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Active Light | Connecting with Nature

Creating Light Creates Life

Always reliable and yet simultaneously surprising, natural light has guided and accompanied us since the dawn of time. It intuitively supports our natural rhythm and has a dynamic influence on our ability to see, providing us with new images that stimulate our emotions on a daily basis. It controls human processes and even influences our internal clock.
Active Light uniquely imitates natural light, opening the realms of time and space to various different levels of human interaction when combined effectively with architecture. As a result, a careful blend of intensity, colour and direction at the right time can support natural light – evoking a higher quality of life through light.

The 3 Levels of Light Quality

Visuelle Wirkung von Licht
Emotionale Wirkung von Licht
Biologische Wirkung von Licht
Human interface   Receptors in the eye   Parts of the brain that process visual stimuli   Hormonal secretion, body functions
Function   Optimal assimilation of information   Wellbeing, attention, identity, changing moods   Activity, activation, recreation, stabilisation of the internal clock

4 Dimensions of Active Light






"The sun rolling high through the sapphire sky, keeps great and small on the endless round. It's the circle of life." (Elton John)
The position of the sun, the reflective light of the moon and the weather determine the light intensity over the course of a year, a month and a day.





The course of the sun in a day or a season has influenced the precise location of human settlements since the beginning of time. The sun helps create dynamic silhouettes so that shadow-free hours with a cloudy sky seem rather dull in comparison.


Sunrise or sunset, a rainbow, the subtle interplay of light and water, the light reflected by a rich autumn forest or a vivid snow scene – nature’s light adds a colourful, emotional quality to our lives.



Originally, phases of activity and recreation were defined by the natural course of light. It wasn’t until the development of more advanced sources of artificial light that humans began to shift nature’s dimensions of time, resulting in both positive and negative consequences.

Active Light Applications

Active Light Office   Offices and Communication

Creating Light Creates Inspiration

Wellbeing in office spaces is enhanced by holistic lighting ecosystems. Active Light is linked to daylight dynamics, actively supporting the natural bio rhythm and seamlessly ensuring maximum visual comfort for tasks. Such human centric lighting solutions bring people together and promote creativity, as they are effortlessly personalized, with the individual always at heart.

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Industry and Engineering

Creating Light Creates Precision

Active Light in industry is as unique and dynamic as the employees, the processes and the layout of different production halls. Human Centric Lighting puts the focus of the lighting design firmly on the individual. Visual, emotional and biological needs are fully supported by a blend of Active Light and additional workplace-oriented lighting for work during the day and the night. This approach also facilitates accurate working and improved quality. Pioneering lighting solutions with Activity-Based-Lighting use innovative sensor technology to automatically adapt to the specific situation.

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  Active Light für Industrie und Technik
Active Light für Präsentation und Verkauf   Presentation and Retail

Creating Light Creates Emotions

It is human instinct to be unconsciously drawn to moving objects. That is why our LIMBIC ® research has focused on the human senses and how these are affected by Active Light. The aim is to create a world of experiences linked to various types of personalities that activate our senses and guide our perception, drawing people to what stimulates them and crafting a lighting environment for every kind of individual.

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Art and Culture

Creating Light Creates Imagination

A flexible lighting system is sensitive to context, adapting to suit different architectural situations and offering exactly the right light to maximize the appreciation of every artwork.
In museums, Active Light focuses on visual comfort and preserving sensitive materials while simultaneously taking all conservational and visual aspects in to account.
This creates a unique experience, emphasizing the appreciation of art and architecture, as well as the importance of a precise and dynamic lighting system.

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  Active Kunst und Kultur
Active Light für Außenbereiche und Architektur   Outdoor and Architecture

Creating Light Creates Interaction

Dynamic light can be aligned with the behaviour of people during the night. Providing a lighting scheme that incorporates several layers of light requires a flexible system that satisfies the needs of both people and the environment during different periods of the night. Light can activate urban areas by generating curiosity and inspiring people to experiencing particular places. Active Light enables designers to turn spaces into places, creating a specific social identity and a true sense of belonging. The nocturnal ecosystem is preserved if the lighting system intelligently balances visual, biological and emotional factors. Thinking about the specific users of a place helps us to plan and execute lighting on a human scale.

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