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Press information 2018

  • 04/2018

    RESCLITE PRO – flexible, programmable and efficient emergency lighting

    The new RESCLITE PRO LED solution from Zumtobel adds an extra dimension to emergency lighting. This smart emergency luminaire utilises new lenses to provide enhanced flexibility and combines an unobtrusive look with the highest function-driven performance. A subtle design and the addition of a new mini version means that the fitting almost seems to disappear into the ceiling.
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    Modern emergency lighting has to guide people quickly, logically and reliably in the event of an emergency. RESCLITE PRO from Zumtobel continues the outstanding success story of the RESCLITE emergency portfolio. The small, energy-efficient LED spot with finely optimised optics is now even more flexible, even more powerful and even more intelligent. This emergency solution can be perfectly adapted to suit the requirements of different spatial environments and trusted to maintain maximum safety in a long list of applications – from offices and art and culture to industry. The new compact RESCLITE mini broadens the scope of the range even further. Thanks to its unobtrusive design, the mini version blends seamlessly into the structure of the building, making it the ideal choice for architectural projects.

    The ideal light distribution for every application
    A series of precisely optimised lenses ensures the best possible solution for a diverse range of locations. While the escape lens fully illuminates long escape routes, RESCLITE PRO can now also light up corners with a new escape 90° optic that covers two corridors at the same time, such as lateral passageways and shelf aisles in shops. The escape wall lens is the perfect option for mounting on vertical surfaces in stairwells and buildings with high ceilings. Large-area rooms like offices and conference rooms can call on the services of the anti-panic lens, which helps reduce concern and confusion in the event of an evacuation by using a square distribution to push the light into every corner. In addition, the spot optics provide clear vertical illumination of fire extinguishers and first-aid equipment. The range is completed by two more variants of the escape and anti-panic lens. The high-performance (HP) version provides increased illuminance levels or wider spacings of up to 35 metres between the individual luminaires, offering the perfect product for large industrial sites and logistics halls. The high-ceilings (HC) variant is planned for mounting heights of between 7 and 30 metres, guaranteeing effective emergency lighting in buildings such as production facilities and DIY stores.

    Intelligent lighting for maximum safety
    Thanks to the new PROset technology from ZGS (Zumtobel Group Services), RESCLITE PRO can be quickly and directly addressed and configured using the dedicated PROset smartphone app. The NFC (Near Field Communication) interface offers the chance to easily programme various switching methods, including permanent light, non-maintained mode and specific dim values. The emergency light is also serviced via the interface. Parameters such as temperature and voltage are constantly monitored and recorded in a black box. All the information is stored permanently and can be accessed immediately. The configuration of RESCLITE PRO is also possible in projects without a central controller.

    Simple and versatile installation
    The flexible RESCLITE PRO range can be installed in various different ways to suit the conditions of individual applications. When it comes to ceilings, the standard and mini luminaires are available as recessed or surface-mounted versions. Alongside the IP40 version, the model with an IP65 housing ensures added protection against the dust and water that often prove a challenge for solutions in industrial buildings. Discrete integration into the TECTON and TRINOS continuous-row lighting systems from Zumtobel is also an option. The rotatable luminaire module means that the light distribution can be adapted to suit the respective building situation in just a few seconds, ensuring safe and accurate emergency lighting in every project. RESCLITE PRO – your guide in case of an emergency

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 03/2018

    An extension of the Zumtobel toolbox for lighting designers – for maximum design creativity

    Whether it is about soothing, warm-white light for a wellness area, focused neutral light for working environments or atmospheric colour-changing light for decorative purposes: Light can vary its function and concept to support relaxation or promote concentration. It directs attention, creating and shaping atmospheres in the process. With an incredible number of high-quality, modular and multifunctional lighting tools, Zumtobel offers architects and lighting planners maximum flexibility when it comes to planning and design. This sophisticated portfolio is now set to be supplemented by four new lighting solutions.
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    Light has well and truly arrived in the digital age. Intelligent and wireless lighting systems can be controlled using tablets and smartphones or respond automatically to environmental factors with the help of light, temperature and motion sensors. Alongside individual lighting concepts, the quality of the light sources used – including associated factors like efficiency and service life – form the basis of a long-lasting smart lighting installation. Zumtobel does not only stand for design-oriented and energy-saving lighting solutions with high lighting quality – the luminaires are also synonymous with reliability, leading performance and exceptional user comfort.

    PANOS infinity – now also available as a slim surface-mounted and pendant luminaire
    Without equal in terms of light quality and energy efficiency, the PANOS downlight luminaire family features an extensive model range to enable fantastic design freedom in a wide variety of application areas, including retail spaces, conference rooms and hotel lobbies. The new PANOS surface-mounted and pendant downlight luminaires further increase the potential for tailor-made lighting solutions. Crafted using premium die-cast aluminium, these versions come with a choice of reflector surfaces and beam angles for functional and architectural applications. Six exciting colour options – white, black, silver, copper, grey and brass – ensure plenty of creative freedom for individual architectural integration. A variety of lighting solutions and versatile product innovations from Zumtobel support the optimal realisation of design-oriented lighting concepts.

    OPTOS – the versatile architectural downlight
    With a deeply recessed light source in combination with a dedicated lens optic, OPTOS delivers discreet and aesthetically high-quality architectural lighting – without the hindrance of glare. This downlight is suitable for a wide range of lighting tasks, whether as a fixed or adjustable version, as a wallwasher or as an elegant pin-hole luminaire. Indeed, OPTOS lets any architect or lighting designer use their creativity in applications such as restaurants, reception areas or corridors. The refreshing architectural freedom offered by this flexible downlight family is supported by different diameters, lumen packages and beam angles. Quick and precise alignment from below is possible with the front-adjustable version. The significantly recessed pivot point allows a 25° inclination without loss of light, which also contributes to the series of high lumen packages. Magnetic reflectors and a clever click-and-turn function enable simple mounting to complete a product concept that leaves nothing to chance.

    DIAMO gimbal – brilliant accent lighting that directs the gaze of the customer
    Powerful and pinpoint accent lighting with optimum brilliance, different designs and a great variety of colours – the DIAMO gimbal has utilised unique lighting technology to help it become a true highlight in the world of miniaturised recessed luminaires. Carefully designed reflectors shape a precise light distribution for this effective and efficient LED luminaire, delivering perfect glare control and cutting out stray light to make DIAMO downlights the ideal solution for retail and hospitality projects. Now a new gimbal version with 180° rotatable and 2 x 20° tiltable spots makes sure that the lighting heads can be set to any position. The reflector surface is even offered in a black, white, copper or brass finish to add yet more character to architectural lighting design, while Stable White solutions with colour temperatures of 2700, 3000 and 4000 K give lighting planners maximum freedom. DIAMO gimbal is available in three different sizes – with one, two or three spots per frame.

    LINELIGHT – rethinking linear design
    The exceptional and adaptable design of the LINELIGHT linear LED luminaire integrates perfectly into different architectures and representative spaces. Thanks to flexible connections and various lengths, LINELIGHT can follow numerous architectural shapes and curves and be quickly and easily mounted using the handy plug-and-play connection mechanism – even when the installation is switched on. LINELIGHT impresses with a uniform and high light output and excellent colour rendering, while the actual bars can be tilted by 30° for improved lighting effects. The further development of LINELIGHT means that one power supply is enough for a length of 12 metres. A single power supply is also sufficient for a 4-metre version with a higher lumen package and Balanced White technology. In addition, LINELIGHT infinity combines Balanced White technology with one electrical input to power lengths of up to 8 metres. Depending on the particular situation, the colour temperature and thereby the lighting mood can be fine-tuned to markedly improve the quality of perception and the wellbeing of the user.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 03/2018

    The right light at every time of day – Zumtobel presents light for life at Light + Building 2018

    Under the motto “Lights. Connectivity. Inspiration”, Zumtobel is set to use a series of key applications to showcase the Active Light approach at this year's Light + Building in Frankfurt / Main. Visitors to the Zumtobel Group stand in Hall 2.0 will experience how dynamic light can accompany and support people in their everyday lives.
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    The lighting industry is going through a period of profound change, as networked lighting and lighting services take on an increasingly important role. This is also the driving force behind this year's Light + Building motto: “Connected – Safe – Comfortable”. The Zumtobel Group will use its 1280-square-metre stand (Hall 2.0, Booth A30, B30/31) to put the focus on the comprehensive service portfolio from the Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) brand. This is summed up by the Zumtobel Group motto “Lights. Connectivity. Action” and supported by the innovative lighting solutions from the other famous sister brands. As a true innovation leader, Zumtobel develops sustainable lighting solutions that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of people in various application areas. In line with the motto “Lights. Connectivity. Inspiration”, Zumtobel will demonstrate the Active Light approach – in offices, industrial buildings, retail settings and art and culture projects.

    Active Light builds a bridge to human nature
    Light – whether artificial or natural – has a marked visual, emotional and biological effect on humans. Active Light uses natural light as its model and dynamically supports the core relationship between people and light in time and space. This innovative form of artificial light makes a valuable contribution to the stabilisation of human biorhythms – especially in environments where daylight is at a premium.

    “Supported by Human Centric Lighting, Active Light solutions put the focus on people and their needs,” explained Daniel Lechner, Marketing Brand Director Zumtobel. “Zumtobel reaches the dynamics of natural light by utilising technologies such as tunableWhite, which allows stepless adjustments in intensity, direction and light colour, from warm reddish to cold bluish, throughout the course of the day."

    Using light to evoke inspiration, precision, emotion and imagination – four key application areas
    Active Light in offices provides improved wellbeing, as the light can be adapted to suit different tasks and reflect individual visual capacities and personal tastes in terms of light colour. Whether working at a screen, engaging in a creative exchange with colleagues or doing some concentrated reading – versatile control options mean that the office solution can be adjusted depending on the current activity and individual user preference. Active Light adds a dynamic lighting element to the everyday office life, positively influencing cognitive performance and fuelling creativity and inspiration. This concept also supports human biorhythms with the targeted use of dynamic lighting moods throughout the day.

    The best possible light is essential in industry to make sure that production processes can run without interruption. These kinds of applications therefore demand light that is as versatile as the tasks associated with industrial manufacturing, which is why Active Light helps workers and supports activity-based lighting. Intelligent lighting systems and sensors are combined to deliver the right light for each situation, actively boosting safety, precision and quality. For example, a delicate assembly process would benefit from additional lateral light, with the option to increase the illumination level for visual inspections. When it comes to shift workers, Active Light can also contribute to a customised sleep-wake cycle by adjusting light intensity and colour – much to the relief of shift workers. This strengthens the feeling of wellbeing and enables employees to enjoy restful and regenerative sleep.

    In the world of retail, light can be harnessed to shape unique shopping experiences. On the one hand, Active Light appeals to customers on an emotional level by using their preferred lighting moods to put people at ease and thereby increase the amount of time spent in the store. On the other hand, products and brands are presented in the best possible way, directing lines of sight and enabling better customer orientation. The improved perception of consumer offers has an influence on the quality assessment and, as a logical next step, the willingness to buy.

    Enjoyment and visual comfort are major factors in the field of art and culture, along with the protection of precious artworks. These exhibits are often light-sensitive and therefore require delicate lighting to preserve them for future generations. Active Light takes these visual and conservational aspects into account and optimises the light colour and spectral distribution to suit the individual objects and the message of the artist. The way art is experienced is clearly shaped by the interaction between the exhibits and their respective surroundings. Architectural and application-oriented lighting can reveal the true meaning of artworks and spaces. Active Light offers the desired range of variation using tunableWhite luminaires and the latest controls technology. In this way, luminaires no longer merely emit light, but also transmit information in situations such as when people pass through a room. The system supports user-oriented visitor experiences by conveying information to personal devices carried by the visitors.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 03/2018

    The Zumtobel Light Forum shines at the iF Design Awards 2018

    How do you visualise the fascinating spectrum of light? Zumtobel and video artist Andreas Waldschütz teamed up to tackle this intriguing question – and brought the Dornbirn Light Forum to life in a philosophical-futuristic short film. The result has now been honoured with one of the most important design awards in the world: the iF Design Award 2018.
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    The Light Forum in the Austrian town of Dornbirn is Zumtobel's creative showroom – a place where light becomes a tangible element and where the passion and innovation of the Vorarlberg company can truly be experienced. At the same time, this space offers an inspiring venue for events and exhibitions about light, technology and architecture. In the Zumtobel image film, photographer and video artist Andreas Waldschütz – supported by creative director Lauren Cooke – captures the philosophical essence of this special place by personifying the Light Forum. In other words, he lets it speak. The result is both passionate and graceful, daring to break new ground as it discovers the fundamental purpose of light: to improve quality of life. The imagery utilised by Waldschütz is based on a unique aesthetic that is simultaneously progressive and avant-garde. “The light forum appears very futuristic and, in my opinion, really represents the soul of Zumtobel,” said Waldschütz. His expressive interpretation of the “Zumtobel heart” convinced an independent jury of 63 experts from across the world at International Forum Design, claiming a coveted iF Design Award 2018 in the Communications Design category. The iF Design Award has been recognised as one of the leading worldwide design awards for the last 65 years.

    The internationally renowned works of Andreas Waldschütz are famed for their strong aesthetics. Born in Vienna in 1976, the autodidact leaves nothing to chance during the creation of his distinctive worlds. People, music, light, costumes and places – every detail of his films is precisely planned to perfectly visualise his unique ideas. Waldschütz has already worked behind the camera for a number of Zumtobel product videos. The first joint project was a film in the Kunsthaus Bregenz gallery about an exhibition by Wael Shawky. The image film for the Dornbirn Light Forum is the most recent collaboration. “The special thing about the cooperation with Zumtobel is that it gives me the opportunity to work with equally creative people who trust me and value my work. That is the basis of everything – if the energy is right, then the result will match," explained Waldschütz.

    Close working relationships with artists is an established part of the Zumtobel corporate culture. The interdisciplinary dialogue fueled by the topic of light is an inspiration and a catalyst for the leading international provider of holistic lighting solutions, helping to create something that is both innovative and authentic. This approach is illustrated by numerous projects with creative designers. A prime example is the artistic annual report, which is designed by a different artist, architect or designer every year.

    Zumtobel has collected a total of three iF Design Awards 2018. The VAERO LED pendant luminaire and round ONDARIA fitting, with its harmonious look and homogeneous design, have also been awarded one of these top design prizes.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 02/2018

    Design that hits the spot! Zumtobel triumphs once again in the GOOD DESIGN Award and iF DESIGN AWARD competitions

    Clear and aesthetically sophisticated design that blends seamlessly into the architecture of different spatial concepts: Luminaires from Zumtobel continue to set new standards for design quality. Having already chalked up a long and prestigious list of creative prizes, the Austrian lighting specialist has now added three of the world's oldest design award, the GOOD DESIGN Award 2017, and a pair of one of the highest hallmarks of design excellence, the iF DESIGN AWARD 2018, to its impressive collection.
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    Zumtobel has been honoured three times with the world's eldest design award. The MELLOW LIGHT, SUPERSYSTEM II and ONICO luminaires have all received the GOOD DESIGN Award 2017, an international prize for designers and manufacturers launched to recognise ideas that push the established boundaries of product design. The esteemed competition has now been highlighting pioneering products and concepts for more than 65 years – almost as long as the world-renowned  iF DESIGN AWARD, which was founded in 1953. The famous red iF logo, which is seen as proof of forward-looking creative thinking and outstanding innovation, will this year be featuring alongside two more Zumtobel luminaires: VAERO and ONDARIA.

    An icon of office lighting: the MELLOW LIGHT recessed and surface-mounted luminaire
    Currently in its sixth generation, the MILDES LICHT recessed and surface-mounted luminaire creates light that is as close as possible to natural daylight. The portfolio has consistently evolved to meet the highest lighting standards and is now available in two options: MELLOW LIGHT evolution and infinity. Both versions ensure balanced illumination of workspaces, walls and ceilings, shaping a bright and open room atmosphere that is free from glare and disturbing shadows.

    Systematic diversity: the multifunctional SUPERSYSTEM II LED lighting tool
    Delicate design, stringent miniaturisation and maximum flexibility: With a sophisticated range of innovative components, the multifunctional SUPERSYSTEM II portfolio offers all the LED lighting tools required to creatively fulfil a variety of different lighting tasks. The miniature spotlights are ideal for pinpoint accent lighting, thanks to rotationally symmetrical Superspot and Wide Flood light distributions or a precisely defined oval beam. At the same time, the wallwasher variant guarantees pleasant and uniform illumination of vertical surfaces.

    Consistently clear and unobtrusive design: the ONICO LED luminaire system
    ONICO from Zumtobel opens up new possibilities for the visual presentation of a huge variety of products in shop and retail applications. The key goals of authenticity, individualisation and precise accentuation of the goods on show all had a major influence on the design of this innovative lighting solution. As a modular system, the luminaire family incorporates an extraordinary range of different LED light sources and reflectors to present products and brands with added brilliance – and thereby promote added sales success.

    Minimalist design with maximum light quality: the VAERO LED pendant luminaire
    The state-of-the-art design of the VAERO LED pendant luminaire has been reduced to the core essentials. The transparent light-emitting surface helps this elegant fitting remain very much in the background, integrating seamlessly into the interior architecture. An extremely narrow and frameless construction gives VAREO a subtle and almost weightless appearance, while specially developed technology distributes the light evenly from the centre to the edge, generating a balanced brightness distribution and an improved spatial atmosphere.

    Shaped by nature: the round ONDARIA wide-area opal luminaire
    The smooth and homogeneous look of the round ONDARIA luminaire is complemented by soft wide-area light, achieving perfect harmony between optical design and lit effect. The clear basic geometry features gentle contours that form a balanced whole, making this directionally neutral solution a tasteful addition to any room, giving the impression of extra space and subtly crafting a welcoming and comfortable ambience.

    Cooperation with leading architects, designers and artists is part of the Zumtobel DNA. A long-standing commitment to exchanging knowledge and ideas with important institutions and promoting young talent in prestigious institutions like Central Saint Martins College in London has regularly played a key role in the development of new product concepts. This has paved the way for pioneering lighting solutions that bring together the core aspects of design, technology and sustainability. Zumtobel luminaires are optimised to meet the specific needs of people in particular applications and utilise a clear and aesthetically sophisticated design language to focus on one essential element: the effect of light – a unique fusion that continues to help Zumtobel win numerous international design awards.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 02/2018
    Lighting Solution

    Zumtobel gives efficiency the green light in a pioneering new VW Group factory

    Innovative LED lighting solutions from Zumtobel help establish the new Volkswagen Crafter commercial vehicle plant in Poland as one of the most efficient factories in the VW Group.
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    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles opened a new production plant in the Polish city of Wrzesnia at the end of October 2016. The factory manufactures the latest generation of the Volkswagen Crafter and the similar TGE model from MAN. The site, which covers an area of around 220 hectares, has the capacity to produce up to 100,000 vehicles per year and incorporates a modern paint shop and halls for bodywork construction and assembly, as well as a supplier park with logistics operations. Thanks to an innovative full LED solution from Zumtobel, the factory has established itself as a leader in lighting efficiency within the VW Group.

    Zumtobel supports the “Think Blue-Factory” concept
    Zumtobel was awarded the contract for this major project in Wrzesnia in 2015 following the submission of a detailed lighting concept. Alongside luminaires and controls for the assembly and production halls, the complete solution includes efficient lighting for the offices, high-bay storage facilities and outdoor areas. Safety lighting also represented a key cornerstone of the project. Zumtobel was in close contact with specialist planners from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles throughout the implementation phase, helping the Austrian lighting solutions supplier to precisely fulfil the specific requirements of the client. Initial Volkswagen planning was based largely around conventional lighting, but efficiency calculations and the technological progress of LED technology at Zumtobel soon convinced the planners to realise the entire project with LED. The decision prompted VW to classify the new production facility as a “Think Blue-Factory”. This programme is designed to encourage plants to use resources more efficiently, reducing emissions and energy usage while minimising both water consumption and waste. “We are delighted that Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has opted for a complete LED approach. Together we have been able to create one of the most efficient production plants in the VW Group in terms of lighting,” explained Frank Oevermann, Key Account Manager Automotive at Zumtobel. Matthias Strutz, Electrical Power Supply Planning at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, added: “The new factory represents a clear statement in terms of environmental protection. We are really benefitting from the decision to use only LED – both ecologically and economically. LED solutions extend the service life and cut maintenance and operating costs, while at the same time ensuring a constant lighting intensity over the entire service life.”

    Lighting solution in detail
    The largest part of the project is taken care of by the TECTON continuous-row system, which reduces energy consumption by 50 percent compared to T16 trunking. A total of 16,000 TECTON C LED luminaires are installed over a length of around 40 kilometres. This continuous-row luminaire is optimised for a variety of different racking and surface lighting tasks, providing the perfect solution for the dedicated Volkswagen Crafter manufacturing and assembly facilities. The current conducting section is mounted in the TECTON trunking, enabling the versatile rail to offer seamless functions such as power supply, lighting controls and connection to the emergency lighting network. The CRAFT high-bay fitting used by Zumtobel in the paint shop and higher halls can be quickly and easily installed on the TECTON system. Based on 15,000 continuous-row 40W LED luminaires and 6000 operating hours, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is now saving 3420 megawatt hours (MWh) and 1920 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year at the Polish plant.

    The offices feature the recessed MIREL evolution luminaire and the PANOS downlight series, which ensure uniform illumination of the working areas and create precise accents that accentuate the interior architecture.

    R2L2 LED lanterns and ForceLED fittings from Thorn light the car park and exterior façade. The high-performance optics utilised in the R2L2 street lantern offer excellent energy efficiency and a choice of distributions for precise light control without wasteful stray light. The compact, dust-tight and moisture-proof ForceLED solution incorporates an aluminium housing for added resistance and supplements the general exterior illumination of the building with pleasant accents.

    The ONLITE RESCLITE from Zumtobel has been trusted to highlight the escape routes. In line with EN 1838, the luminaire provides the necessary orientation in the event of an emergency and also offers anti-panic lighting. The emergency lighting is monitored by LITECOM, a lighting management solution from Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS).

    Additional lighting tasks are carried out by products from Zumtobel’s PERLUCE and ONDARIA series and the Thorn Satin range, alongside the KXA-2 and KXB explosion-proof linear luminaires. As a technology partner, Tridonic has supplied component solutions such as drivers and LED light sources for the luminaires. A specific Constant Light Output (CLO) setting was configured for the entire luminaire installation during the manufacturing stage. The CLO function, which is now standard for all industrial luminaires used by Volkswagen, ensures a uniform reduction in the luminous flux over the stated lifetime.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

  • 01/2018
    Lighting Solution

    New study and conference centre at the Mannheim Business School with an individualised lighting solution from Zumtobel

    International students, inspiring lecturers and intensive cooperation with global companies have all helped establish the Mannheim Business School (MBS) as the best business school in Germany. Now an individualised lighting solution from Zumtobel is helping to create an optimum learning environment in the new MBS study and conference centre, featuring concentration-enhancing light that relieves the eyes during long periods of work. As part of the University of Mannheim, the new building was planned by the renowned Frankfurt architects schneider+schumacher.
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    Opened in October last year, the study and conference centre in the western courtyard of the Mannheim Palace has quickly become the new architectural centrepiece of the Mannheim Business School. A disused boiler room and the adjoining coal cellar have been completely rebuilt to create the new lecture theatre complex. Arranged behind an expansive glass façade that looks out onto the gardens behind the west wing of the palace, the study and conference centre incorporates two semi-circular lecture theatres, a flexible conference area, ten seminar rooms and a spacious barrier-free foyer.

    The lighting solution had to satisfy a series of special requirements. The new installation needed to provide uniform illumination of the arched and shell-shaped ceiling in the lecture theatres, while also meeting all the relevant standards and delivering glare-free light throughout the centre – ready for a future in which paper is completely replaced by touchscreens. Zumtobel solved these varied challenges with the help of a new calculation method, using the HiLite programme to precisely calculate the reflections of the vaulted ceiling. The multifunctional SUPERSYSTEM II lighting tool from Zumtobel proved to be the ideal solution, incorporating an oval-outline film with a very narrow distribution to gently illuminate the concave-shaped ceiling. Each LED spotlight from the SUPERSYSTEM II maxi range was then carefully positioned and directed in line with a detailed set of calculations.

    Zumtobel chose a solution for the foyer that simultaneously reflects the historical background of the building and creates a transition into the old palace. The vaults in the former kitchen now benefit from the soft and uniform light of the CRAFT S high-bay LED luminaire. This small industrial fitting with big performance blends high resistance, maintenance-free operation and low energy requirements over a long service life. The compact high-bays are installed as direct uplights to illuminate the vaulted ceiling in a balanced way with minimal shadowing, generating a brilliant lighting atmosphere in the entrance area.

    A special version of the frameless Zumtobel PANOS evolution LED recessed downlight with a concrete inlay has been developed for the ceilings in the corridors. Great care was taken to achieve a clean transition between the luminaire and the acoustically effective ceiling by integrating the plaster ring into the concrete housing. The PANOS downlight series is characterised by high luminaire efficiency and powerful lumen packages – for the very best lighting quality.

    Zumtobel. The Light.

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