Pendant LED luminaire

The uniquely slim indirect/direct
luminaire combines maximum efficiency
with the convenience of an office
luminaire featuring good glare control.


Pendant LED luminaire



Uniquely slim indirect/direct luminaire 
With a cross-section of 38 x 38 mm, AXON has again undercut
the standard limits of size of compact office luminaires.  
  • Featuring cutting-edge lens technology
  • Built directly around the converter
  • Utilising each millimetre of its slim-line housing
  • High functionality and contemporary design
  • Efficient illumination of the task area
  • Uniform illumination of the ceiling thanks to a special
    wide-angle indirect optic
  • At a length of 2210 mm, the slim-line design
    comes into its own perfectly 

Design: Zumtobel

38 mm


Lighting technology

advancedOptics technology Unique lens clusters allow for
high lumen packages, which provide for excellent glare control and
low luminance levels despite the luminaire compact design.
Luminaire view below
At a drop in luminous flux to 80 percent, the LED modules boast a maintenance-free service life of 50,000 hours. Other high-quality features: good colour rendering (Ra 80) general dimmability via DALI, colour temperature optionally 3000 K or 4000 K.
Task area lighting AXON combines high luminaire efficiency of up to 115 lm/W with a direct light component of 67%. Compared to a lighting solution using 2 x 35 W T16 fluorescent tubes, the installed load is reduced by 27%. Existing installations using 2 x 58 W T26 with low-loss ballast are undercut by 58%.


Lighting technology

The function of the primary optic is to combine a wide beam angle with uniform light distribution. Even at suspension heights as low as between 20 cm and 30 cm, a pleasant lighting effect is created.
LED indirect Even as a light source providing
an indirect light component, the LED boasts high
quality and low energy consumption.
View from above
Gentle room illumination A study conducted by Zumtobel in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute of Labour Planning and Organisation has revealed that four out of five office workers prefer a lighting solution that combines direct and indirect components. This enhances the room atmosphere and increases visual comfort.


The right solution for every application

The focus of AXON CRF is on working with tablet PCs
or high-gloss brochures without any reflections. The indirect
light component of 48 % provides for highly uniform
light distribution at a luminaire efficiency level of 112 lm/W.























Thanks to a choice of two different types of light distribution, AXON covers a wide range of application areas. The centrally arranged light emitting panel and a direct light component of 67 % add up to a luminaire efficiency level of 115 lm/W.


Learn more about AXON
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