mixing chamber lens
    » 10 pre-programmed points in the colour spectrum: optimised for food applications,
    can be called up by using a rotary switch
    » Good colour rendering (Ra > 80), high colour stability, uniform light distribution

    Advanced stableWhite: red/white LED technology and patented mixing chamber lens
    » Stable colour temperature of 3000 K or 4000 K
    » Excellent colour rendering (Ra > 90), colour quality and colour stability, uniform light distribution

    TGRfashion: phosphor array LED technology
    » Stable colour temperature for brilliant colours

    TGRfood: phosphor array LED technology
    » Stable colour temperature optimised for baked goods, fruit, vegetables as well as meat products

    Essential Plus stableWhite: phosphor array LED technology
    » Stable colour temperature of 3000 K or 4000 K
    » Good colour rendering (Ra 90), high efficiency, powerful pinpoint accent lighting

    Essential stableWhite: phosphor array LED technology
    » Stable colour temperature of 3000 K or 4000 K
    » Excellent efficiency and powerful pinpoint accent lighting (Ra > 80)
  • Aluminium-sputtered high-precision polycarbonate reflectors for brilliant highlighting
  • Gentle lighting without any IR or UV radiation
Maximum efficiency. Minimum energy consumption
  • Impressively efficient: with luminaire efficiency levels of 50 to 88 lumens per watt, VIVO LED outperforms frequently used conventional spotlight technologies
  • High luminous flux levels of 900 to 4600 lumens enable efficient replacement of high-pressure discharge lamps up to 50 W
  • Dimmable from 10 to 100 % at constant colour temperatures 


Sustainable technology concept
  • LED-optimised design for passive and active cooling of high-performance
    LED modules
  • Reliability thanks to constant lighting quality throughout the luminaire’s service life
  • Maintenance-free operation for shop/retail applications with a service life of
    50,000 hours at 70 % luminous flux
  • Future-proof concept: Zumtobel’s LED platform ensures integration of stateof-
    the-art LED modules at all times
  • 5-year guarantee
Variety of options for application-specific lighting solutions
  • For complete lighting solutions with differing requirements – can be individually adjusted to room height, ceiling structure and illuminance level
  • For various room heights: compact sizes XS and M for rooms of low to average height; size L with luminous flux levels of up to 4600 lumens for illuminating rooms with high ceilings
  • Depending on the lighting task: tunableColour for illuminating fresh food, or stableWhite, switchable or controllable via DALI or rotary switch on track-box adapter
  • Task-specific beam angle: from spot (> 12°) to wideflood (> 39°)
  • Recessed into ceiling and mounted on 3-phase tracks or the TECTON continuous-row lighting system
Lighting quality
Energy consumption
Technology concept


VIVO M LED | Black


Unique technical lighting systems

Advanced stableWhite VIVO L LED / tunableColour VIVO L LED
1 | High-power LED module (three-channel PiLED and red/white LED technologies)
     for excellent quality of spectral distribution
2 | Patented mixing chamber lens for perfect uniformity
3 | Aluminium-sputtered high-precision reflector made of plastic, for high brilliance
     and precision

With an excellent colour rendering index of Ra > 90, VIVO L LED Advanced stableWhite is able to render virtually the entire light spec-trum over the entire range. For the tunableColour model, ten ideal points in the colour spectrum have been pre-programmed for fresh foods in retail applications.


Unique technical lighting systems

Essential stableWhite VIVO M and VIVO L LED
1 | High-power LED module (single-channel phosphor array LED technology) for excellent efficiency
2 | Aluminium-sputtered high-precision reflector made of plastic
Essential Plus stableWhite VIVO XS, VIVO M and VIVO L LED / TGRfashion and TGRfood VIVO M LED


1 | High-power LED module (single-channel phosphor array LED technology) for very good colour rendering
2 | Aluminium-sputtered high-precision reflector made of plastic


Gentle light that boosts sales

Professional LED lighting solutions are gentle on products sensitive to light or heat while at the same time creating a sales-boosting ambience. Compared to metal halide lamps, LED light sources emit almost no IR or UV radition while providing the same lighting quality.

VIVO LED spotlights are characterised by excellent colour rendering and extremely uniform light distribution. There is an appropriate light colour and colour temperature as well as a matching illuminance level for every lighting task. Unique PiLED technology, preprogrammed colour hues and high-quality lens systems facilitate sophisticated implementation. 


Excellent energy efficiency

The VIVO LED spotlight, designed for attractive illumination of retail spaces and available with various luminous flux levels, is a very efficient alternative to conventional spotlights fitted with high-pressure discharge lamps. 

More detailed information in our product brochure.
With luminaire efficiency levels of up to 88 lm/W, VIVO beats conventional HIT spotlight technology in a direct comparison as well. In addition, unlike conventional light sources, LED spotlights can be dimmed continuously from 10-100 % via DALI or track box (VIVO M), which unlocks additional potential savings of 30 %.

Last update: October 2013, reference value for LED: 830 (Essential) 

Cost comparison: Installation with a service life of 6 years

HIT spotlight 35 W                                             VIVO Essential Stable White 27 W
HIT spotlight 35 W
Total costs 

VIVO LED Stable White 27 W
Result after six years
  • Sample calculation based on the following assumptions: 3600 hours of service per year,
    HIT solution with relamping twice in 6 years, not taking into account further potential
    savings through dimming of LED spotlights
  • The costs for energy and maintenance (life-cycle costs) are reduced by 50 % as
    compared to a traditional HIT solution with 35 W.
  • The slightly higher initial costs will be compensated for already after approx. 2 years.
Comparison of spotlights
Cost comparison
Total costs


Compact and efficient


The combination of compact LED modules with an innovative cooling system results in the reduced dimensions of VIVO XS LED. The strong point of this spotlight is pinpoint accent lighting in smaller retail spaces and in display windows with low ceiling heights.
  • Due to its energy efficiency and low-maintenance operation, the LED solution will pay for itself in less than three years, compared with conventional technology involving HIT 20 W metal halide lamps or
    75 W LV halogen lamps.
  • Its high-grade optical system and innovative LED technology ensure expressive accent lighting, high-quality glare control and excellent colour rendering.
  • Gentle light without any UV or IR radiation protects objects against
    ageing processes such as fading or material changes.




VIVO M LED cannot fail to impress thanks to its compact dimensions and high luminous flux levels when it comes to accent lighting in shops and retail spaces with ceilings of average height. In VIVO M LED, the ideal ratio between size and light output results from the intelligent interplay of LED modules of perfect size and an innovative cooling system.
  • Especially high efficiency, dimmability and low-maintenance operation ensure that a lighting solution incorporating VIVO M LED will pay for itself in less than three years, compared with conventional technology involving 35 W metal halide lamps or 100 W LV halogen lamps.
  • VIVO M LED's LED technology and high-grade optical system provide luminous flux levels for rooms with average ceiling height, as well as good glare control and excellent colour rendering (Ra > 92).
  • Gentle light without any UV or IR radiation protects objects against ageing processes.

The powerful LED spotlight produces up to 4 600 lumens, replacing HIT luminaires ranging from 35 W to 50 W. VIVO L combines energy efficiency with the long service life of an LED spotlight with passive cooling. Other quality features are excellent colour rendering and variable light colours.

Light source(s)
36 W: up to 3200 lm
47 W: up to 2700 lm
60 W: up to 4600 lm

Beam angles
15° spot, 25° flood, 36° wideflood


VIVO L LED pendant

Using suspended VIVO L LED spotlights, maximum energy efficiency is achieved in display lighting. Goods can be illuminated with high precision from a short distance, resulting in a reduction of both spill light and power consumption.

Light source(s)
36 W: up to 2 300 lm

Beam angles
36° wideflood

VIVO L LED pendant | 36 W

VIVO L LED pendant


Spotlight head and track box

Linear design, improved functionality

Because of the progressive miniaturisation of light sources and the associated reduction in the size of spotlight heads, the track box is becoming an ever more important design feature. The VIVO spotlight is equipped with a redesigned track box: the mechanism disappears completely into the 3-phase track, making its visible dimensions look particularly tiny. Like VIVO itself, the track box design is linear and purist. The uncluttered look on the ceiling is enhanced by the fact that the track box always remains parallel to the track regardless how the spotlight is aligned. Implementing DALI functionality in the 3-phase track has also improved flexibility when modernising existing installations. A DALI version of the spotlight is available for this purpose.
Select phase via rotary switch
Lock from both sides


Insert track box
The new track box makes operation even simpler. The mechanism is intuitive and makes it possible to fix the spotlight easily and securely. Phase selection is implemented via a lateral rotary switch, and is also possible during operation.


Spotlight head and track box
Intuitive handling




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