Lighting management

Lighting control system for tunableWhite

With tunableWhite technology, the light colour and intensity can be controlled conveniently in three ways:
  1. 1) Via button operation
  2. 2) Via an app without a control line, using basicDim Wireless in existing solutions
  3. 3) Through integration in DALI systems.
Button operation
The combination of switchDIM and colourSWITCH buttons allows for simple adjustment of the illuminance and colour temperature. While the light can be dimmed at the push of a button using switchDIM, the share of cool and warm-white light can be mixed individually via colourSWITCH.
Wireless control via basicDIM Wireless
The wireless module does not require a control line. The lighting is regulated conveniently on your smartphone or tablet using the corresponding app.
Integration in DALI systems
DALI systems like LITECOM are characterised by simple assembly, commissioning and intuitive operation. Pre-defined lighting scenes for different room usage scenarios and dynamic timelines for HCL support the implementation of tunableWhite technology and can be changed and extended at any time. The user interface, which assigns a corresponding photo to each mood, offers maximum convenience. When using tunableWhite to change the light intensity and colour, the colour temperatures of the picture and the image contrast are also adjusted.

Simple commissioning

With pre-defined timelines, HCL systems are characterised by simple commissioning. Automated systems with integrated tunableWhite technology and blind control take different compositions of light colours and intensities into account through daytime or daylight-linked timelines. Thus, human expectations of the artificial light are coordinated with daylight. The internal clock is stabilised via the biological effects of adjusting the artificial light together with the daylight influence embedded in the idea of Human Centric Lighting.
Ref.: HCL Guide by Licht.de



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