Multifunctional LED lighting tool

    As a multifunctional lighting tool, SUPERSYSTEM II meets a vast variety of requirements: in shops and retail spaces, in museums and galleries as well as in hotels and hospitality, conference rooms or residential applications. In doing so, its high-quality features, elegance and functionality reflect the zeitgeist. The second generation of SUPERSYSTEM II boasts a delicate design, refined materials and consistent miniaturisation as well as flexibility and efficient LED technology. In combination with an extensive set of easy-to-install lighting modules, the track section, which is only 26 mm wide, handles all demanding lighting tasks – at outstanding lighting quality. SUPERSYSTEM II has been optimised for general and accent lighting as well as wallwashing, providing the basis for lighting solutions across several rooms in a uniform design.

    For pinpoint accent lighting, the miniature spotlights in three design sizes and with a luminous flux level of up to 1200 lm are ideal – featuring rotationally symmetrical light distribution with superspot to wideflood beam patterns or oval distribution. Vertical areas are brightened up pleasantly and uniformly by wallwashers. The LED light lines, only 33 mm high, with various distribution characteristics show their special strengths in general lighting, for instance as a narrow luminous ribbon. The wide range of lighting solutions demonstrates: SUPERSYSTEM II is a name that stands for consistent diversity.


  • 2 SLOTLIGHT infinity slim

    Slim LED light line

    The consistently accurate light lines have become THE tool in architectural lighting, because – when integrated into ceilings and walls – they can attractively emphasise room geometries, but also create effective contrasts or special effects. Even greater scope for creative design is opened up by SLOTLIGHT infinity slim, which is only 45 mm wide, one third narrower than the standard light lines. SLOTLIGHT infinity slim provides potential for (almost) unrestricted creativity: the SLOTLIGHT infinity slim design feature and functional lighting tool can also be elegantly integrated into solid wood ceilings.


  • 3 LITECOM infinity

    Lighting management for activity-based lighting

    An extra feature of the LITECOM infinity lighting management system provides excellent lighting comfort for a wide variety of tasks at any office workstation. "Activity Based Lighting" automatically provides the appropriate lighting scene, which means that users no longer have to intervene themselves, i.e. dim the light for holding a presentation, a conference or for working at their PC. To make this possible, multi-zone sensors and intelligent control strategies operate in the background. In mediumsized and extensive lighting systems in particular, like those in openplan offices, LITECOM infinity demonstrates its potential. Activity Based Lighting is part of the LITECOM lighting management system with its extendable app concept. This offers users not only high flexibility and application-specific functionality, but can also be linked with other building systems.

    available soon


    Architectural outdoor lighting

    PREVIEW Available from spring 2017

    When it is dark, urban spaces place a variety of requirements on modern lighting: façades need to be presented not only as visual points of attraction, but are intended to actively create an effect as a vertical part of a spatial lighting concept. Urban lighting affects roads, paths and squares not only horizontally but enhances them to become centres of personal communication by providing spherical lighting components. In this way, people's subjective sense of security and well-being is increased through a high degree of visual comfort – all the while saving resources and avoiding light pollution. To answer to these varied lighting tasks, we have developed the modular NIGHTSIGHT outdoor LED lighting system. The solutions provided by this system address all visual levels of the room instead of focussing exclusively on standard illuminance levels on the ground. By selectively using light and shadow, bright and dark zones as well as various planes of light, NIGHTSIGHT creates an atmosphere in urban areas.

    For in our cities, light has become an essential part in social interactions. The varied NIGHTSIGHT lighting tool is ideal for mastering these new challenges but also for meeting the established quality features of advanced lighting solutions. The NIGHTSIGHT product range covers all lighting tools that are needed to illuminate both vertical and horizontal areas uniformly and create selective accents. Excellent glare control and prevention of spill light are ensured by high-precision light control. Luminaire versions with a colour temperature of 3000 K and 4000 K are ideal for presenting both a city's historic centre and a modern skyline in the right light. In addition, the consistent design language ensures that NIGHTSIGHT is perceived as an enrichment to the townscape by day as well.

    In combination with lighting tools for architectural lighting of indoor areas, Zumtobel thus provides a unique portfolio to create an attractive townscape. Streets and squares, as well as public buildings such as museums, present themselves in a uniform design language and with a distinctive identity. This slightly different approach and NIGHTSIGHT enhance the appeal of urban spaces.

    DESIGN: UN Studio

  • 5


    Multisensor for detecting light and movement in rooms with high ceilings

    The ATIVO multisensor has been designed especially for detecting light and the presence or movement of people or vehicles, such as forklifts, in rooms with high ceilings. As compared to conventional PIR and radar sensors, the contrast sensor system features intelligent detection of objects and not only operates with significantly higher precision but is also faster, and therefore considerably less prone to errors. Applications of the ATIVO sensor include sports facilities and multi-purpose halls, industrial, manufacturing and production bays through to high-bay storage facilities and logistics centres. The sensor accurately monitors any walking or driving motion with ceiling heights between 6 m and 20 m. The ATIVO multisensor is ideal for application-specific solutions in which high energy efficiency is of major importance: to this end, up to five zones can be individually defined by the user for motion detection; in addition, five brightness levels can be programmed, so that any hall can be divided into zones according to the specific tasks to be performed. In case of the ATIVO multisensor, plug'n'play means absolutely simple assembly and installation. ATIVO as a DALI master system independently actuates the luminaires. Integrated into LITECOM, it supports proven lighting management functions such as daylight-based control and also serves as a basis for the "Activity Based Lighting" presence-based control system.


  • 6


    Free-standing LED luminaire

    The elegant LINETIK free-standing LED luminaire presents itself as an almost dematerialised item, creating a visual focal point in any office. Yet, a revolutionary lighting concept is hidden inside the delicate luminaire unit with a cross-section of only 25 mm x 25 mm: direct light is directed onto the desktop by newly developed, miniaturised reflectors with an asymmetrical beam pattern, providing exceptionally uniform illumination of the workstation. With separately controllable direct and indirect components as well as a combined daylight sensor and presence detector, LINETIK offers users both flexibility and efficiency at the highest level. The minimalist, consistently linear design idiom of the LINETIK free-standing luminaire reflects an extraordinary aesthetic approach in the working environment.

    DESIGN: F Mark Ltd. with Luke Smith-Wightman

  • 7

    SLOTLIGHT infinity

    Installation aid for LED light line

    The installation aid for SLOTLIGHT infinity focuses on consistently precise linearity. It greatly facilitates the installation of SLOTLIGHT infinity in ceilings and walls, even where the luminaires are installed in concrete. Owing to the locally integrated NT3 separate battery, applications can be operated without a central emergency lighting system. In this way, the installation aid introduces linear perfection to varied areas of application, as the SLOTLIGHT infinity design feature and functional lighting tool can also be used in offices, schools and health care facilities.


  • 8

    LIGHT FIELDS evolution

    Square pendant LED luminaire

    The square LIGHT FIELDS evolution pendant luminaire creates a pleasant atmosphere in any room – both as an individual luminaire with a side length of 636 mm and as a cluster of several luminaires. The luminaire also shows its qualities wherever installation is difficult for recessed or surface-mounted models. With a colour temperature of 3000 K and 4000 K or tunableWhite technology, any desired lighting scene can be created. The LIGHT FIELDS evolution pendant luminaire provides glarefree direct light, pleasantly illuminating the ceiling with its indirect component. In addition, the square luminaire provides the basis for implementing application-specific lighting solutions in a consistent LIGHT FIELDS evolution design language.

    DESIGN: Chris Redfern, Sottsass Associati

  • 9

    CRAFT recessed

    Mounting frame for CRAFT high-bay LED luminaire

    Additional applications, for instance in projecting roofs of petrol stations or in sports facilities, are opened up by the special mounting frame for the CRAFT high-bay LED luminaire. Fitting the CRAFT S, CRAFT M and CRAFT L design sizes in each case, trend-setting lighting solutions can be configured that feature an attractive design and high functionality. Rectangular light distribution and excellent thermal management, in particular, ensure efficiency. The mounting frames are therefore not only a sophisticated accessory but, in the form of various pendant-mounted versions, provide a perfect completion of the CRAFT high-bay luminaire range.

    DESIGN: Stephen Philips, Arup

  • 10


    Batten luminaire

    The creation of elegant light lines is the main purpose of the delicate LINARIA LED batten luminaire. This is made possible by various lengths ranging from 600 mm to 1800 mm that can be joined to form light lines. Freedom of choice is provided by surface-mounted, recessed and pendant versions as well as models with colour temperatures of 3000 K and 4000 K. At a system efficiency of approximately 100 lm/W in the 900 mm version, LINARIA LED presents itself as a trend-setting lighting solution with class. Added value is also provided by the luminaire's easy handling, owing to the converter being built into the LED batten luminaire as well as its easy, straightforward installation. LINARIA LED therefore has many assets.

    DESIGN: Klaus Adolph, a.g LICHT GbR

  • 11


    Pendant luminaire range

    The spherical SCONFINE Sfera pendant luminaire creates impressive, decorative accents with an interplay of light and shadow in hotel lobbies as well as shops, foyers or mansions. The partly transparent, chrome- or bronze-plated luminaire units with diametres of 170 mm, 250 mm and 500 mm are exceptionally attractive, both as individual luminaires and luminaire groups. The desired lighting scene is provided for by colour temperatures of 2700 K and 3000 K. A colour rendering index of Ra > 90 and exciting materials provide brilliant light. The SCONFINE Sfera pendant LED luminaire therefore presents itself as a luminous, almost floating jewel in any interior.

    DESIGN: Matteo Thun

  • 12

    2LIGHT mini

    LED downlight

    The whole 2LIGHT MINI range of downlights presents itself even more powerful: latest-generation LED technology creates a brilliant lighting atmosphere as desired in hotels, wellness areas and private homes. This is possible thanks to excellent colour rendering of Ra >90 as well as reflector technology that combines accent lighting with diffuse light distribution. Colour temperatures of 2700 K, 3000 K and 4000 K as well as spot, flood and wideflood beam patterns ensure that any lighting task can be performed with utmost precision.

    DESIGN: Hartmut S. Engel

  • 13


    Wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and pendant LED luminaire

    CAELA impressively combines elegance and lightness: the range boasts extremely low-profile luminaires and is highly sophisticated in appearance, yet exceptionally versatile. As wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted as well as pendant luminaire, it provides decorative highlights in corridors and entrance areas in administration buildings as well as in restaurants or private domestic areas. In doing so, the lighting solution can be perfectly adjusted to the room's ambience, as CAELA is available round or square, with a diameter or side length of 330 mm and 430 mm, as well as in six colours (white, matt silver, copper, brass, matt grey and black).

    CAELA's modular design also provides for a choice of switchable or dimmable models, with luminous flux levels of 1100 lm and 2000 lm, as well as a choice of lighting patterns: in addition to Lambert's standard light distribution, the square model provides innovative asymmetrical light distribution especially for corridors and staircases. This means that the luminaire range with its sophisticated models can provide both purely functional lighting and decorative lighting solutions; CAELA therefore provides a scope of creative design in line with the zeitgeist.

    DESIGN: GRAFT Architects

  • 14


    LED spotlight, recessed and pendant LED luminaire

    The purpose of the ONICO range of luminaires is to provide consistent lighting solutions for shops and retail areas. The modular system including a recessed luminaire, a track-mounted spotlight and a pendant luminaire meets all relevant lighting requirements such as creating accents, providing general lighting, setting the lighting stage in shop windows or highlighting the cash desk. Due to its clear, unobtrusive design, ONICO blends perfectly into any interior – and does so with great style. Available in sizes M and L and providing spot, flood, wideflood and very wideflood beam patterns, goods are presented to optimum effect, ensuring a shopping experience of outstanding quality.

    Light colours for special applications such as TGRfashion or the lighting of food, various luminous flux levels or various colour rendering indexes ensure that even special lighting tasks can be performed. This makes ONICO a versatile modular luminaire range for presenting brands and products in a brilliant light and for boosting sales in shops and retail areas, respectively.

    DESIGN: LAPD lighting design

  • 15


    Light as a service

    In an era of rapid technological change, lighting becomes ever more powerful and effi cient. Change is on the agenda of successful companies, too. Even statutory reference levels for energy effi ciency are increased on an ongoing basis. Despite this dynamism, it is possible to keep pace with technology.

    By purchasing NOW! you will not buy lighting but acquire light as a service. This will provide a high level of flexibility allowing you to put the benefits of advanced lighting technology and control systems to use for your company. Trouble-free lighting will be ensured by a comprehensive service package. Drawing on a Europe-wide service network, the Zumtobel Group designs state-of-the-art lighting solutions, installs them, monitors how they work, and identifies potential improvements and savings. Financial incentive: NOW! does not require customers to invest any assets, and monthly costs for any matters relating to lighting are clearly defined in advance.


  • 16

    NOW! Comfort

    Office service package

    NOW! Comfort covers all the possibilities (also soft skills) offered by artificial lighting today.

    TunableWhite means adjusting colour temperature and illuminance to the human circadian rhythm to accomplish an increased sense of well-being and concentration. The legal requirements with respect to lighting at the workplace are clearly exceeded.

    Autonomous light means that the people in the room will always be provided with the most pleasant and most efficient luminous environment as a function of the time of day, the daylight available and the presence of persons in the room. Personal light means the possibility to call up atmospheric variations directly from the workstation.

    These options extend far beyond the original task of lighting and accordingly require a more thorough planning approach. The NOW! Comfort experts will thoroughly analyse the circumstances prevailing at the customer's premises, followed by well-founded advice on the benefits to be expected: the NOW! Comfort Consulting. Technological possibilities are reconciled with scientific knowledge, as well as legal provisions and facts of industrial medicine.