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  • 07/2020
    Lighting Solution

    Light as a learning aid: needs-based lighting in schools

    A modern, dynamic lighting solution in schools creates a learning environment that can already take into account future needs and a wide range of requirements. Four Zumtobel projects demonstrate just how successful school lighting renovations can be. The company’s versatile lighting solutions create a pleasant atmosphere that encourages focused learning and working, while also saving up to 60 per cent energy – and with a short amortisation time, too.
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    Our perception of school and education is changing: learning can be fun! Classrooms are becoming living spaces. Feeling good and performing well are no longer contradictions in terms, but are understood to be cause and effect. Added to this is increasing digitalisation, which poses new challenges for existing infrastructure. Renowned lighting specialists Zumtobel from Dornbirn, Austria, and their innovative lighting solutions are helping to create modern, efficient environments for new learning concepts and digital equipment – with lighting that can do much more than simply provide light. Dynamic light structures the lesson and adds variation and variety to the school day. The light is also influenced by seasonal differences in daylight and the spatial layout of the classrooms. There are three factors at the heart of every lighting solution: excellent flexibility thanks to state-of-the-art technology, an improved room atmosphere that creates a better learning environment, and maximum energy savings.

    Top marks in energy balance
    The rewards for investing in a first-class LED lighting system include both better light and low maintenance and energy costs. The Volksschule Herrenried (primary schoool) in Hohenems (Austria) is a fine example of an energy efficiency upgrade of a school building from the sixties, supplemented by a new wing. The then visionary learning environment still offers the perfect room structure for today’s teaching methods – for whole-class groups, group work or concentrated individual work. There is now no difference in quality between the existing class wing and the adjacent new building. Zumtobel’s MIREL evolution glare-free luminaire family integrates efficiently into the environment of the new building. The renovated building also benefited from efficient integration. Using the ceiling grid of the existing lighting system, it was possible to replace all the existing louvre luminaires with fluorescent lamp technology in the refurbished rooms. Compared with traditional luminaires with 4 x 18 fluorescent lamps, economical luminaires like MIREL evolution can reduce energy consumption by more than 60 per cent. And when combined with control units and sensors, even more energy can be saved. Special optics and high luminous fluxes also help keep purchase costs low as they enable bigger distances between luminaires, which means fewer luminaires are required, depending on the room situation. A further cost-based argument is the long life time of the LED lighting, which reduces the need for replacement and maintenance.

    Daylight creates a favourable learning atmosphere
    In addition to improved energy efficiency, intelligent lighting solutions are also characterised by a pleasant room atmosphere that supports concentrated, disruption-free working and learning. The Höhere Technische Lehranstalt TGM Wien uses a flat LED ceiling luminaire with a bright ceiling aesthetic that acts like a natural skylight. As a second-generation LED luminaire, Zumtobel’s  LIGHT FIELDS micro-pyramidal luminaire guarantees highly efficient, glare-free and homogeneous lighting. A look-out sensor detects the incident light in order to automatically control the luminaire groups that run parallel to the front of the window, depending on the amount of daylight. Three predefined light scenes can be selected at the simple push of a button on the CIRCLE control point at the entrance to the room. Six and a half years is all it takes to amortise an investment in a new lighting solution. The use of LED lighting fixtures in combination with a daylight-dependent control and presence-detection system could reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs and therefore also CO2 emissions by around 50 per cent.

    Maximum flexibility means increased well-being and better concentration
    Alongside relevant research results, several studies looking at better light in classrooms form the basis for the development of Zumtobel’s lighting concepts. For example, researchers at Aalborg University Copenhagen developed new design criteria for light scenes in the classroom, which Zumtobel subsequently implemented. With the help of the lighting infrastructure and the LITECOM in der Herstedlund Primary School in Albertslund, Denmark. Light is intended to be used as a structuring and interactive element in the classroom. Zumtobel’s Active Light concept supports teachers and pupils with different light scenarios for learning – by using different colour temperature and illuminances, the lighting automatically reproduces the dynamics of daylight, supporting the body’s natural biorhythms. With the help of Zumtobel’s tunableWhite technology, for example, the amount of white in the light can be individually adjusted according to daylight and requirements. Depending on the lesson and time of day, bright, bluish light, which inspires feelings of openness, or reddish light, with its more discreet, private feel, encourages pupils to either communicate, carry out concentrated work, be creative or relax. A lighting management system allows the pre-programmed lighting scenarios to be easily controlled by the teaching staff. The colour settings and light intensity of all the luminaires in the classroom can be individually adjusted.

    Light offers more freedom
    The closer a form of light comes to imitating the characteristics of daylight, the more invigorating its effect on people. Another example of a successful lighting concept is the new primary and secondary school in Hard (Austria), usually known as the “Schule am See”. It is known for its innovative pedagogical and architectural approach, in which the lighting solution also plays its part. The new building by architects Baumschlager Hutter Partners is designed as a cluster school, in which each of the nine identical clusters is a small school in itself. A cluster structure enables the creation of partially autonomous socio-spatial units in large schools, which are manageable for pupils and teachers and help them feel at home. At the same time, the architectural principle allows many freedoms, including the freedom to reconfigure the individual rooms at any time and the freedom to teach and learn everywhere. The lighting solution developed specially for this project contributes hugely to the use of these freedoms. At first glance, no luminaires can be seen. The secret? Ultra-streamlined, white PICO LED light lines in tunableWhite. Integrated in a uniform grid flush into the white exposed concrete ceiling, they initially look simply like structuring strips. Thanks to micro-faceted downlight technology and recessed LED light points with high-gloss reflectors, they nevertheless enable optimum luminous efficacy and glare-free light. Customised daylight linking colour temperatures between 2,700 and 5,700 Kelvin are adapted to the biorhythms of teachers and pupils, thus improving well-being, attention and concentration. The lighting solution thus also contributes to a progressive, needs-based learning environment. “Teachers and students often aren’t aware of what creates the unique atmosphere in our school”, says head teacher Christian Grabher. “But it’s down to the successful interplay of architecture, lighting and interior design. And the learning spaces, which, thanks to the glass façade, the glass partitions and the invisible but powerful luminaires, are light and airy.”

    Info box
    Zumtobel offers four planning scenarios that can be used as a basis for creating customised lighting for any school building. All four solutions include blackboard lighting with MIREL evolution wall washers as well as a daylight and motion-dependent lighting control system (DIMLITE school KIT or basicDIM Wireless).

    1. 1. BASIC: MIREL evolution, an easy-to-install, highly efficient luminaire based on a modular system
    2. 2. PERFORMANCE: MELLOW LIGHT evolution evolution for daylight-like lighting with separately controllable direct/indirect shares and Crystal Optic
    3. 3. ADVANCED: ECOOS II, a 360°-beam luminaire, which provides perfect glare-free light for computer workplaces even at high luminous fluxes
    4. 4. PROFESSIONAL: LIGHT FIELDS III offers glare-free light from every angle – from a frameless luminaire that is particularly easy to clean thanks to its smooth surfaces

    Zumtobel also offers DIMLITE school Kit, a lighting control system adapted for use in schools, which uses available daylight and presence-dependent lighting control. basicDIM Wireless provides a wireless alternative that enables any classroom lighting system to be modernised and controlled without the need for additional wiring. For both variants, the relevant sensors and control points are also available directly from Zumtobel.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 05/2020
    Lighting Solution

    Peak performance: Zumtobel lights Scott Sports headquarters

    Anything but ordinary: the architects at IttenBrechbühl in Bern have designed a new headquarters for Scott Sports in which nothing has been left to chance. And Zumtobel played a significant part in this innovative construction project, too, with their customised lighting solution and clever concealment of technology helping to create a pleasant working environment that supports employee well-being.
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    Always give your best. For Beat Zaugg, CEO of Scott Sports, "peak performance" is a key concept. It's what has enabled his outdoor equipment company to join the ranks of the world's most successful sporting goods manufacturers. And it's also reflected in the architecture of the company's new headquarters in Givisiez, Switzerland. The building's impressive architecture houses an inviting working environment, where open space and light are the real luxuries.

    The new building will be home to all Scott Sports departments, which include the cycling, winter sports, running and motor sport departments, as well as subsidiaries of the divisions such as Syncros, Bergamont, Dolomite, Powderhorn, Bach, Lizard and Outdoor Research. When employees enter the new building, they are greeted by a spectacular atrium flooded with light, which is accessed via an impressive flight of steps that flows from the entrance and via a curved wall to the auditorium. Public areas are accessed via this lobby.The ground floor includes the cafeteria and restaurant, as well as the showroom and a view of the grounds, where newly developed bikes are tested. On the four upper floors, employees will find open-plan office space and separate focus rooms, all intended to offer future generations the perfect working environment, too. Employees can also use the bike garages, fitness facilities and lockers. "I believe that it's important for our employees to be able to benefit from an infrastructure that allows them to play sport, meet or simply relax", says Zaugg. The company intends to employ up to 600 employees in its new headquarters. The aim was to offer employees a stimulating environment, along with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology.

    Dynamic construction
    The new building's external façade is aluminium and is a direct reference to the Scott Sport's first product: a ski pole in the same material. The high-tech base façade and the dynamic awning, which opens and closes depending on the weather, are also remarkable. There's a hidden analogy here, too: "Scott Sports is a dynamic company that has grown considerably in recent years. We wanted to show that in the façade as well", explains architect Tima Kamberi from IttenBrechbühl. The wooden slats on the atrium walls are also particularly interesting and also allude to the company's connection with skiing. The word "ski" comes from Norwegian and simply means "split piece of wood". Here, this creates an effect that emphasises the spaciousness of the rooms. The main challenge for Zumtobel lay in integrating the technical lighting in the structure and blending it visually into the architecture. And the Austrian luminaire manufacturer found exactly the right customised lighting solution for the task.

    Special lighting solution for perfect presentation
    In the atrium, light plays a central role. Daylight is let in through the roof and is supported by artificial light in the form of the almost invisible light lines SLOTLIGHT infinity slim, which were integrated discreetly in the ceiling as general lighting. On the wall, minimalist linear luminaires, placed asymmetrically between the wooden slats, create striking light effects: when you enter, you notice them as objects, when you leave, you notice only their light. The continuous rows, only 45 millimetres thick, are designed to cleverly guide light around corners using 90-degree connecting elements. They have been individually shortened and bevelled. Room geometries are thus highlighted, room zones defined and corner areas placed in focus.

    In the auditorium, SLOTLIGHT infinity slim was used as a continuous light line to create a kind of tunnel. The luminaires thus integrate the necessary technology for the media room and also hold the special ceiling sails that dampen the acoustics and absorb sound – for an impressive cinematic effect. In addition, PANOS Downlights ensure that the stage can be lit in multiple ways.

    The vital need to integrate technical lighting into the architecture is also clearly in evidence on the office floors. The glare-free circumferential light line connects corridors and offices with rounded corners, where the technical lighting challenge lay in creating a uniform light colour on the straight and curved parts. A particular challenge for Zumtobel was the integration of the continuous rows in the acoustic ceiling sails, in which the glare-free light lines were laid diagonally, reflecting the geometry of the external façade and requiring each luminaire to be individually adapted.

    This professional concealment and integration of the technology makes the individual areas of the company headquarters appear spacious and inviting. "Open spaces are important, as they enable growth", says Zaugg. "I believe that in Zumtobel we have found a partner who shares this view and works towards this as a company".

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 05/2020

    CLEAN II: clean light you can rely on

    Some situations demand light in its purest form: when maximum concentration is required. When hygiene and resistance are top priority. When every inch of a room needs to be brightly illuminated. In a hospital, a laboratory, a food production facility. The supreme and industry versions of Zumtobel's CLEAN II take on these special lighting tasks. With their ultra-resistant, discreet design, they focus on what's essential: pure light. tunableWhite technology provides additional support, and perfect white light quality.
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    The design of the CLEAN II provides a perfect framework for light. With its cutting-edge technology, the second-generation product continues the legacy of the CLEAN luminaire family, a long-standing member of Zumtobel's portfolio. Its streamlined structure adapts seamlessly to any spatial conditions and requirements. Especially in laboratories, hospitals and industrial production facilities, the essential components of the technical equipment run through the ceiling and the available installation space must be used efficiently. In practice, the reduced luminaire height means easier installation and maintenance. For project designers, it means more freedom at the design stage. And thanks to the consistent positive-locking and smooth interlocking of all the components, the design is well able to cope with strict hygiene regulations.

    CLEAN II supreme: actively controllable lighting for medical workplaces
    In medical institutions such as laboratories, operating theatres and hospitals, light must adapt to many specific user requirements. For example, during operations, the surgical field should be illuminated with wideband white light, while in patient wards or in intensive care, a dynamically controlled light colour that moves between cool and warm can actively support patients' biorhythm. Integrated tunableWhite technology allows CLEAN II supreme to react appropriately to any environment. The light colours and luminous intensities of the LEDs are controlled by precisely calibrated drivers that ensure a constant lumen output at any light temperature or intensity. Doubly asymmetric light distribution allows white light to be switched to the secondary light colours of blue or green: asymmetrical light distribution prevents direct glare and eye strain, and is an ideal solution for precise, disruption-free working conditions in otherwise darkened rooms.

    In the cleanroom: form follows function
    The technical structure of CLEAN II supreme takes into account project design, installation and maintenance under special operating conditions. A click system enables new luminaires to be efficiently installed and drivers and lamps to be quickly replaced. Foam seals on the front and rear protect against dust, water and steam. Optional access via the rear of the CLEAN II supreme ST version is tailor-made for use in cleanrooms and can be used to carry out maintenance work without having to enter the cleanroom. The Light Engine with its side lighting technology can also be taken out and replaced from here. The front consists of an optical film, a micro-pyramidal optic and the bright white glass cover. The single-pane tempered safety glass with three times the tensile strength is non-porous, dirt-repellent and anti-static, preventing the build-up of germs and bacteria. Both the glass and the powder-coated steel housing are easy to clean and resistant even to corrosive cleaning agents.

    Precise light from every angle
    What makes CLEAN II supreme really stand out is its MPO+ technology. This sits between the glass and the film, and directs the light precisely while reducing glare. Its secret lies in the micro-pyramidal optic that evenly diffuses the LED light using a diffuser layer, ensuring pleasant light distribution and high luminous efficacy. The patented optic balances diffuse and directed light and floods the room with brilliant, ultra-precise light without contrast overlays, which helps medical personnel carry out their challenging work.

    CLEAN II industry: hygienic design for industrial cleanroom technology
    Instead of mineral glass, the CLEAN II industry recessed and surface-mounted luminaires have an acrylic glass cover. Acrylic glass, also known as PMMA, is given its ultimate shape in a thermal process that also allows for sloping surfaces and undercuts. The cover's high-precision design ensures that it forms an impermeable joint with the steel housing. The resulting product is resistant in accordance with the IP65 rating, which means that CLEAN II industry is protected against dust, water and steam, and resistant to chemical and alkali solutions. In terms of aesthetics and function, the PMMA cover offers excellent optical light distribution while high-quality, ceramic-chip-based LEDs ensure great heat management. The industry series is the perfect choice for anywhere a hygienic, dust-free environment is required as standard and heavy demands are placed on the durability of furnishings and fittings. Available in different versions, as a square or rectangular panel, built into the ceiling, surface- or top-mounted, it fits into any architectural environment – as a perfect lighting solution for the food industry, in commercial and industrial kitchens, pharmaceutical production facilities and all other cleanrooms.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 03/2020

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information on the current situation at the Zumtobel Group

    In the current situation, the Zumtobel Group and its brands are working intensively to ensure that all business activities continue to run smoothly for their customers. Aware of its responsibility as a company, the Zumtobel Group attaches top priority to the health and safety of its customers, partners and employees.
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    Consequently, a series of measures have been implemented following the regulations issued by the Austrian Federal Government and the general recommendations of the health authorities. Many employees are already working from home, ensuring that customers can get in touch with their usual contacts in sales as well as in other departments by phone or virtual channels.

    The Zumtobel Group's production facilities and distribution centres are currently operating normally with strict precautions in place to protect suppliers, forwarders as well as employees. Shift changes have been modified to provide additional safety for employees.

    In these difficult times for everyone, the Zumtobel Group would like to express its special thanks to its customers, partners and employees for their trusting cooperation.
  • 01/2020
    Lighting Solution

    Light Works! – Zumtobel supplies visionary lighting solution for Infobip headquarters in Croatia

    Ideas are only as good as the people behind them. And these people need an optimal environment to work with motivation, efficiency and creativity. Zumtobel demonstrates the importance of lighting in achieving a good working atmosphere with its lighting solution for the IT and telecommunications specialist Infobip – whose founders in Croatia were promptly marked out by Ernst & Young as progressive entrepreneurs and exemplary employers. Culture is reflected in architecture. 
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    How important is daylight for people? What influence does lighting have on employee performance? How can a lighting solution contribute to a greater sense of well-being? These are the questions that Zumtobel studied together with Gruppe Nymphenburg from Munich as part of a neuropsychological study . For many years now, the Austrian luminaire manufacturer has been pointing out the benefits of holistic light quality through Active Light, which is modelled on daylight. It increases employee well-being and promotes a creative working environment. The IT and telecommunications specialist Infobip trusted in Zumtobel's expertise for the lighting at its new headquarters in Vodnjan/Croatia. The globally active Croatian company offers, amongst other things, mobile cloud services and omnichannel messaging services for companies and mobile communications operators. Its 500 or so employees predominantly work at their screens in offices and conference rooms, so a lighting solution with optimal glare control and high flexibility is required. This is because if you work all day at a PC or laptop, you need lighting that adapts to changes in daylight, thereby helping to support the body's natural biorhythm. And increasing employee well-being.

    The company headquarters not only has offices and meeting rooms, but also a fitness area, a restaurant and a training centre. This building is just one part of the high-tech Infobip campus, however. The campus also includes an apartment complex for employees and guests, a car park, several sports grounds and a park. Zumtobel's challenge was to create an optimal and efficient lighting solution for the different areas of the campus, with the focus on the needs of the employees.

    The result: The LITENET lighting management system has an integrated daylight sensor and controls the overall tunableWhite solution by monitoring the sky situation. In addition to greater lighting comfort, maximum energy efficiency can also be achieved through the intelligent integration of daylight sensors, presence detectors and time sensors. Automatically integrated blinds provide protection against direct sunlight. And the artificial light follows the natural rhythm in the right light colour and intensity, and in brilliant quality. tunableWhite technology ensures that the intensity and colour temperature of the luminaires can be defined completely independently of each other – for a lighting concept that follows human expectations and activities, e.g. through pre-defined static lighting scenes or automated daily routines in the office.

    For optimal office lighting, Zumtobel selected the slim, linear LIGHT FIELDS evolution luminaire in the tunableWhite version. As a pendant version, it offers employees ideal light for screen work, with the best possible glare control thanks to MPO+ optic. The interaction between direct and indirect light also creates a positive working atmosphere. SUPERSYSTEM II spotlights also provide brilliant accent lighting. The basic lighting throughout the building is provided by SLOTLIGHT infinity in the form of discrete light lines. In the chill-out area, ONDARIA shines like an artificial sun. This extensive lighting fixture achieves uniform lighting of the room. The pleasant distribution of light and soft shadows also create a cosy atmosphere. In the communication zones and in the living area of the apartments, the decorative CAELA provides inviting general lighting with soft light distribution. The individual lighting solution is rounded off with SUPERSYSTEM outdoor for the outside area as well as emergency lighting through the RESCLITE and PURESIGN safety luminaires.

    Light is increasingly valued as one of the most important design elements and key factors in satisfaction and motivation of employees at work. In practice, however, only around 57 percent of employees can control the lighting situation in the office according to their own needs, as discovered by the global user study by Zumtobel in cooperation with Frauenhofer IAO . The company Infobip is an employer that has now recognised how light can support and motivate people in office environments – and that is now also implementing this. One good reason why the Infobip founders were awarded the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of The Year” award in Croatia in 2019.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

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