Digital Services

Lighting infrastructure as basis for building digitalization.

Higher efficiency. Better user experience. Insights through big data.

Navigate to a free desk or meeting room? No problem! Determine positions of assets in stores in real-time? Anytime. Send location-based and personalized smart-phone promotions in your supermarket? Sure thing. A safe Internet connection via your lighting? That’s coming.

This means for you:

  • Asset Tracking: Quickly locating things in buildings ensures efficiency.

  • Space & Desk Management: The data gives you important information on how you can make your space planning more efficient.

  • Proximity Marketing: The customer experience is becoming a key factor in today’s retail business.

  • Remote Monitoring and Energy Management: In many cases, our lighting management systems create the basis for our digital services – for example as a data provider for the optimisation of your building.

  • Ambient Sensing: Light provides the perfect infrastructure for sensors to measure information on air temperature as well as CO2 and VOC values.