• MELLOW LIGHT infinity / evolution

    A sky for the office

    The sixth generation of MELLOW LIGHT is our most innovative MELLOW LIGHT yet. Sleeker and more elegant, yet still equipped with the latest lighting technology, the rectangular luminaire is designed exactly for the requirements of modern office applications. The direct light is perfectly complemented by the diffuse element that radiates from the outer wings to brighten the ceiling and the room, ensuring ergonomic and glare-free working light. In line with the Active Light concept, the user can change the lighting level to suit individual preference and specific visual tasks. In addition, the colour temperature of the tunableWhite version can be adjusted to create changing scenarios that echo natural light through the course of the day.

    Over and above the standard MELLOW LIGHT evolution variant, MELLOW LIGHT infinity delivers enhanced comfort by enabling separate control of the outer wings and the central segment. When combined with the ATIVO sensor, the lit environment can be automatically adapted to the amount of natural daylight in the space, number and specific location of people within the space, as well as detecting the different type of work being done within the space.

    Daniel Stromborg
    Practice Area Leader | Gensler


  • PANOS infinity

    The luminaire family for architectural lighting

    The PANOS infinity luminaire family is the embodiment of consistent technical architectural lighting. Round and quadratic designs in diameters of 68mm and 100mm, with a mounting frame or frameless, PANOS infinity is truly a modular system that equips lighting designers with the tools to fulfil every lighting task – a portfolio optimised for both complete buildings and the wellbeing of the individual.

    The lighting effect is crucial for all versions, from unobtrusive downlights to wallwashers that blend harmoniously into the interior architecture. A comprehensive range caters for the differentiated requirements of general and accent lighting, thanks to a product portfolio that offers both homogeneous illumination of horizontal or vertical surfaces and pinpoint accent lighting. The result is always a pleasant atmosphere in the room. This flexibility is supported by high quality lens and reflector technology, colour temperatures of 2700 K, 3000 K and 4000 K and a strong colour rendering index of CRI > 90.

    The PANOS infinity family stands for outstanding visual comfort, complementing the architecture with consistent and highly competent lighting solutions. People and building in harmony.

    Design: Chris Redfern, Sottsass Associati



    A new design highlight for modern office architecture

    A transparent light-emitting surface characterises the fascinating look of the VAERO LED pendant luminaire. The sophisticated and frameless design produces a luminaire that seems to almost float in the room. Switch it on and the VAERO is transformed into a magical lighting object. The purist pendant luminaire presents itself as a jewel, yet still blends discreetly into the architecture of modern office environments – regardless of whether it is mounted in open-plan spaces, team rooms, rest zones or individual offices.

    The excellent glare control and homogeneous brightness distribution contribute to the superior visual comfort required in these applications. Light from the LED light source is emitted across the transparent light panel and distributed evenly from the centre to the edge by a series of defined structures.

    The ergonomic working light is optimised for the demands of modern office areas, where smart phones and tablets feature heavily. The balanced direct / indirect light distribution of the minimalist VAERO pendant luminaire also provides a pleasant lighting atmosphere, which can help motivate users in the space.


  • 1

    LIGHT FIELDS evolution

    Surface-mounted / pendant luminaire L1200

    The rectangular LIGHT FIELDS evolution pendant and surface-mounted luminaires, measuring 1200mm in length, beautifully complement this famous product portfolio. Application-specific lighting solutions with consistent design can be realised in any building. LIGHT FIELDS evolution adds atmosphere to any room with 3000 K and 4000 K colour temperature versions or the option of tunableWhite technology.


  • 2

    SLOTLIGHT infinity

    LED light line

    The precise light lines of SLOTLIGHT infinity have evolved into a celebrated architectural lighting tool. The range of applications is now extended further with the addition of an IP54-protected version for harsh environments. The ball-proof design of SLOTLIGHT infinity delivers added value in both sports halls and schools.


  • 3


    Opal tunableWhite area luminaire

    The round ONDARIA wide-area luminaire cuts an elegant figure. Lighting colours and illuminance levels can be adjusted with the help of tunableWhite technology to imitate the dynamics of natural daylight. In line with the principles of Active Light, ONDARIA helps stimulate people in offices while simultaneously creating a feeling of wellbeing wherever it is installed.



    LRO wide-area luminaire

    Ergonomic working light with a healthy dose of elegance is provided by the round ONDARIA wide-area luminaire. The LRO micro-prismatic optic responds to the demands of the contemporary office, delivering outstanding glare suppression with UGR < 19 to support the widespread use of smart phones and tablets. As a suspended, recessed or surface-mounted version, ONDARIA is also an impressive addition to conference areas.


  • 4

    CLEAN Supreme LED / CLEAN Advanced LED

    LED clean-room luminaire RGB+W

    The CLEAN luminaire range offers optimal lighting for clean-rooms in the healthcare sector and other applications. The RGB+W version has the advantage of variable colours. Green, blue or red light supports workers in a range of tasks by enabling conditions such as enhanced contrasts, while simultaneously helping to calm and reassure patients. Blue light nuances can also help promote the healing of burns.

    coming soon

  • 5


    Continuous-row lighting system with high luminous flux

    TECTON continuous-row lighting system variants with high luminous flux are designed specifically for industrial halls with high ceilings or where the number of luminaires needs to be kept to a minimum. There is a choice of 1.5-metre and 2-metre TECTON C LED fittings with up to 16,000 lm or TECTON BASIC LED with 8000 lm for lower lighting requirements. The TECTON ZX2 LED version is intended to enable the replacement of luminaires with two 58 W T26 fluorescent lamps.


  • 6


    Moisture-proof luminaire with very high luminous flux

    The functional SCUBA LED moistureproof luminaire blends excellent lighting quality with IP65 protection, providing resistance against dust, dirt and moisture. With a choice of PC, PM and CHEMO diffusers, luminous flux of up to 8000 lm, a homogeneous light distribution and minimised glare, SCUBA LED delivers efficient ergonomic working light in applications such as production halls.


  • 7

    CRAFT Sens

    Multi-sensor for industrial applications

    The CRAFT Sens multi-sensor is an expert at gauging light and presence in high rooms, with a detection range that can be adjusted depending on the particular mounting height. Designed with an increased degree of protection and optimised for higher temperatures, the robust CRAFT sensor is mounted directly on the LED high-bay luminaire for use in harsh industrial environments.


  • 8

    PANOS infinity

    LED downlight R200

    The round version of PANOS infinity with a frame and a diameter of 200 mm nicely complements this extensive downlight family, adding another module to support the design of attractive and consistent architectural lighting. With Spot and Flood light distributions and a high luminous flux of up to 7400 lm, PANOS infinity R200 brings brilliance into every atrium.


  • 9

    ARCOS Rectangular

    Wallwasher for high rooms

    The ARCOS wallwasher is the first choice for museums and galleries with room heights of up to 7 metres. Large wall areas are uniformly illuminated horizontally and vertically from the ceiling to the floor with gentle shadowing and the precise contours of the light beam. Two lengths, two luminous flux values, adjustable tilt angle and outstanding colour rendering of Ra > 90 all contribute to an exemplary performance.


  • 10


    LED downlight and spotlight

    The DIAMO downlight and its miniaturised design stand for brilliance and excellent lighting quality – a product that avoids scattered light by guaranteeing a precise lighting distribution. The version with an exceptional luminous flux of 1900 lm extends the range of design options, which can now include high rooms, and is a perfect companion to the switchable and dimmable versions with 1300 lm.


  • 11


    LED shelf lighting

    Attractive product presentation stimulates the desire to buy – a principle that is at the heart of the KATALYST track-mounted luminaire. The two wings can each be swivelled by 90° to craft a light distribution that is tailored to suit the installation height, aisle width and shelving arrangement. Vertical illuminance makes sure that even small products on a shelf are perfectly highlighted, helping KATALYST achieve a fine blend of lighting quality and real added value.


  • 12

    ARCOS 2 LED xpert

    Spotlight system

    The purist ARCOS 2 XP LED spotlight and the larger ARCOS 3 XP are perfectly matched to the exacting requirements in specialist applications like museums. Both these “experts” can now boast colour rendering of CRI 98 or Ra > 95 and a narrow SDCM 2 colour tolerance. The diverse light distributions in the ARCOS XP spotlight range consistently provide the ideal solution for a variety of different lighting tasks.


  • 13

    SUPERSYSTEM outdoor

    Street lighting, pavement and façade luminaire

    The SUPERSYSTEM outdoor LED lighting tool brings unprecedented flexibility to the illumination of streets, roads, squares, paths and façades. The individually adjustable tubes can be carefully adjusted to generate precise decorative accent lighting. With discreet new ornamental pillars and various lighting elements that shine thanks to accurate light control, SUPERSYSTEM outdoor represents a new range of tailored and consistent solutions for modern cityscapes.

    Design: Dieter Bartenbach


  • 14


    Sensor gateway

    The ED-1AWSD gateway effortlessly connects lighting management systems like LITECOM with commercially available sensors such as presence or motion detectors. The only requirement is that these components have potential-free contacts. The miniaturised ED-1AWSD sensor gateway can be installed in standard enclosures and integrated into TECTON trunking.

  • 15

    LITECOM infinity


    The Multi-Controller expands the number of possibilities offered by LITECOM, an app-based lighting management system synonymous with remarkable simplicity. Multiple controllers can be linked via Ethernet for control solutions that stretch across multiple buildings. LITECOM commissioning and configuration tools make it possible to define key aspects such as size and functionality.




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