CARDAN evolution

Cardanic recessed downlight

CARDAN evolution

CARDAN evolution

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CARDAN evolution

Setting new standards in accent lighting

CARDAN evolution
A tilt angle of up to 20 degrees can be achieved without the luminaire illuminating itself, supporting a calm ceiling appearance and improved efficiency.
Conventional cardanic solution
Tilting the luminaire head means that a significant amount of light is directed towards the fitting itself.

perfect glare control

seamless transition

CARDAN evolution

Setting new standards in accent lighting

Alexander Rybol
Head of Product Design
blocher partners
Jürgen Gaiser
Executive Board Interior/Product Design
blocher partner
“The recess in the housing, also known as the ‘Lightgroove’, is the decisive and simultaneously subtle distinguishing feature of the design. This shaping prevents self-lighting and thereby increases the efficiency of the luminaire, while the compact installation size ensures a quiet ceiling appearance – a feature that we find very important for the effective application of this product. All the benefits of the luminaire are therefore based on their functions, leading to a design that is in no way compromised by short-term trends.”

CARDAN evolution

Easy-to-use variety

Accent lighting can now be aligned from the ground to suit the respective product offer using an adjustment tool for CARDAN evolution M recessed downlights – without having to climb a ladder.

CARDAN evolution M
with vertical optic
CARDAN evolution M
with bending glass optic
CARDAN evolution M
Accent lighting

CARDAN evolution

Simple installation that works in both ways

Easy disassembly
The recessed downlights can also be removed and reconfigured just as quickly with the help of a dismantling tool, offering a major benefit when it comes to rearranging sales areas and retail displays. And one thing is for certain: Both the ceiling and the recessed frame remain completely unmarked during the disassembly process.
Straightforward mounting
The modular design of the CARDAN evolution downlight range enables tool-free installation. Tried-and-tested Zumtobel fixing methods mean that the recessed ring and all frames can be mounted quickly and easily by hand, while the luminaire head itself is simply clicked ­into place.

CARDAN evolution

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