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  • 1 TRINOS

    Redefining industrial lighting

    TRINOS is a truly unique proposition. For the first time ever, customers can specify a lighting solution that combines the flexibility and practi­cality of a trunking system with the rugged durability of an IP65 lumi­naire, helping increase employee well-being and productivity in areas that demand higher protection against moisture and dust.

    This pioneering IP65 trunking system supports accurate working and high-quality results in applications such as wood processing, textile manufacturing and covered outdoor areas – applications where tough conditions render other continuous-row ranges unfit for purpose. The unprecedented use of three sealing components shows how TRINOS has been specifically designed to guarantee optimum protection and perfor­mance at all times.

    LED battens with defined lumen packages, colour temperatures and light distributions that is as individual and dynamic as the employees, the processes and the layouts of industrial applications, while escape signage and presence detection improve safety and efficiency. An inno­vative assembly concept saves valuable resources by ensuring quick, simple and safe installation.

    » zumtobel.com/trinos

  • 2 CARDAN evolution

    Setting new standards in accent lighting

    Creating the perfect retail light tool is far from easy. While the goods on display have to appeal to one customer type, the solution illuminating them needs to satisfy the diverse tastes and require­ments of various target groups. This demands a fine blend of design, performance and flexibility – which is where CARDAN evolution really comes into its own.

    This recessed architectural range combines a modern look with the latest LED technology to deliver classic cardanic accent lighting that shapes stimulating retail experiences. The smooth transition from ceiling to spotlight and the absence of a shadow gap between the lamp unit and the frame help CARDAN evolution overcome the problems of traditional cardanics, ensuring a calm appearance that prevents users seeing into the ceiling.

    Yet design is only part of the story. A modular toolbox full of different shapes, sizes, configurations, light colours and accessories meets the needs of every retail application. New optics offer a greater pivot angle or an especially wide light beam for enhanced vertical illumination. Unrivalled efficacy and colour quality come as standard, while the pioneering lightgroove avoids disturbing glare to ensure outstanding visual comfort – for every shopper in every store.

    » zumtobel.com/cardan

  • 3

    ARCOS XP blu

    A new app for intuitive Bluetooth control

    High-quality and precise lighting in museums – this is the raison d'etre of the ARCOS product family and its comprehensive range of LED spotlights. The new ARCOS XP blu LED technology is equipped with communication modules for intuitive control, enabling curators to achieve flicker-free dimming of this purist spotlight via Bluetooth - even without a DALI infra­structure. The status of the luminaire can be checked at any time using the dedicated smartphone app.

    » zumtobel.com/arcos

  • 4


    Extended applications for LED lighting tool

    SUPERSYSTEM II is all about creating emotional lighting effects through the perfect fusion of minimalist design and technical sophistication. Now the M and L spotlights are available with a framing projector, while the M version of the wallwasher fitting can be integrated into a 3-phase track. All spotlights additionally come equipped with new and ultra-safe low-voltage adapters for even more design freedom, allowing the system to be mounted vertically. Optimisation of the LED technology and the L projection spotlight helps show straight-lined exhibits in the best possible light.

    » zumtobel.com/supersystem2

  • 5

    Trackbox XXS for spotlights

    A minimalist control-gear box

    The new Trackbox XXS perfectly complements the miniaturised spotlights of today. This innovative box with a 3-phase adapter and control gear matches the dimensions of the track, enabling this unique solution to tastefully conceal all technical components. The clear lines of the robust Trackbox XXS blend with the track and spotlights such as IYON, VIVO or SUPERSYSTEM, establishing an attractive single unit that fuses design with functionality.

    » zumtobel.com/iyon

  • 6

    MELLOW LIGHT evolution/infinity on TECTON trunking

    New levels of design freedom for office applications

    An icon in modern office lighting: Carefully engineered to meet specific human needs, MELLOW LIGHT evolution and infinity offer individually adjustable workplace lighting that puts the focus back on the people. Now this innovative office luminaire can also be integrated into the multifunctional TECTON continuous-row system, which is ideal for complex office applications. This combination further increases the outstanding design freedom and flexibility offered by the MELLOW LIGHT portfolio.

    » zumtobel.com/tecton

  • 7

    MIREL evolution slim

    A louvre luminaire for the next generation

    An exceptionally slender form helps the single-row version of MIREL evolution really catch the eye. This louvre luminaire sparkles with an outstanding light quality that guarantees high visual comfort, while the discrete appearance of the metallic optic makes this sleek fitting a design highlight on the ceiling. As the ideal replacement for existing T5 and T8 solutions, MIREL evolution slim harnesses an optimal light output to further improve energy efficiency.

    » zumtobel.com/mirel

  • 8

    MIREL evolution wide light distribution

    An office luminaire for large-area lighting

    As a new addition to the family, MIREL evolution wide light distribution extends the portfolio with a next-generation LED louvre luminaire for large-area lighting. The broad light distribution achieves the norm-compliant uniformity of 0.7, making it the perfect choice for the illumination of corridors and expansive office areas. In line with the rest of the MIREL evolution range, this version features the familiar square lens optics and ensures optimum light guidance.

    » zumtobel.com/mirel

  • 9

    MIREL evolution free-standing luminaire

    Exceptional lighting for every workplace

    The new free-standing luminaire completes the extensive MIREL product portfolio with an innovative solution for individual workplace lighting. The authentic design features an extremely flat and compact luminaire head, while state-of-the-art lens optics ensure excellent glare control and uniform illumination – even for two workstations simultaneously. Different head connections also support flexible spatial layouts.

    » zumtobel.com/mirel

  • 10

    tunableWhite 2nd generation

    Optimised technology for a pleasant working atmosphere

    Bio-adaptive lighting concepts ensure increased well-being at the workplace, as the adjustment of artificial lighting to reflect the daylight situation supports the innate human biorhythm. The latest generation of tunableWhite now delivers improved lighting quality to help artificial light get even closer to its ultimate role model: natural daylight. The optimised tunableWhite system is already available in the MELLOW LIGHT evolution/infinity surface and VAERO office luminaires.

    » zumtobel.com/tunablewhite

  • 11

    SLOTLIGHT infinity Technical IP54

    LED light lines for particularly demanding environments

    Straight lines with special protection: SLOTLIGHT infinity Technical enables the realisation of light lines with IP54 protection in testing conditions. Characterised by its durability and long life, this sleek luminaire can be called on to illuminate distinctive spatial environments and external architectural façades. The SLOTLIGHT range has been designed as a continuous light line to offer numerous different possibilities for atmospheric lighting.

    » zumtobel.com/slotlight

  • 12

    SLOTLIGHT infinity direct/indirect

    Light lines for direct and indirect illumination

    SLOTLIGHT infinity direct/indirect is an elegant new centrepiece for prestigious rooms and offices. The extension of this LED light line range incorporates for the first time illumination with direct and indirect light, enabling the fulfilment of both decorative and functional tasks. Variations with a higher lumen package or – in proportion to each other – a stronger direct or indirect output provide the ideal solution for offices and rooms with high ceilings.

    » zumtobel.com/slotlight

  • 13

    TECTON C LED Smart Location

    Beacon integration for new retail experiences

    New intelligence makes TECTON C LED a clever solution – in every sense. Beacon technology can now be integrated into the latest versions of this LED continuous-row system with little effort and no visible change. This enables the real-time identification of customer locations in applications such as supermarkets, giving retailers access to an innovative range of services. Shoppers can receive live updates with the latest offers or help finding a certain product, opening up a whole new world of retail experiences.

    » zumtobel.com/tecton

  • 14

    TECTON C 3500 K

    A new colour temperature for pleasant zonal transitions

    Outstanding versatility: The TECTON C LED continuous-row luminaire is ideal for a wide range of different application areas. Now the range also features a solution with a neutral-white colour temperature. This new 3500 K variant enables smooth transitions between lighting zones with 3000 K and 4000 K. The latest member of the TECTON product family is offered with four light distributions, while flexible and convenient installation continues to be a standard.

    » zumtobel.com/tecton

  • 15

    TECTON cover strips

    A new cover profile for the TECTON trunking system

    Harmony all along the line: The distinctive stylish appearance of the new TECTON cover profile enables uniform spacing with one consistent design for the whole product family. This has been achieved by carefully aligning the profile height of the cover strips with the dimensions of the other light modules. These new cover strips strengthen the clean, clear light lines of the LED trunking in design-oriented applications.

    » zumtobel.com/tecton



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