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Press information 2020

  • 03/2020

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information on the current situation at the Zumtobel Group

    In the current situation, the Zumtobel Group and its brands are working intensively to ensure that all business activities continue to run smoothly for their customers. Aware of its responsibility as a company, the Zumtobel Group attaches top priority to the health and safety of its customers, partners and employees.
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    Consequently, a series of measures have been implemented following the regulations issued by the Austrian Federal Government and the general recommendations of the health authorities. Many employees are already working from home, ensuring that customers can get in touch with their usual contacts in sales as well as in other departments by phone or virtual channels.

    The Zumtobel Group's production facilities and distribution centres are currently operating normally with strict precautions in place to protect suppliers, forwarders as well as employees. Shift changes have been modified to provide additional safety for employees.

    In these difficult times for everyone, the Zumtobel Group would like to express its special thanks to its customers, partners and employees for their trusting cooperation.
  • 01/2020
    Lighting Solution

    Light Works! – Zumtobel supplies visionary lighting solution for Infobip headquarters in Croatia

    Ideas are only as good as the people behind them. And these people need an optimal environment to work with motivation, efficiency and creativity. Zumtobel demonstrates the importance of lighting in achieving a good working atmosphere with its lighting solution for the IT and telecommunications specialist Infobip – whose founders in Croatia were promptly marked out by Ernst & Young as progressive entrepreneurs and exemplary employers. Culture is reflected in architecture. 
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    How important is daylight for people? What influence does lighting have on employee performance? How can a lighting solution contribute to a greater sense of well-being? These are the questions that Zumtobel studied together with Gruppe Nymphenburg from Munich as part of a neuropsychological study . For many years now, the Austrian luminaire manufacturer has been pointing out the benefits of holistic light quality through Active Light, which is modelled on daylight. It increases employee well-being and promotes a creative working environment. The IT and telecommunications specialist Infobip trusted in Zumtobel's expertise for the lighting at its new headquarters in Vodnjan/Croatia. The globally active Croatian company offers, amongst other things, mobile cloud services and omnichannel messaging services for companies and mobile communications operators. Its 500 or so employees predominantly work at their screens in offices and conference rooms, so a lighting solution with optimal glare control and high flexibility is required. This is because if you work all day at a PC or laptop, you need lighting that adapts to changes in daylight, thereby helping to support the body's natural biorhythm. And increasing employee well-being.

    The company headquarters not only has offices and meeting rooms, but also a fitness area, a restaurant and a training centre. This building is just one part of the high-tech Infobip campus, however. The campus also includes an apartment complex for employees and guests, a car park, several sports grounds and a park. Zumtobel's challenge was to create an optimal and efficient lighting solution for the different areas of the campus, with the focus on the needs of the employees.

    The result: The LITENET lighting management system has an integrated daylight sensor and controls the overall tunableWhite solution by monitoring the sky situation. In addition to greater lighting comfort, maximum energy efficiency can also be achieved through the intelligent integration of daylight sensors, presence detectors and time sensors. Automatically integrated blinds provide protection against direct sunlight. And the artificial light follows the natural rhythm in the right light colour and intensity, and in brilliant quality. tunableWhite technology ensures that the intensity and colour temperature of the luminaires can be defined completely independently of each other – for a lighting concept that follows human expectations and activities, e.g. through pre-defined static lighting scenes or automated daily routines in the office.

    For optimal office lighting, Zumtobel selected the slim, linear LIGHT FIELDS evolution luminaire in the tunableWhite version. As a pendant version, it offers employees ideal light for screen work, with the best possible glare control thanks to MPO+ optic. The interaction between direct and indirect light also creates a positive working atmosphere. SUPERSYSTEM II spotlights also provide brilliant accent lighting. The basic lighting throughout the building is provided by SLOTLIGHT infinity in the form of discrete light lines. In the chill-out area, ONDARIA shines like an artificial sun. This extensive lighting fixture achieves uniform lighting of the room. The pleasant distribution of light and soft shadows also create a cosy atmosphere. In the communication zones and in the living area of the apartments, the decorative CAELA provides inviting general lighting with soft light distribution. The individual lighting solution is rounded off with SUPERSYSTEM outdoor for the outside area as well as emergency lighting through the RESCLITE and PURESIGN safety luminaires.

    Light is increasingly valued as one of the most important design elements and key factors in satisfaction and motivation of employees at work. In practice, however, only around 57 percent of employees can control the lighting situation in the office according to their own needs, as discovered by the global user study by Zumtobel in cooperation with Frauenhofer IAO . The company Infobip is an employer that has now recognised how light can support and motivate people in office environments – and that is now also implementing this. One good reason why the Infobip founders were awarded the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of The Year” award in Croatia in 2019.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

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