Emergency lighting and emergency lighting systems


works when everything else is down!

Clearly structured system including luminaires and emergency power sources  

ONLITE emergency luminaires
ONLITE escape sign luminaires
ONLITE local separate-battery system
ONLITE central central-battery system    


works when everything else is down!

EMERGENCY LIGHTING  Functional emergency lighting is more than just a must required by law. The quality of the luminaires and of the supply system reflects the operator’s responsibility towards the building, the people using it and towards the environment. Here, quality stands the test, not only in an emergency. ONLITE emergency and escape sign luminaires cannot fail to impress in everyday life – on account of their unobtrusive design and their capability of integration into the interior. For emergency lighting, too, Zumtobel attaches great importance to technical quality criteria such as maximum energy efficiency and convenient maintenance. Based on many years of experience with LED, the ONLITE product range incorporates state-of-the-art, extremely durable LED technology.



works when everything else is down!

  • Minimum design requirements
  • Less effort on installation
  • Dependable emergency operation
  • Ensures safety in an emergency
  • Works when everything else is down
  • Maximum energy efficiency
Emergency lighting 
Emergency lighting systems


Product ranges

Emergency lighting systems
Emergency lighting
  • ONLITE local
  • ONLITE central eBox
  • ONLITE central CPS
  • ONLITE emergency luminaires
  • ONLITE escape sign luminaires
  • General-lighting luminaires as emergency luminaires


DESIGN   “The innovative interplay of lighting technology and design lies behind the development of a new lens system for escape route illumination: ERI – Escape Route Illumination. The crystalline element complies with technical lighting requirements as well as with ergonomic and aesthetic demands.”
“The perfectly illuminated sign is essential for the discreet presence of the escape route symbol, which is either suspended in the room or attached to the wall or ceiling. The design has been further optimised so that the technology is now fully concealed in the wall or ceiling. This concealment makes the escape route signs even less obtrusive. Wherever luminaires appear in a room as objects, particular attention has been paid to minimalism and the perfection of details and their material presence.”
ONLITE is design
Design by EOOS


Finding your way safely in an emergency

  • 100 times higher luminance for all escape sign luminaires
  • LEDs with an L80 of 50,000 hours: decrease in luminous flux after 50,000 hours is just 20%
  • Maintenance Function compensates for decrease in luminous flux by automatically increasing the current
  • Escape signs are illuminated perfectly uniformly thanks to special lenses
  • ERI spot: two LED spots with rotating lenses integrate emergency lighting into the escape sign luminaire.
The ERI spot is an energy-efficient LED spot which is combined with a patented lens. This lens focuses 0.5 W light to form incredibly powerful lighting cones, which rotate easily to adapt to any building situation. Specially developed for the PURESIGN 150 and the CROSSIGN 110 and 160 luminaires, this lens also directs the light for optimum escape route illumination. In this way, escape sign and emergency luminaires become one product. In many cases, no extra emergency luminaires are needed.

Planning and design of ERI spots:

Lighting innovation
ERI spot




SUSTAINABILITY     Zumtobel is aware of its responsibility to the environment. Besides identifying products that are particularly sustainable with the eco+ label, Zumtobel is issuing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for all its products. This is a quick and easy way of showing customers the environmental impact of a product over its entire service life. EPDs also make a significant contribution towards environmental certification of buildings. By introducing EPDs, Zumtobel has assumed a pioneering role in terms of transparency and is backing up its claim to use resources responsibly.
The life cycle of Zumtobel products
Zumtobel's Life Cycle Assessment is based on International Standard ISO 14 040/44. By means of this generally accepted, reliable tool, the environmental impact of a product is measured and assessed over its entire life cycle – from production of raw materials to recycling.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
EPD is an environmental declaration using LCA and life cycle inventory analysis to assess the use of resources and the environmental impact of a product over its entire life cycle: 90% of energy and resources are consumed when a luminaire is actually used: here, Zumtobel scores high with energy-efficient LED technology and intelligent lighting control.
Consumption of energy resources
Using resources responsibly


Energy efficiency

Second generation LED
First generation LED
Fluorescent lamps
MAXIMUM ENERGY EFFICIENCY   ONLITE takes on a pioneering role with upgrading of the entire range to modern LED technology: New products such as COMSIGN 150, PURESIGN 150, CROSSIGN 110 and 160 increase efficiency by up to 60% and each LED luminaire cuts costs for power thanks to lower installed loads. The central battery can also be sized accordingly smaller, thereby slashing investment costs dramatically.


Certified products guaranteed

Internationally certified

The superior quality of ONLITE products is demonstrated by various certificates. Zumtobel collaborates with the competent authorities and certification agencies to have the requisite, comprehensive analyses carried out. All Zumtobel emergency luminaires are ENEC-certified.
This mark confirms compliance with European safety standards.


Guarantee and spare parts

Guarantee and spare parts  

The voluntarily extended five-year guarantee comprises Zumtobel’s entire
product portfolio including light emitting diodes and control gear.


Well-informed at all levels

Homepage and product database

The website includes all relevant information, from product descriptions, technical data, dimensional sketches, installation instructions and light distribution curves to certificates awarded. The country-specific standards brochures by Zumtobel provide readers with an overview of the current legal situation and help with the design of emergency lighting.

More detailed information about all our products can be found in our product brochure. 

The ecoCALC calculation program provides concrete figures and facts on efficiency.
Calculation program

High-grade, energy-efficient buildings are planned and managed using this powerful software.
Revit BIM Daten

DIALux can easily be imported by a click of the mouse, or placed on the building layout by means of drag&drop.



Use an iPhone or iPad to design emergency lighting

Find the right product quickly and easily

A simple way of determining
luminaire spacing
Up-to-date data


Installation and commissioning

Commissioning by Zumtobel

For this purpose, Zumtobel service engineers or
special commissioning partners provide support with
all their specialist knowledge.
Extremely simple installation

ONLITE products are designed to
be installed as quickly as possible using
as few tools as possible.


Installation video


Always close to the customer

AFTER COMMISSIONING Zumtobel takes care of regular maintenance of the emergency lighting installation if required. This ensures permanent availability and operational reliability. In addition, the installation can be adjusted to new building situations on an ongoing basis, for instance in the case of an extension of the building.
Zumtobel has direct contact with its customers and provides support on site if necessary. This is made possible by the company's worldwide distribution and service locations in 23 countries as well as Zumtobel's representative offices in more than 50 countries.

Maintenance contracts can include various services:
  • Diagnosis of system faults, and immediate fault removal if possible
  • Replacement of defective devices during maintenance work
  • Software updates
  • Instruction of the building service engineer as to how to operate the system
  • Data backup and documentation
  • Analysis and support via telephone
  • Visits on site to inspect the installation
Maintenance and service
Effective support in every respect


Product ranges

General luminaires used as emergency luminaires 

A factory-fitted emergency lighting unit converts Zumtobel's general luminaires into dependable emergency luminaires.
ONLITE escape sign luminaires

The efficient LED technology incorporated in ONLITE escape sign luminaires ensures low energy consumption and relatively little maintenance effort.
ONLITE emergency luminaires

Using a power LED and four sophisticated optics, RESCLITE paves the way for a new era of emergency lighting.


Product ranges

ONLITE central CPS

This central battery system, which is a modular system, adjusts to any specific project and exactly meet the customer's requirements. The system communicates via DALI.
ONLITE central eBox

The ONLITE central eBox is a central battery system optimised for use with efficient LED technology. Energy consumption as well as the number of batteries required have been reduced to a minimum.
ONLITE local

Centrally monitored systems supplied by a separate battery perform all checking tasks, thus providing maximum functional safety at minimum cost.




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Oberalp Salewa
Bolzano, Italija
Investitor: Oberalp Salewa (IT)
Arhitekt: Cino Zucchi Architetti in Park Associati (Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi), Milano (IT)
Električni načrti: Energytech, P.I. Gabriele Frasnelli, Bolzano (IT)
Južnotirolski specialist za gorske športe SALEWA – ena izmed vodilnih evropskih družb v tem segmentu – je konec leta 2011 preselil sedež podjetja v Bolzano. Pri načrtovanju so bili v ospredju zaposleni in njihove potrebe, katerim je danes v podjetju na voljo otroški vrtec in prostor za fitnes. Glede na izhodišča za ekološke, ekonomične in socialne vidike trajnostnega razvoja so zgradbe in celoten koncept prejeli certifikat kakovosti „Work&Life“ agencije KlimaHaus.

Podjetje SALEWA svojo odgovornost do ljudi, zgradb in okolja izraža tudi z visoko kakovostno varnostno razsvetljavo: LED svetilke z oznakami smeri izhoda v sili ONLITE PURESIGN osvetljujejo izhode v sili in vrata v novo zgrajenem objektu v skladu s predpisi. Pri tem imajo svetilke dve nalogi – kot svetilke z oznakami smeri izhoda v sili in svetilke zasilne razsvetljave. PURESIGN z vrtljivim reflektorjem ERI, ki je opremljen s patentirano lečo, se lahko enostavno prilagodi zahtevam prostorov. LED svetilka zasilne razsvetljave RESCLITE wall je primerna kot rešitev za osvetlitev brez bleščanja za stopnišča, ki se uporabljajo kot izhodi v sili. Svetilke se napajajo prek sistema z akumulatorji za centralno napajanje ONLITE central CPS, ki poenostavi vzdrževanje in nadzor.

Zumtobel. Svetloba.

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Svetlobna rešitev
Reykjavik University
Reykjavik, Iceland
Arhitekt: Henning Larsen Architects, Kopenhagen (DK); ARKIS Architects, Reykjavik (IS)
Načrtovanje razsvetljave: VERKIS, Reykjavik (IS)
Električne instalacije: Rafmiolum hf, Reykjavik (IS)
Univerza v Reykjaviku se je razvila v novo ustanovo z vrhunskim razvojem in tehnologijo. Arhitekti Henning Larsen Architects iz Kopenhagna ARKIS Architects iz Reykjavika so skupaj razvili sodoben sistem Campus, ki uporablja maksimalno možno količino dnevne svetlobe. Vsekakor ima umetna razsvetljava zaradi geografske lege na 64. stopinji geografske širine, to je 269 km južno od severnega tečajnika, pomembno vlogo, podobno kot inteligentno krmiljenje razsvetljave.

Sistemi zasilne razsvetljave za velike površine z več zgradbami oz. prostori zahtevajo veliko znanje. LED svetilke zasilne razsvetljave iz družine izdelkov ONLITE podjetja Zumtobel, ki so uporabljene v sistemu Campus, se v primeru izpada napetosti zanesljivo napajajo iz sistema z akumulatorjem za centralno napajanje ONLITE central CPS. Pri tej kombinaciji so v enaki meri zagotovljene funkcionalnost, učinkovitost in ekonomičnost.

Sistem z akumulatorjem za centralno napajanje ONLITE central CPS podjetja Zumtobel se je izkazal kot cenovno ugodna in funkcionalna rešitev. Med drugim omogoča hitro in enostavno določitev okvarjenih svetilk za varnostno razsvetljavo in svetilk z oznakami smeri izhoda v sili prek centralnega krmilnika. Sistem ONLITE central CPS z modularno zgradbo omogoča izdelavo po meri pripravljenih rešitev za vsak projekt ter zagotavlja optimalno funkcionalnost in stroške.

LED svetilke z oznakami smeri izhoda v sili in svetilke zasilne razsvetljave iz družine izdelkov ONLITE podjetja Zumtobel zanesljivo, učinkovito in v skladu s predpisi osvetljujejo izhode v sili v notranjih in zunanjih območjih univerze. Vrtljivi reflektorji ERI, opremljeni s patentirano lečo, se pri tem lahko uporabljajo kot svetilke z oznakami smeri izhoda v sili in kot svetilke zasilne razsvetljave. Vitka oblika reflektorjev omogoča nevsiljivo vključitev v okolje. Podjetje Zumtobel je pri snovanju rešitve zasilne razsvetljave na univerzi v Reykjaviku zopert dokazalo, da se na njihove rešitve lahko zanesete v vsaki situaciji.

Zumtobel. Svetloba.

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Svetlobna rešitev
Beograd, Srbija
Investitor: UŠĆE Shopping Center d.o.o., Beograd (SRB)
Arhitekt: Chapman Taylor Architetti S.r.l., Milano (IT)
Načrtovanje razsvetljave: Voltaire Light Design, Milano (IT)
Električne instalacije: BDSP YU d.o.o., Beograd (SRB)
Največji srbski nakupovalni center v glavnem mestu Beogradu dnevno obišče do 140.000 obiskovalcev kar vsekakor dokazuje njegovo privlačnost. Obiskovalcem je na voljo 140 trgovin znanih mednarodnih blagovnih in modnih znamk, številne kavarne in restavracije, multipleksni kino z enajstimi dvoranami, kegljišča in igralnice ter nenazadnje veleblagovnica na površini 4.000 m².

Varnost, ki ima v takšnih javnih zgradbah pomembno vlogo, je zagotovljena z velikim številom standardov in predpisov. Le-ti veljajo tudi za varnostno razsvetljavo, katere kakovost in učinkovitost se ne izkaže samo v primeru izpada električne napetosti, temveč tudi med običajnim obratovanjem – npr. z visoko energetsko učinkovitostjo, enostavnim vzdrževanjem in privlačno obliko.

Varnostna razsvetljava podjetja Zumtobel izpolnjuje zgoraj naštete kriterije, hkrati pa ji s svojo pojavnostjo uspe harmonično se vključiti v arhitekturo nakupovalnega centera: Svetilke z oznakami smeri izhoda v sili ARTSIGN, COMSIGN in PURESIGN iz družine izdelkov ONLITE odlikuje preprosta oblika, ki omogoča povsem nevsiljivo vključevanje v okolje. PURESIGN z reflektorjem ERI, ki je opremljen s patentirano lečo, lahko prevzame funkcije svetilke z oznakami smeri izhoda v sili in svetilke zasilne razsvetljave. Piktogrami so izvedeni v skladu z mednarodnim standardom ISO 7010, ki se uporablja že v številnih evropskih državah, kar pomeni, da so svetilke z oznakami smeri izhoda v sili ONLITE že danes opremljene za prihodnost.

Za zanesljivo vzdrževanje v nakupovalnem centru v Beogradu skrbi krmilnik ONLITE local SB 128: Lokalni nadzorni sistem opravi vsa potrebna preverjanja in s tem zagotavlja najvišjo zanesljivost delovanja ob minimalnih stroških. Pri tem se samodejno izvedejo vsa varnostna preverjanja, ki so nad zahtevanimi standardi, ter takoj sporočijo morebitno prisotnost napak.

Zumtobel. Svetloba.

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Svetlobna rešitev
Milano, Italija
Arhitekt: Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects, Milano (IT)
Načrtovanje razsvetljave: Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects, Milano (IT)
Tehnika razsvetljave: Studio AS ingg Srl, Milan/I
Električne instalacije: Milani Giovanni & C. Srl, Osnago Lecco (IT)
Rešitev razsvetljave podjetja Zumtobel je svojo preizkušnjo prestala že v podružnici Ivrea družbe Vodafone Italija. Na sedežu podjetja drugega največjega ponudnika telekomunikacijskih storitev v Milanu so se zato ponovno odločili zaupati kakovosti in izkušnjam podjetja Zumtobel.

„Vodafone Village“, ki vključuje tri povezane zgradbe s prek 67.000 m² uporabne površine, se predstavlja z obsežno svetlobno rešitvijo. Le-ta se po eni strani odlikuje z energetsko učinkovitostjo in minimalnimi stroški vzdrževanja, po drugi strani pa z visokimi zahtevami glede estetskega izgleda, kakovosti razsvetljave in varnosti.

Ravni sistemi zasilne razsvetljave za velike površine so se pri načrtovanju izkazali kot izredno zahtevni, zlasti iz vidika tehnične izvedbe ob sočasnem upoštevanju številnih državnih in mednarodnih standardov in predpisov. Pri izpolnjevanju takšnih nalog zagotavljajo pristojnost in dolgoletne izkušnje podjetja Zumtobel najboljše pogoje za strokovno svetovanje ter za izvedbo inovativne rešitve.

Spekter svetilk z oznakami smeri izhoda v sili in svetilk zasilne razsvetljave iz družine izdelkov ONLITE podjetja Zumtobel je izredno širok. To omogoča zasnovo specifičnih rešitev za vsa posamezna področja: Navidezno prosto lebdeča svetilka z oznakami smeri izhoda v sili COMSIGN v pisarniških prostorih prek nevsiljive izvedbe ARTSIGN v avditoriju do inovativne svetilke zasilne razsvetljave RESCLITE za stensko ali stropno montažo v avli. RESCLITE – opremljena s štirimi različnimi optikami – se odlikuje z izredno učinkovitostjo in idealno porazdelitvijo svetlobe vzdolž izhoda v sili. Tako se lahko z manjšim številom svetilk izvede varnostna razsvetljava v skladu s standardi.

Zumtobel. Svetloba.

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Svetlobna rešitev
LifeCycle Tower ONE
Dornbirn, Avstrija
Investitor: Cree GmbH, Rhomberg Bau, Bregenz (AT)
Arhitekt: Hermann Kaufmann ZT GmbH, Schwarzach (AT)
Električni načrti: Ingenieurbüro Brugger, Thüringen (AT)
Električne instalacije: EGD Dornbirn (AT)
LifeCycle Tower ONE (LCT ONE) v Dornbirnu učinkovito prikazuje prihodnost urbanih zgradb: Prva hibridna lesena stolpnica na svetu, ki jo je zgradilo podjetje Cree GmbH – podružnica skupine Rhomberg Group, uspešno združuje odlično obliko z izvedbo, uporabo obnovljivih virov ter inovativno tehnologijo.

Sem spada tudi v prihodnost usmerjena svetlobna rešitev, ki jo je razvilo podjetje Zumtobel. Odlikuje se z minimalno energijsko porabo in izredno kakovostjo razsvetljave ter zagotavlja najvišjo stopnjo varnosti. Varnostna razsvetljava v pisarnah se z lahkoto harmonično vključuje v arhitekturo in prispeva k prijetni svetlobni atmosferi, ki znatno vpliva na dobro počutje na delovnem mestu in produktivnost zaposlenih.

V LCT ONE je uporabljenih skoraj sto svetilk z oznakami smeri izhoda v sili in svetilk zasilne razsvetljave iz družine izdelkov ONLITE podjetja Zumtobel. Svetilke z oznakami smeri izhoda v sili COMSIGN, ARTSIGN in PURESIGN nas očarajo s svojo čisto obliko. V primeru izpada električne napetosti LED svetilke zasilne razsvetljave RESCLITE escape osvetljujejo izhode v sili v skladu s predpisi in s tem varno usmerjajo ljudi iz zgradbe.

Svetilke z oznakami smeri izhoda v sili COMSIGN, ARTSIGN in PURESIGN nas očarajo s svojo čisto obliko. V primeru izpada električne napetosti LED svetilke zasilne razsvetljave RESCLITE escape osvetljujejo izhode v sili v skladu s predpisi in s tem varno usmerjajo ljudi iz zgradbe.

Akumulator za centralno napajanje ONLITE central LPS, samozadosten vir centralnega napajanja zasilne razsvetljave, vedno zagotavlja pripravljenost za uporabo in je načrtovan za tri ure zasilnega delovanja. Z vključitvijo najsodobnejšega LED sistema varnostne razsvetljave v sistem krmiljenja razsvetljave LITENET se stroški vzdrževanja znižajo, kajti v standardih predpisana sistemska preverjanja so v glavnem avtomatizirana in se tudi zabeležijo. Za uporabnika to pomeni maksimalno varnost in transparentnost.

Zumtobel. Svetloba.

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Svetlobna rešitev

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