tunableWhite – The Light of Pure White

Creating Impressions

Nothing is as vivid as white, natural light. tunableWhite follows its dynamic and makes use of its emotional quality. Changing luminances and light colours create divergent moods, so that a variety of room requirements can be fulfilled and people can be supported sensitively with all activities. Thus, the technological module tunableWhite brings light to life and fits into the comprehensive Active Light concept of Zumtobel.

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tunableWhite technology for perfect white light quality

The new tunableWhite technology is characterised by maximum white light quality. Calibration of the driver and LED module ensures that high colour consistency is achieved in the range from 2,700 K to 6,500 K. Excellent colour rendering and homogeneity between luminaires and luminaire families set the stage for perfect architecture and objects

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tunableWhite für Büro und Kommunikation  

Promote inspiration, concentration and creativity

Together with furnishings and surface design, varied room zones can be created by changing light colours and intensities. Different scenarios, such as a bright, bluish and open or reddish, reduced and private light composition invite people in offices or educational institutions to communicate, concentrate totally on their work, be inspired and thus recharge their batteries.

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Create shopping experiences and increase revenue

The ideal staging of space and goods requires precise coordination of luminance and light colour in relation to space, time and limbic type. This fulfils human expectations of the shopping environment. Light creates a hierarchy in perception, steering our attention specifically. The perceived quality of products and the retail environment increases with a better visual impression of goods. This interaction supports the decision to buy.

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tunableWhite for Art and Culture  

Bringing together people and art

The special tunableWhite technology for museums (PiLED) brings light and art together with maximum colour rendering and perfect white light quality (Ra>90). In order to perfect the perception process of the art object, different light colours and intensities are used to create exactly the right lighting. Light experiences are generated authentically, replicating the lighting as it was at the time of the artist's creative process (e.g. candlelight or daylight). Light colours adjusted to suit the material and genesis of the work of art thus guarantee an engaging enjoyment of art. At the same time, depending on the flow of visitors, the adjustment of light colour and light intensity also guarantees that sensitive materials are protected.

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Simplify production processes and reduce errors

Adjusting the light colour and intensity supports employees at production sites on a visual, emotional and biological level. This visual support is crucial for reliable quality and motivation of the employees. On a psychological level, a high-quality working environment with unique dynamic lighting quality is a visible message for an appreciative work culture. Biologically, tunableWhite solutions support activation or regeneration and synchronisation through individual adaptation of the light at exactly the right time. This is essential in particular where shift work is concerned.

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  tunableWhite für Industrie und Technik
Mehrwert in der Pflege durch vertraute Wohnlichkeit schaffen  

Added value in healthcare by creating familiar cosiness

Light supports the emotional effect and user-friendliness for patients with dementia or with physical or mental disabilities. By changing the light colour and intensity, a room can one day appear as a banqueting hall with a reddish candlelight atmosphere. At a different time and use, this room with a stronger blue component and higher intensity creates a relationship between artificial light and daylight. It has an invigorating effect

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Planning tunableWhite in a Human Centric Lighting approach

The holistic approach of Human Centric Lighting puts the focus on people. It takes into account the visual, emotional and biological effects of light during planning. The tunableWhite technology offers a wide range of possibilities for the composition of different static and dynamic lighting scenes that take into account the visual, emotional and biological requirements of people.

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Ref.: HCL Guide by Licht.de

Lichtmanagement tunableWhite  

Control for tunableWhite in spaces with added value

Being able to influence the environment personally is a strong factor for the acceptance of the workplace. This realisation is well-known from research into office spaces. It is also apparent in the increasing criticism of open plan office structures, which are associated with a wide range of disruptive factors. Lighting management with a tunableWhite solution therefore primarily takes the individual needs of each person into account. Each person's expectations of different light colours and intensities can be implemented perfectly using the right operating concept. This flexible freedom to shape our sensory influences in the working environment marks a milestone in the appreciation of employees.

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Reliable service from planning to maintenance

Customer-specific service offerings from project planning through to training make long-term use and adaptation of tunableWhite technology easier – above all for integration in HCL systems. The HCL guide, with bundled expert knowledge from the lighting industry at Licht.de, demands a lighting system design process from project order to operation and maintenance. Users also demand reliable advice and a comprehensive service offering.

The solution: Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) offers a comprehensive service portfolio for the entire lighting sector.

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Source: Licht.de

Product families with tunableWhite

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