LED free-standing luminaire

Impressive lighting comfort
with expressive design.


Maximum lighting comfort at every office workstation

  • Expressive design
  • Optimum visibility
  • Minimum use of resources
  • Specially developed for office workplace requirements
  • Innovative LED and control technology



"LINETIK shows which possibilities there are today in LED and control technology to provide the user with the maximum lighting comfort. LINETIK is unobtrusive and integrates in every office landscape; nevertheless it is an expressive design statement."
Matt Free, Director F Mark Ltd
"The starting point of our work was the need of the employees to have the correct light for every visual task and to provide this light with resources reduced to the minimum."
Luke Smith-Wightman
"Office lighting today is facing completely new challenges because the environment is continuously changing, resulting in new requirements arising. We only wanted to use the actually necessary resources to fulfil the task in the best possible way."
Simon Fisher, Director F Mark Ltd



Less of a luminaire, more of a delicate object with a big impact
  • Narrow luminaire body with a cross-section of just 25 x 25 mm
  • Available in all black or all white
  • Robust in spite of the discreet appearance
  • Just a few steps required to set up and position in the room
  • Due to innovative lighting technology and the extraordinary length of the luminaire body, the light is positioned exactly where the user needs it.
  • The lighting is perfectly homogeneous, even at double desk workstations
  • Maximum lighting comfort and minimal volume, combined in an unprecedented unit.


Lighting comfort

Double or single desk workstation:
Lighting according to the EN12464 standard with a free-standing luminaire
Workstation for six persons: Homogeneous lighting with two free-standing luminaires
  • The right light for every employee and every workstation
  • Flexible reaction to changing or unusual room geometries
  • Direct light distribution using newly-developed asymmetrical reflector made of composite material
  • Asymmetrical light distribution into table top in lengthways direction
  • Balanced light distribution, even at double desk workstations
  • Indirect portion of 74 percent, scattered across the ceiling over a wide area
  • Efficiency of 106 up to 111 lm/W
  • LINETIK fulfils lighting requirements in accordance with the EN standard, and is the first free-standing luminaire that also fulfils the homogeneity requirements!



  • Energy-saving potential of up to 70 percent, combined with additional user comfort due to use of modern sensors
  • Integrated motion sensor activates and deactivates the luminaire automatically
  • The illuminance on the desk is measured at the same time
  • The illuminance is dimmed to a constant level depending on the available daylight and artificial light:
    - in accordance with the 500 Lux specified in EN 12464 or
    - as an individually definable value by remote control (accessory)



Direct and indirect light
can be controlled separately
  • The employee has control of the light.
  • Direct and indirect light can be controlled individually and separately
  • Simple operation using three buttons:
    - Short press: Switch luminaire or selected light portion on/off
    - Long press: Dim the illuminance 
  • Direct light setting active until next on/off operation
  • Manual change of the indirect portion has no influence on the constant light regulation of the illuminance
  • After-run time or brightness level can be changed easily and in a user-specific way by remote control (accessory)


Space requirement

  • Even the base plate is reduced for optimum use of space in everyday office environments
  • Heavy, yet still extremely flat metal foot
  • High stability, without standing in the way of compactly arranging the desks
  • Thanks to a recess on both sides, the table legs can be directly positioned on the right and left of the luminaire.
  • Control gear in an external converter box can be easily stored under the table or in the cable tray
  • If required, the luminaire is available with an control gear box that is attached directly to the stand.


Learn more about LINETIK
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