A futuristic journey through the spectrum of light

Zumtobel realised an image film at Lightforum Dornbirn
In this video, Zumtobel takes you on a futuristic journey through the spectrum of light. The visual artist Andreas Waldschütz based in Vienna captured these moments at the Lightforum in Dornbirn. Through his artwork he creates his own worlds – futuristic, avant-garde, progressive. The artist has already worked together with Zumtobel for several photo and video projects. The image film about the Zumtobel Lightforum Dornbirn is the latest creative cooperation.

Shot at Zumtobel’s Light Forum in Dornbirn, which is a hive of innovation and creativity, the brand was personified and the essence and very special connective potential that light offers our physical and metaphorical surroundings, captured.

This is a passionate, graceful and avant-garde image film, which dares to draw outside the lines and, at the same time, discovers and conquers the fundamental meaning to improve the quality of life through light, thereby achieving greatness in lighting.

After all, there’s lighting –and there’s Zumtobel lighting.

Zumtobel. The Light.