Next-generation lighting management – now for the whole building


From LITECOM to LITECOM infinity

  • LITECOM is limited to 250 addresses
  • LITECOM infinity enables installations including up to 2500 addresses
  • Every LITECOM system can be extended to LITECOM infinity with a software update
  • Both systems can be extended in terms of functions


Lighting management system

  • Commissioning via touch panel
  • Control via mobile devices
  • Main functions available at a click
  • Well-being thanks to individual configuration of lighting scenes
Cost reduction
  • Cutting energy consumption
  • Saving time during commissioning
  • Wizards instead of training courses
  • Investment keeping up with the future
  • Easy configuration that may be changed at any time
  • Functions and size can be adjusted and extended
  • Always up-to-date thanks to periodical updates
  • Safe design assisted by
    the LITECOM Design Manager
  • Quick installation
  • Simple commissioning
  • Intuitive operation


Intuitive user guidance



  • 250 actuators per LITECOM system
  • 64 DALI ballasts per DALI circuit
  • 64 DALI ED units per DALI circuit
  • 120 DALI bus loads per DALI circuit
  • 1-n LITECOM CCD in LITECOM infinity system
  • 250 – 2 500 actuators per LITECOM infinity system


LITECOM infinity case examples

7-storey office building
- 3 tenants
- 1 LITECOM infinity system
  with 4 controllers
- 1 LITECOM infinity system
  with 2 controllers
- 1 LITECOM system
The company becomes smaller and thus requires only four floors. A new company uses two of the remaining floors with two interconnected controllers. The last floor with one controller is rented out to a new tenant as well.
7-storey office building
- 1 tenant
- 1 LITECOM infinity system with 7 controllers
The building is extended by two floors and one company rents all floors. Two additional controllers are installed and connected to the existing one to form one LITECOM infinity system.
5-storey office building
- 3 tenants
- 1 LITECOM infinity system with 3 controllers
- 2 autonomous LITECOM controllers
Two companies transfer their locations and the remaining tenant rents the now vacant floors. The already installed controllers are connected to form one LITECOM infinity system.
5-storey office building
- 5 tenants, one on each floor
- 5 autonomous LITECOM controllers
The office building floors are rented out to different companies. A standalone LITECOM system is available for each floor.


The most efficient way to save energy

Scientific evidence that lighting management increases
a building's efficiency:


  • Combination of efficient luminaires and intelligent control results in maximum energy savings

  • Energy consumption can be reduced by approx. 25 per cent using luminaires fitted with electronic control gear with a dimming function

  • Additional potential savings of 20 to 40 per cent thanks to presence detectors and switch-on times defined in the building calendar

  • Manual adjustment of lighting scenes to the respective activity will reduce electricity costs in many cases

  • Savings of up to 75 per cent of energy consumed by lighting through the use of daylight, even where blinds are used as well

  • A building's cooling load is reduced by coordinated control of lighting and blinds


The new way of meeting customer demands

LITECOM focuses the light on the user.
Via LITECOM, every lighting solution can be optimised with respect to visual comfort, and at the same time be maximised in terms of energy efficiency. From control of individual rooms up to several floors or whole buildings: the functions and dimensions of the LITECOM system can be configured accordingly. It can be controlled via conventional momentary-action switches as well as via Zumtobel control units, smartphones, tablets or other computers.

Convenience / well-being

Cost reduction

Mobile interaction
All devices featuring a web browser can communicate with LITECOM.
Wizard-guided commissioning instead of time-consuming training.


App concept
for a new dimension
of flexibility.



App concept

  • The app concept makes lighting control systems exceptionally flexible
  • Can be extended by new luminaires, control units or functions at any time
  • Scalable to up to 250 actuators
  • LITECOM controller, controllable luminaires, sensors, any type of control point = ready for operation


App concept

* At present, only available for LITECOM


Basic app: Flexible from scratch

Creating zones
Protective functions
Conditional scene call
Setting and calling up lighting scenes
Addressing wizard
Personalising the user interface,
defining key data
Taking security measures
Addressing actuators directly
For details please refer to the brochure.
Presence-based control
Installation test
Creating and maintaining structures


Optional apps: Extensions as required

Daylight-based control
Emergency luminaires
Special luminaires
SEQUENCE multifunctional LED luminaire
For details please refer to the brochure.



Guided commissioning

Step by step, the addressing wizard will guide you through the commissioning procedure. This tool allows even non-engineers to commission the system effectively. Basic functions such as switching and dimming of luminaires and luminaire groups as well as lighting scenes are available after just a few steps. Other wizards will help users make settings and configurations for special luminaires or daylight-based control.

1. Create rooms and groups

2. Add luminaires to rooms

3. Add input devices

4. Check and save



Shows: dynamic lighting scenes

  • Dynamic lighting scenarios using various colour and tunableWhite luminaires
  • Straightforward adjustment of colour temperature, lighting intensity and the balance between direct and indirect light component
  • In particular for offices or night-shift work: scientifically founded, predefined sequences to support people's circadian rhythm
  • Intuitive user guidance according to the LITECOM script: simply assign the required lighting qualities to the relevant times – LITECOM will calculate all transitions and transmit them to the luminaires
  • For testing in advance, the application can be run in real time or in quick-motion mode
  • Sequences can be transferred easily and quickly using an export/import function – lighting scripts can thus be used for several applications


App for emergency luminaires*: security from a single supplier

* At present, only available for LITECOM

A single system including both general and emergency luminaires
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Less space required in the switch cabinet
  • Considerably less cabling since all emergency luminaires use the general lighting's DALI line
  • Monitoring of up to 100 emergency luminaires
  • Automated tests and test logs
  • Test log book where the test results are centrally stored for at least three years
  • Data is stored directly in the controller in a tamper-resistant format
  • Dates and times of test cycles can be programmed as required
  • Possibility of starting the test functions manually via the controller
  • Freely programmable signalling contacts
  • System can be blocked for service work


The most advanced way of controlling luminaires

  • Mobile interaction via any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the network  
  • Target group-adequate control thanks to a two-level access system – as easy as a momentary-action light switch:
    - lighting scenes can be called up with one click
    - new functions can be added within seconds
    - configuration assisted step by step



For operation and configuration

Open to any kind of control unit

Consistently designed to meet the individual requirements of users, LITECOM allows integration of any type of control unit – from traditional momentary-action switches through to the well-known Zumtobel control points and even mobile devices. The smaller screens allow intuitive operation of the room previously selected, while those with larger screen sizes allow operation and configuration of the entire system.


For operation and configuration

App for mobile devices

The free app links mobile devices to LITECOM and is available at the App Store for iOS and at Google Play for Android products. The search for access points and network set-up is effected automatically, and stored links can be called up again at a later date. All functions required for operating a LITECOM lighting control system are conveniently displayed on computers and tablets as well as on smartphones.


Touch panel

  • Consistent glass panel and shadow gap
    when recessed flush into the wall
  • Capacitive multi-touch display for simultaneous processing of commands via multiple tapping
  • High-resolution, high-contrast colour display with a
    7 inch diagonal screen
  • High-performance data connection via Ethernet 
  • High processor performance and memory capacity
  • Low power consumption, high operational reliability
    and long service life


Ready for operation more quickly than any other lighting control system

1 LITECOM Controller

More options, less effort.
  • An independent time study conducted by REFA-Consulting has shown that LITECOM can be commissioned considerably faster than a comparable KNX system
  • In three attempts, the test person needed 13 minutes on average to configure and address a lighting system with LITECOM, as compared to 49 minutes with
    a KNX system
  • Perfect results even for electrical installers without any expert knowledge, after a short briefing, when installing and commissioning complex lighting systems

* For details on the study, please go to

13 minutes *

1 electrical installer


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