High-bay LED luminaire

A turning point in industrial lighting:
never before has a luminaire been so powerful,
so compact and so efficient. 


Wilh. Wülfing GmbH & Co. KG, Borken | DE


DIESEL SPA, Molvena | IT, Architecture: Diesel Creative, Breganze | IT
Electrical installations: F&M Ingegneria SPA, Mirano | IT


Texel fruit cooperative, Naturno | IT
Electrical design/IT: Planconsulting, Burgstall | IT
Electrical installations/IT: Elektro Gafriller, Barbian | IT



Design Stephen Philips, Arup
“Arup and Zumtobel share numerous established brand values. Both companies rely on innovation to develop better solutions that provide real benefits for people. When developing CRAFT, our exciting cooperation made it possible to create a luminaire with very high standards in terms of technical features and design. Moreover, the direct feedback and application know-how by our international lighting team helped us meet these requirements in a truly global product concept.”


Continuation of a success story

Its reliability creates multiple benefits: starting from unique thermal management, the high-bay LED luminaire CRAFT is best prepared for industrial challenges.


New design delivers added benefits

  • Redesign of luminaire's inner workings and appearance
  • This means: excellent efficiency level
  • Up to 36 000 lm are achieved with a power consumption of 280 W
  • High-precision direction of light: separate lens for each light-emitting diode à efficient lighting of long shelves and spacious bays


CRAFT components

1. Optic protected by frames screwed together: ball-proof luminaire
2. Separate lens for each LED

  • high-precision direction of light
  • good glare control
  • exceptional efficiency

3. Optimised for a long service life: after 50 000 h à luminous flux is
    at least 85% of initial level
4. Die-cast aluminium housing: light-weight and rugged
5. Housing cover with built-in sealing rim



For a long life

As a generally DALI-dimmable luminaire that can be operated with emergency power, CRAFT excludes strobing and makes perfect use of the possibilities of lighting control. Controlled lighting solutions save energy and adjust to changing requirements: areas requiring 500 lux for production activities today may make do with 200 lux for storage purposes tomorrow.
The CRAFT wide-beam and the CRAFT narrow-beam versions, industrial luminaires meet all requirements in terms of uniform illumination of bays and efficient lighting of high-bay storage facilities. Each LED has been assigned a separate lens. This ensures that the light is directed very precisely as well as providing good glare control and outstanding efficiency.
Bevelled luminaire surfaces prevent dust from accumulating.
In order to ensure perfect cooling and minimum maintenance effort, CRAFT creates air flow through the luminaire. This sustainably protects the technical components from overheating and optimises the luminaire’s service life.


Versatile in application

Especially for extreme ambient conditions and exposure to chemical substances in industrial production facilities, a PMMA optic was developed that is highly durable even in atmospheres frequently containing oil. Additional protection is provided by an easy-to-clean cover made of toughened safety glass.
The high-bay LED luminaire with PC optic is perfectly suitable for use in industrial areas without exposure to chemical substances. Typical application areas are high-bay warehouses, large exhibition halls, reception halls or also sports halls (BWS certificate).
The LED high-bay luminaire with TECTON adapter can be integrated in the trunking system faster than ever. No additional wiring work is required. This mean that CRAFT TECTON can be installed on the trunking immediately after unpacking. With a DALI converter for LED luminaires which can operate on emergency power, CRAFT TECTON is perfectly prepared for various installation purposes.
CRAFT HT (high-temperature)
High ambient temperatures of up to +70°C in industrial bays are a real challenge that can, however, be mastered by CRAFT HT. The luminaire specifically designed for operation at high temperatures is able to withstand the most extreme industrial conditions.
CRAFT FI (Food industry)
A luminaire housing specifically developed for the high requirements of the food industry prevents dust and bacteria from accumulating inside the housing of the CRAFT FI luminaire. Its polycarbonate optic not only ensures perfect lighting quality, but also protects the sensitive LED modules from harmful external influences. CRAFT FI is suitable for use at temperatures of up to 50°C.


CRAFT sens (presence sensor and daylight sensor)
The easiest option to reduce the operating time of luminaires in storage rooms and to save energy is a lighting solution that is daylight and presence dependent. CRAFT sens does not require additional lighting control or separate wiring. The sensor is optimally suited for mounting heights up to 16 meters.
CRAFT sens


Customised lighting solution

Lumen packages from 7 500 lm to 36 000 Im

The CRAFT luminaire range includes three sizes with highly varied lumen packages. Installation height may vary between 3 m and 25 m. Thus, the efficient LED high-bay luminaire is suitable for any application areas ranging from small-scale workshops to huge industrial halls. Warm white light (3000 K) has been added to the existing range of colour temperatures (4000 K and 6500 K), so that CRAFT S can now also be used for shop and retail applications.


Assembly and installation

The small, compact industrial luminaire combines maximum output with easy handling. Thanks to its low weight of 5.6 kg (CRAFT M) or 9.5 kg (CRAFT L), it can be installed by just one person. CRAFT features only two suspension points for suspension from a cord or optionally from a chain, and can therefore be fixed and adjusted quickly. Another feature is the five-pole cable, 1.5 m long, allowing for electrical connection of the luminaire without having to open it. This guarantees IP65 protection.



The CRAFT model suitable for installation on TECTON trunking can
be assembled quickly and allows for easy electrical installation. One single trunking run is sufficient enough to firmly secure the compact high-bay LED luminaire and connect it to the power supply and the lighting control system. With a simple turn of the wrist, additional products for emergency lighting can also be integrated into the proven TECTON trunking with its 11-pole current conducting section.
Easy, straightforward installation
is a major benefit of the compact,
light-weight industrial luminaire.


CRAFT sens

Mounting height of up to 16 m

With an integrated daylight and presence sensor, CRAFT sens is the ideal solution for warehouses where luminaires are mounted at a height of up to 16 meters. With a capturing angle of 60° or 72°, the sensor adjusts precisely to the dimensions of the room thereby providing the highest degree of flexibility in project design and application. CRAFT sens does not require addressing or commissioning. When a presence is detected, the illumination level adjusts to the available daylight. After the delay period has passed, the luminaire dims to the low light level and remains there as safety lighting. Both the delay period, with a factory setting of 10 minutes, as well as the low light level set at 10 percent, can be easily changed using IR remote control.



Daylight sensor
DIMLIGHT lighting control unit
PST presence detector
Daylight is used as a natural light source and supplemented with artificial lighting in order to maintain a constant lighting level during work hours. Increasing automation is creating more and more zones and areas where people do not work or which are visited only for occasional inspections. The lighting management system uses these periods of restricted lighting requirements to dim the luminaire down to a minimum level, and to only switch back up to full lighting levels when movement is detected.


wide beam

Based on requirements made by industrial applications, CRAFT features a wide beam optic that has been optimised for production areas where people are supposed to work with full concentration and reliability. CRAFT provides light with good glare control – with unique efficiency and uniformity. This is made possible by a lighting cone that is shaped like a pyramid with a square base, which makes overlapping cones, as produced by luminaires with circular light emission, a thing of the past. Thus, efficiency is increased in terms of the lighting design.

No overlapping luminous fields thanks
to lighting cones with square beam patterns. This
means that fewer luminaires are required and
investment costs are significantly reduced.


narrow beam

In warehouses, the challenge is to illuminate long and high rows of shelves as uniformly and efficiently as possible. The narrow-beam optic by Zumtobel has been designed, developed and manufactured especially for this application. CRAFT therefore stands aloof from widespread compromise solutions. As a distinctly narrow- beam solution, it uses the spacing between one LED luminaire and the next to full effect. In order to achieve a luminous intensity level of 100 lx on the floor and to properly illuminate the shelves, spacings of 15 m are possible with an installation height of 15 m.


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