Zumtobel Lighting UK: We are moving...

...to our brand new UK Headquarters facility in Chalfont St Peter

We are delighted to announce that from Monday 28th May we will commence operations from our brand new UK Headquarters facility in Chalfont St Peter.

For the last 26 years our home in Hayes has helped us illustrate, to over 10,000 specifiers, the importance of Lighting Quality. We’ve worked hard, had a lot of fun, and made many, many friends.
But now it’s time to move. As the World and our business changes, to embrace new technologies and exciting lighting research, and as we diversify into new application areas with innovative new products, our Headquarters also needs to change to better serve the needs of our clients.

Our new home in Chalfont St Peter, with its state of the art facilities and dedicated LightCentre, features the latest thinking in lighting applications and technologies, and gives us and our clients a springboard in a World of change.

To see what Zumtobel and our move means to our Team click on our video.

And come visit us.

The Light.

From Monday 28th May 2012
Zumtobel Lighting Limited
Chiltern Park
Chiltern Hill
Chalfont St Peter

Tel 01753 482650
Fax 01753 480350

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